The"Live-Your-Dream" Challenge

  • So how is everyone else getting on with living their dreams? I started on cleaning out our dump of a house today, doing some sanding down of wood that still had the paint of the previous owner on it and I think I released some of their negative energy because the kids went mad for a while, really crying and everything was upside down. I aired the room and blew white light through it and they calmed down. And helped me. And had a great time. I explained why I was doing it. They don't want to move too far away. They want to live in a house close by, a bigger one so they can have a dog.Lol I said maybe when our house is all sparkly we will really like it and maybe we will want to stay.

    Who knows? My friend is coming tomorrow to help me sand and paint.

    How are you all getting along?

  • Spirit says that Sunday - 10/10/10 - will be a special day for those who have remained positive, and it will be like a door of opportunity opening to them that has been closed for a long time.

  • Oh wow, this is another thread I missed whilst I was away.... the thing I'm just about to embark on is the most exiting thing to me and to finally make room for my dream life.....and that is I'm soon to start a healing on "cutting the ties"......this will CLEAN UP my brain to let the good stuff in!!.....I know it's coming, after all I have felt it for so long, just need to clear my vortex to make room for it :)....

    YAY!!....10/10/10 sounds good captain.

  • Woohoo roll on Sunday!!

  • definitely

  • Oh Paddifluff, I have found that clearing out certainly seems to raise the energy levels, I decided that no longer would I keep "second best choice" stuff, and wouldn't get anything because it would "do", and my life definitely has started to change, and it rubbed off on hubby and he's started clearing out too, but put the boxes for sorting from right where I was working......still there's plenty of other places I can work on, we've got three rooms and stuff from two whole flats in them so there's plenty to do, especially as we've got an 18 year old student son who's spreading through all of the house including ma-in-laws, fortunately as far as she's concerned he's perfect and can never do anything wrong...unlike us!LOL!!!

  • Let's all send up a prayer for what we want at 10 am and 10 pm on 10/10/10. The energies will be especially powerful then so pray for world peace and illumination and any personal goals too.

  • I'm with you Captain!! My home is clean as a whistle now, but i still have some old stuff to get rid of, plus I still have to start figuring out where my new home will be. 10/10/10!!!!!!!!!

  • Count me in!

  • The door of opportunity is now open - time to achieve all those dreams...

  • Well I did it but I think I still might have to work at it too, maybe.....

  • So did anyone else have a door of opportunity open for them ? I did, I finally managed to convince my husband to move his business in germany closer to the border with Holland so that it is only a 2 hour drive and so we can keep better tabs on it and sign papers etc ourselves. It was a 7 hour dirve before into the depths of Dark Old Eastern Germany. He finally agreed and asked me to choose a suitable location anywhere along the border. I guess that is an opportunity considered a while ago but put on the back burner waiting for him to see the light. So I can choose a region, location, house, surroundings, how many people get that opportunity? It was not exactly my dream of the moment but it was a dream we had last year and it has now become a reality.

    Anyone else realise any dreams?

  • bump are you all still working on it?

  • I am, and I feel that as i move closer to my goal, it is moving closer to me. I think that merely chasing after a dream doesn't work - if you don't actively believe in it, it will just move off further away, and no matter how fast you run, you'll never catch it. You have to draw it to you.

  • I so believe that too. Funny thing is, our dream of over a year ago is the one we are pulling in now so I guess it must be the right one. We are going to look at an amazing house on Saturday which is big enough for an office and a family of 6 (and maybe even a dog) and I am waiting for confirmation for another one, all for rent though, not to buy, at least not yet. One is a villa and the other is a farmhouse, both in Germany along the border. Moving to Ireland is not realistic at the moment. I am saving for my holiday home there instead, far better idea.

    BUT the mess needs to be cleared up first...and that is a problem I yet have to solve...

  • angel hugs

    just reread some of the desires.

    they are wonderful

    Captain, may you be blessed for all you do.


  • There may have been an unavoidable delay in the plans of all lightworkers during the recent 'battle' of the light and dark forces. But now that the God guys are back in charge, all our dreams can move ahead. So don't stop making plans - and dare to dream BIG!

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  • The dark side used to be in control of the earth but now the side of light is on top.

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