The"Live-Your-Dream" Challenge

  • Good Morning Captain

    Sorry for taking so long to tell you what I have done. I have been wanting to lose some weight and I had not done anything about it. So last week I found acouple of work out exercises that were just for me. And I have started them. And I have found a place I would like to move too so what I did was take pictures of the homes that I liked and put them in my pictures and then I did some shopping on line what I would like. And then I put it down on paper for each room how I would like them to look. That is what I have done so far and I really think that the move that I want to do will come now it will be just working on my boys because they are thinking about school and there friends so that I told them that I would try and find something where they could still go too the school they go too. I have a 8 and 13 year boys. And I thought about what they were saying about moving but I want too very much I am not at peace in the new apt that I moved too and that is not a good thing for me. Thanks so much for this post it is so good

    and I enjoy doing things like this. Because sometimes I need that little push too make me do what I really want to do. I sometimes think of the other people first and then myself. But this time I am thinking what I think would be very good for me and my family

    Thanks again Illona

  • Captain, I hadn't seen this challenge, but somehow I have been doing something like this every single day for the past week or so πŸ˜›

  • Yes, sometimes we just have to get off our sofas and make life happen for us, instead of waiting for it to come a-knockin' at our door. (How often does THAT happen, really?)

  • Hi Folks!

    I've only just come across this challenge too but i have been practicing living my dream for quite a while-its getting there slowly as i've started doing things on a physical level to help it along.

    Is this not just cosmic ordering?

  • Hi all, I have been clearing out the junk in my house as a part of my preparation to move into the new house I am planning to buy. I am still looking at houses and I am going to make a decision soon so i can work towards it. Leaving all this old junk behind is the way I plan to make room for the abundance that is coming my way. πŸ™‚ Hope everyone is working towards their dreams too!!

  • I think this is a step on from cosmic ordering or The Law Of Attraction which implies you can have whatever you want simply by dreaming about it or imagining it. If that was all it was, we would all be rich! πŸ™‚ This is about taking practical steps to show the Universe/God that we know that our wishes are being granted and that we are going forwards with our plans with real physical action, instead of just fantasising.

  • I see, then in that case what i'm doing must be right as the physical cons have unfolded at a positive rate. : )

  • To do justice to The Secret the author does mention in small letters somewhere at the back that you have to clean out your own emotional junk and make yourself ready before you can start on the law of attraction. I remember reading and thinking - ah there is the catch.

    I am house shopping, both in The Netherlands and in Ireland, I asked my father about a house near him which we both fell in love with and he said it had a bad history and the village was all about peeping windows, everyone knowing everyone's business, and we would be stupid to moev to such an awful state of politics as is present in ireland. he was so negative. We both got really upset by his negativeness. He is always like that when I mention returning home. Why is he so negative? Should we go ahead and arrange a viewing anyway?

    Thìs is the house, Captain to you get negative vibes from it? If I could wake up every morning and look out at that pretty view I think I would be happy.

    Time to go back to the soul searching and ask myself why I so want my Dad to approve of my/our plans.

  • I think that part of 'The Secret' is in small letters because it is such a BIG point that the author didn't want to get into it all and have it distract people from the 'shorter or incomplete version' she was trying to sell. Or maybe she just wasn't sure how to help people clean out their emotional closets.

    Paddifluff, your dad still feels a resentment and a fear from when you first moved away and doesn't want to hope again that you will stick around this time in case he just gets disappointed again when you maybe up and leave for a second time. Yes there is a slight heaviness inside that house but any house can be cleansed of negative energy. Every old house has former tenants' good and bad vibes left behind.

  • Please everyone, I urge you to keep up your efforts and don't slide back now. The world is on a knife edge at the moment and we are all feeling tired of fighting for what we want. But a decision is being made and we must keep our positivity up to make sure it goes in our favour.

    Keep on hoping and praying!

  • I have always wanted to move to Hawaii. Ever since the first time I listened to Hawaiian music when I was 18 I was always drawn to the language, the music, and the culture. The very first time I ever got to visit Hawaii was in 2004 and I instantly fell in love with it and said someday I will live there. Again, more time passed and I still wasn't there. My best friend got married in Maui March 7th, 2010 and being her maid of honor I was there for her. Again, the islands called....yelling at me...DO IT DO IT! So after leaving Maui I went home, did some thinking and said...I'm going to do it. I went back for another visit to hang out with some new friends I made while I was there on vacation, took a look around at jobs, housing, etc. Came back home again and started selling all my stuff. a month later I had sold everything I owned, and left with a one way ticket and 3 bags of my things. I left with a place to stay for a couple weeks (thanks to my new friends) and no job. My friends and family thought I was crazy. My roommate was very supportive along with some old friends that knew this was a dream I have always wanted.

    I found a job within the first week I was there, and a place to live 2 weeks later. Live has been AWESOME ever since. I am sooooo glad I took the leap and now am living my dream of living in Maui.....complete paradise! I am the happiest I have been in YEARS! So go for it if you have a dream!! πŸ™‚

  • Thats excellent lepekalina!

    Your dream is similar to mine though i have a lot of obsticles to over come to be in the country i want to be in with the man i love but i wont back down because i know its the right thing to do.

  • Captain, here is a better picture so you can see the surroundings, seeing as you are such an Ireland fan. it is a very historical magical place, there is a megalithic tomb nearby. The house is the one peeping out at teh end of the bridge, the other one is a mill. And it is a Norman castle dating back to the 12th or 13th century on top of the hill. Called Glanworth Castle for those of you interested in history.

  • And I never would have thought my Dad resented my leaving home, he always encouraged me because he loves to travel so much. But I guess that is what parents must do, let their young ones spread their wings. I will not forget your words when I am making my plans.

    x thanks

  • Oh I forgot I have contacted the estate agent for this house and have asked for some more info and pictures of the interior. Living my dream.

  • I love this idea Capt!!! I want 3 things: my own business, health (i have started working on this one) and my relationship to grow stronger (which you told me to be patient with my taurus man & it has gotten better) thank you

  • I only want two, that we get a home of our own preferably coastal or riverside, and that my jewellery making takes off, but that may not be what the universe wants as each place I've tried to get my stuff into has gone bust or left the area,in fact one l went into lost stock I'd given them to sell for me, am I going about this the wrong way ?

  • Paddifluff, your dad thought travel was something you would just get out of your system after a short while and return, not live overseas for a long time. Now he doubts you would stay home for long and doesn't want to invest his hopes in it.

  • Chrissicat, you are putting too much trust into others and not enough into yourself. Trust that your jewellery business is a good idea but use your intuition when picking who to trust with your stock. Hold off until you feel you have found the right stockist for your wares.

  • funny enough that's what has been happening, without any input from me, I get the idea that galleries and internet will be where I go as things only move in a positive way when I think of myself as a jewellery artist rather than just a jeweller, and act accordingly, house of our own may be slightly more difficult to achieve, as we will need space for me to work, my son to do his model railway layouts and Warhammer figurines, and his photography, and hubby to use as an office for his union work and courses too, plus he would like a boat and somewhere to fish from as well. Finding that for under a million may be a tad difficult, but I think poor ma in law might be glad to see the back of us

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