Any help would make me happy :)

  • Hello all,

    I have met this wonderful man, from the moment we've met we were glued together with such a comfortable feeling, holding hands after knowing each other for 10 minutes..

    I would love to have insight into our aspects together, does anybody see anything long term in this? I have had a few 'stepping stone' relationships and am so ready for something long term. Would be so nice to have met the 'One'....

    Me: 12/13/1970 Leonberg, Germany

    Him 09/06/1959 Baltimore, Maryland

    Thank you sooo much for any input ♥.

  • This is better for working together and extending your personal power than for a longterm love relationship. Your matchup can quite easily and quickly degenerate into a power struggle over the most mundane things. Your friend sees all the tiny details and is very fact-oriented while you see the big picture and get caught up with ideas. If you two disagree, your different orientations will bring endless arguments.

    Your friend can sometimes feel very neglected in love by you. He is emotionally complex and requires quite a degree of effort, patience, and understanding which you may be unprepared to provide. You can also feel ignored by him, because he can be less interested in your latest plans and more in the work at hand. Still, a love affair between you can be thrilling, both in and out of the bedroom, with strong romantic feelings on both sides. Whether these feelings can be maintained over the long haul of marriage is another story, which can only be a happy one if your differences can be accepted and lived with.

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