The"Live-Your-Dream" Challenge

  • I'd like to issue a challenge to anyone who wants to achieve their dream goals. What I am hearing lately from spirit and all the New Age gurus is that in order to manifest your dreams in reality, you first have to have the feeling of what it would be like to have that dream. You have to give off the same vibrational energy as the thing you desire so as to attract it to you.

    So I'd like anyone who wants to particpate in this exercise to run the risk of having the people you live with think you have gone completely bonkers. What I'd like you to do is to join me in living your dream for a day. For one whole day, I'd like us all to behave as if we already have the thing we most want.

    For example, if you want to meet your soulmate, you can spend the day planning a perfect date with him/her - picking out what you'll wear, washing your hair, even conducting a 'conversation' on the phone with your perfect partner or composing an email or letter to tell them how happy you are that you met (I warned you people might think you're mad) - in short, behaving as if you'd already met and fallen madly in love. Spend the whole day acting like you're deliriously happy and excited.

    Or, perhaps you want to have a pile of money. You might spend the day shopping online and picking out (in your mind) all the things you'd buy with unlimited funds, maybe designing a house that you'd like to build, picking up some holiday brochures from the countries you'd like to visit and pack a suitcase, or whatever. Maybe you get out all your bills and scribble 'PAID' on them. Behaving like a rich person, in short.

    Or another scenario could be about your health, if you haven't felt very well lately. So act like you're in perfect health. Go out for a brisk walk and breathe the good fresh air into your lungs, take a look around your local gym, take all your medications out of your bathroom cabinet and toss them into a container as if you'll never need them again, plan some vigorous activities or sport, even put on a track suit or exercise wear. Or you can also do this if you're trying to lose weight. Start taking in your clothes or eye up new clothes at the shops or on the net.

    You can even 'live' out more than one dream in the day if you want. But from the moment you get up - even before you get out of bed, you can lie there for a minute thinking how exciting your day will be, having everything you want - until you go to bed at night, you live the dream.

    It's all about getting into the right frame of mind to attract what you want.

    So how about it? Who will join me in the "Dream-for-a-day" challenge?

    If you're in, tell me what your dream is and what you will do to psych yourself into that great feeling of already having what you want. It should be a fun day, but it will have a serious intent - to shift our vibrations from no-results to manifestation.

    So who's in?

  • Hoping I understand the concept, here is my dream, my life.

    I am happy, healthy and content living in a comfortable home that includes a study for me with a beautiful cherry desk and bookcases, a new computer, a nice desk lamp, all the paper and pens I could possibly need and MY books proudly placed in view. A place with a nice yard, room for cook outs and family gatherings. There is a nice car in the driveway that's mine, it gets me everywhere I need to go safely. Family and friends visit often we love spending time together. I get to spend time shopping with and for the family. I have a nice wardrobe and it all fits comfortably, making me feel really good about myself and how I present myself. I am doing what I love and being paid well to do it, there is no better job than that. Living in every way a life of abundance and prosperity, there's plenty to eat, all my bills and expenses are paid without any difficulty, money flows into my life, living debt free and enjoying every minute knowing all the stress, worry and fears are behind me once and for all. I have plenty of money in the bank that is growing all the time. I'm healthy, strong, feeling attractive in my own right, enjoying what I like but not to excess and happy to have lost the weight and gotten into shape. Life is good, the worries are gone and people accept me for who I am and the life I'm living, it's a really good place to be in life.


    loving silver wings

  • So RCDreamer, do you think you can hold that dream in your mind for a whole day? I am living mine today - I have shopped for land on the net, picked out an architectural firm, and gone over in my head what I want for my dream house. I thought there would be a long list of things I would shop for but surprisingly I find I don't need a whole lot of 'stuff'. Going to get back to the simple life and what's really important. 'Called' all my family and friends to let them know of my windfall and told them I was sending them a nice slice of the 'pie'. I expected to feel more excitement but it's actually peace I am getting from all this. And contentment and gratitude...

  • Wow, I'm halfway through my day and to be making all these solid- type plans feels incredibly empowering - my energy is soaring into the stratosphere at the moment.

  • Right now I am sorting out what belongings to take with me and what to throw out when I move from this rental property into my new home.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Do it! Why wait?

  • GOod evening Captain

    I have a question can I still do this tomorrow because I just read this and it is 8:39 pm. So

    I would like to move into my home. I will be looking at the things that I would like to go into each room of the house. And look at the colors that I want to put in each room.


  • Illona, that's the spirit! You can start whenever you want.

  • By making actual plans, you are moving yourself forwards instead of just sitting around and waiting for something to happen.

  • SO TRUE, Please believe in the Captain. It takes some time BUT it will happen. Dreams do come true, just believe. For my birthday I just received a gift of perfect sight. My whole life I had terrible vision, and hated wearing glasses. I said this is my last pair of glasses, I'm not buying any more. Before 2012 I will have perfect eyesight. I just received out of the blue $4000 for Lasix vision correction. That's ALOT of money !!!!!. Years ago I needed a car, I had no money for one but an empty spot in the driveway. I kept joking saying look at that dependable goodlooking car in the drive way that I owned. Within 3 months someone gave me a car, a dependable car that I asked for. Yes do believe and please let your wishes be known to those around you never know who can help you. Yes, a dreamer and believer I am!

  • Thanks for that encouragement, Songofsharon.

  • oooh I spend most of my days dreaming about my house in Ireland...but now I will get it in concrete form and live it! For a day at any rate!

  • Ok my dream. The more I think about it the less I see myself living permanently in Ireland. I would love a holiday house there though, a retreat, a place to run and hide. So I am imagining today that we sign the papers and sell the company for an amazing price, we now have the funds to completely renovate this house which we then sell for a good price without any loss and then we go and look for a house which is bigger but not too far away from here, why should I move my kids out of an environment they love and know and which truly has been good to us? So I asked my angels, spirit guides and power animals (dolphins) to show me the house in my dreams and I saw a beautiful house just before I woke up, I have never seen it before and I could not place it, but I do not think it was Ireland, and if it was it is a place I have not considered yet. It has enough room for my husband to set up his music recording studio which is very popular and which is his form of income his full time business, for me to set up my studio, one corner for my caligraphy and one corner for my meditation which I will be doing while I am acting as a medium (thanks Mags) and as a distance healer (thanks RC). The house has a big garden because we are all outdoor people and we have a vegetable garden and, most importantly and as promised to my kids, a golden retriever. I have just handed in my thesis and am waiting to be awarded my PhD in German linguists, from now on I can call myself Dr. Our house has a good energy and we are happy here and we have a great and supportive network of friends. Our house is comfortable, I don't want loads of expensive things in it because we have 4 kids and a dog and they tend to break and destroy. But it is comfy and I love being in it. This is the place I want to spend the rest of my life in (apart from my holidays to Ireland to my house there which will be rented out when I am not there).

    This is my dream. I need to live it and believe it and not expect it to happen tomorrow.


  • It's interesting how actually putting plans for our dreams into action can reveal that perhaps what you thought you wanted isn't quite what you REALLY want. That's why you need to get started with actual planning - it points out the flaws in what you thought you wanted to achieve so then you can attract the true more authentic goal.

    Until you try going about having what you want, you don't realise how even just a bit of actual action changes your whole mindset. Now the goal becomes clearer and more real. It crystalizes, becomes more solid.

    I am down to looking up temporary accommodation in and travel up to Noosa in Queensland so I can move there to find land to build on and an architect for my new home. I have worked out what to pack and what to shed of my old life. In my head and spirit I have already moved on to my new life - and that's what this exercise is all about. I am not sitting and dreaming about it - I am going about as if I already have what I need to change my life. I have in me the energy of change that will attract my outer circumstances to fall in line with what I am giving off.

  • Paddifluff, start looking at places on the net or in a brochure for your holiday home in Ireland. You have unlimited funds so the sky is the limit. Now find that other place where you will live permanently and start packing. Maybe I will rent your holiday home in Ireland!!!! I would love to spend some of my time there.

  • First of all, I see myself buying a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood close to the kids' school, with enough room for me and my children, plus a couple of guestrooms for family or friends to visit and stay. I trash everything that I have amassed in my old house, because it represents the past and I am trying to live a new existence away from the items and things that were part of the past manifestation of lack. I can buy new things for my new home and easily pay for what I want/need without sweating or worrying about what I can't pay. I am able to pay all my obligations easily, with a goodly amount saved towards my eventual retirement, plus college money saved for my children. I can afford to keep my son on the special diet he needs to keep him safe and healthy without worrying about a budget, or whether I have enough to get the things that my daughter and I need. I can get my children clothing and shoes when they need it rather than having to look into the future to see where I can skip paying something to get what they need. I have a nice new car (not too extravagant) and can afford the upkeep on it, plus having something safe and reliable to take my children to and fro. I can afford to take my children on nice vacations and can afford to show them all the historical sights and fun things about each place (I love historical tidbits about the places I live and go.) I can also visit my family more often because I can afford to make shorter trips down South more often. I stop receiving SSI for my children and was happily able to tell Social Security how far to stuff the money plus shove all the times they made my financial situation worse by penalizing me for being productive and working instead of just sitting on my bum collecting. I can afford to get the things I need to encourage and foster my children's development so that they can have a normal as possible life, plus place them in a wonderful private school that has inclusion of special needs kids with regular kids and the ability to help them to excel beyond their dreams, or mine. I have a beautiful fairy garden with lots of flowers and trees for the little folk to live and play, plus to keep the fairy statues that I have been collecting slowly, for my garden, plus a garden that grows the food i need to keep myself and my children healthy. i have a new attitude and a new wardrobe, because I finally lost the 50 lbs I have been trying to divest for the last 5 years. I carry myself with new confidence because I have overcome all the obstacles hindering my abundance and prosperity development. I can also live out my dream of learning to swim so that I can swim with the dolphins in Hawaii. I am strong, healthy, prosperous, and have much wisdom both from learning from my own experiences and learning from others. Anything else that I may be lacking will manifest itself once I have these things already.

  • Well actually my dream home, the house I want, is my grandmother's old house in Wicklow, which was sold after she died. Unfortunately the house carries a lot of tragedy from my aunt who took up with a very abusive man who drove her to a very early grave leaving 3 kids (one was his) with an alcoholic father, and my grandmother died shortly after of a broken heart, having buried in total 2 daughters, the first being my mother, and I helped put her in the ambulance that drove her away from that house for the very last time. The house was sold and an investor took it over and turned it in to a palace, it is so very beautiful, I had a whim and looked for it over a year ago on the web and discovered it was for sale, but with a price tag maybe normal for that area but way beyond our budget, way way beyond it. And I got warning signs from spirits. So last night when I was looking for my dream home I looked for it just out of interest and it is still on the market. I was talking to hubby about it and he is also quite spiritual and I told him the story and he reckons it has very bad energy and that I could be just the person to purge it of that bad energy to complete a circle, and that the ghosts there would not harm me becasue I am family. Anyway, now that I have an unlimited budget according to Captain I am going to hit on this house, it has just about everything I have in my dream which I am living, it has enough room for studios, for holiday cottages, for a big house with a big garden, room for a dog, beautiful surroundings, the sea 5 minutes away, school close by, everything, Just the price tag. So now I am imagining myself signing the papers. I want this house because itis really the only place I have ever ever ever felt completely at home. I will converse with my spirits again.I would move to Ireland if I had this house, repeat I will move to Ireland when I have this house. And Captain you are more than welcome to come, I am going to open a spiritual centre there.

  • I'm shopping for my house now. Have a list of other things I must gather before moving day...LOL So glad you mentioned the dog, I'd forgotten I wanted one, will make good company for when the girls are not around and a good excuse to get outside often. More to come.

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