The"Live-Your-Dream" Challenge

  • Greetings fellow dreamers! I too have a dream that I've realized for short periods of time in my life that I wish I could have focused more attentively to however, life seems to have other plans for me and while I sometimes feels pangs of regret they are short lived. I am a musician and was active in charity events as a performer when I was younger, which brought me great Joy. I am also a wife and Mom and my family was/is my first priority. In my heart of hearts I want nothing more than to be able to delve into my musical life again. I have shared my gifts with my children who love music as well and tinker with the piano and guitars around the house. My obstacle - my husband.( He sees it as self indulgent and has a bit of a jealous streak as well.) This year I've decided to try a different approach with him, I've embraced his passion for hunting and wrote/achieved the required certifications for firearms so I can spend some hunting time with him, I prefer by far, to shoot with a zoom lens, but quite enjoy a little target practice and the camaraderie of the trips out into the wilderness with him and our children. I've given myself wholly and completely to my family and career and now I feel the need to reconnect with my true self.

  • Sunshine and others, make sure you are not just imagining what you want - you must actually start the physical processes of living your dream. If you want a new house, start clearing out and throwing out the junk you have accumulated that you won't need in the new place. Look up actual homes on the net or at the real estate office. The energy sitting around just dreaming about something is completely different to the vital energy of putting your plans into action. You have to act as if you have the means to achieve what you want NOW.

  • Smokeyblue, letting your hubby have his way in everything he wants is neither helping him grow out of his insecurities and jealousy, nor helping you to reconnect with yourself. All you achieve is an empty sense of non-conflict. You won't ever feel fulfilled while you continually deny yourself what you are craving. It's not helping your husband either to coddle him - it just sets him up for more disappointments when he can't get everything he wants in life by pouting and stamping his feet. Do you want to tippytoe around your home on eggshells for the rest of your life - you know what they say, you gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette?

  • Actually I was looking up houses in Montana last night, I don't believe that I actually want to go there, but i was looking at a couple of areas and pricing houses, now i will look in the Pittsburgh area and price houses.

  • Sunshine, don't limit yourself by price. Pick what you want and then the money will come.

  • And Smokeyblue you said "life seems to have other plans for me" - don't you mean other people had plans for you? When are you going to implement your own plans?

  • Thanks Captain,

    I"m taking your suggestion, plus already looked in my basement to start mentally looking for what will be discarded, can't go to the new house with all that stuff.......

  • Well I'm shopping for my dream house, it's harder than I thought. Will keep you posted on progress.

  • Captain! This is just awesome! You are so right on in doing this exercise. I have been dwelling in negative energy for quite some time. I was given some insightful advice from one of the psychic's here on this list. She said, "say a prayer to God and thank him for the financial abundance he is giving me". Then I was to light a green candle as the color green attracts money. I have been so much more positive and feel a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders just in "feeling" positive and having FAITH! I have been using my imagination and visually seeing myself traveling, buying whatever my hearts desire and imagining myself happy as a result of helping others! I "Know" my financial worry is almost over, next I have to work on my health! thing at a time and finances are the most critical right now~Blessings~

  • Captain, you are right in the activity of doing! I am looking at buying a second home on the river here and I actually went this weekend and looked at homes and talked to realtors. I have also made my Christmas plans as I want to bring my entire family to my home this year and entertain them here. I have already shopped for the gifts I am going to give! I started clearing out unwanted possessions to give to charity as I want to strat over once the money flows in! I'm doing what I feel is necessary so when the money comes I will be prepared! Yes! ~Blessings~

  • Good for you all!

    Until you actually start living your dream in reality, you can't imagine how different the energy is from just thinking about it. I really urge everyone to try this challenge - and for more than the one day I suggested. I am still on it and my energy has reached levels I have rarely experienced. As I make my plans concrete, I am filled with tremendous joy and empowerment because I am finally doing something about getting what I want as opposed to just hoping for it to happen somewhere in the distant murky future. It's about bringing your future into the present.

  • Captain, my house shopping continues. I narrowed down my choices on the right car yesterday now just have to choose. Made a list of new items I'd have to buy for my new place. Even selected a pair of boots I'd long been putting off, price was no object so I got to choose what I really liked. Still at it, just wanted to check in.

  • Captain, you are 100% right about this! Six months ago I decided to move to California after I completed my uni studies. Since then, I periodically have days where I just sit and shop for jobs, apartments, and work on itineraries for my potential grad-school-shopping-trips. I've been in touch with a few potential roommates in the state that I know, and have even had a friend here in my home state entertain the thought of moving with me. I have these days often enough to keep the dream alive, because it may be a couple years before I am able to actually make the move, but it seems that every time I have a "Cali-Day" as it were, that final move date gets pulled closer and closer!

    I also have a big case of wanderlust and often just plan fantastic globetrotting excursions--I'll pull out my luggage and pack it, form a budget, make a detailed itinerary, etc. I'm an especially dreamy Pisces and at the same time, very hands-on...this kind of tangible visualization is very powerful. I'm going to South America for three weeks over the winter!

  • It's amazing how costly cosmetic dentistry can be but the results look like just what I've been dreaming of for decades. It's on the list. So I'm one step closer.

  • What this is all about is realising what power you have to influence your own life..No longer believing in random chance or waiting for fate.strangers/family to step in to bail you out, you accept responsibility for your own thoughts and for the direction you wish to move in.

  • My dream: I am only working a few days a week at my job - or a job I like where I am needed and respected and people tell me what a good job I do and how they need me there. But I have time to spend with my kids and time to do the things I like to do with them, like photography and art. I have time to go to the schools to help out. Yet the money for the bills comes in from an unknown source. The mortage and PGE bill is paid. Someone else does the yar work and house work and it is all maintained neat and orderly and I do not have to constantly remind people to pick up their stuff, do their laundry or turn down the music at midnight. Everything is peaceful. I mean - I don't do NOTHING - I still do some laundry and cleaning and grocery shopping, but a lot of the load has been taken away. I live in house big enough, but not too big, with a large yard, but not too large. I do my gardening and plant roses and vegetables.

    I do not need a lot of the stuff that I have accumulated. I do keep all my art supplies, photography equipment, gardening stuff and some furniture and some aquired trinkets, but the house is empty of excess. There is less stuff around and that makes it easier to keep things clean and quite and organized.. It is peaceful. We are near enough to the beach to ride a bike to it or walk a couple of miles. You can hear the seagulls and the foghorn. I have a husband who listens to me and fixes things when they are broken - either he does it himself or hires someone. He is proud of his home and his family and spends a lot of time with them instead of always going to a party or over to someone elses house to watch another BIG GAME and drink beer. He tells me how much he appreciates me and when I have an idea - his says that sounds interesting - lets think about it and sit down and discuss how we might be able to do it.

    He is a nice man and when I see him, I want to give him a big hug. I don't have to worry that he is only nice to me when he wants nookie or because he did something wrong. He gives me hugs because he just feels like giving me a hug. He's not afraid to admit he was wrong. If he sees me struggling trying to move a boulder, he will lend a hand and not just stand there and watch. I have an endless supply of apricots and I can eat all the chees that I want and not get fat. Oh - and I have nicer legs and am 3 inches taller.

  • So Turtledust, what are you doing to manifest this dream of yours?

  • So, having given up the idea of living permanently in Ireland, I have decided, with some encouragement from my close friend here, to start looking for a new house which is bigger and more modern here in the neighbourhood. She has already found 3 potentials for us. I have told hubby about my plan and he agrees to go along, except that first we have to tidy up this place as best we can with what we have so that it looks cosy and liveable and sellable, then I am going to get an evaluation and then the for sale sign is going to go up at the start of the New Year. It might take a year or two to sell the way house prices are going but I think we will have more luck because of all the good energy I will fill it with before a potential buyer comes.My friend and various others will chip in and help out with the elbow grease work of cleaning the place up. I am ordering the skip for next week.Can't wait to start throwing things out!

  • Wow, Paddifluff, you are really on the move!

  • I don't know - I work all the time o pay off the bills. I am selling, chucking and giving away things I do not need or use and trying to raise a little cash to buy a couple things I really could use without running my debt back up. Its all about being debt free. By getting rid of stuff and not having to worry about putting stuff away or maintain stuff that is not used very often, I can make a little more free time. right now my free time seems to be taken up by the "unloading" process. My goal is to be as unloaded as possible by January of 2011. I also want to take a couple of classes. The key is to save money which is difficult right now. I can however, imagine that I live

    in a peaceful home and this will help to get rid of stuff. I must find the FengShui of myhome.

    Growing 3 inches is not within my capabilities. I have to accept the fact that I am a hobbit and I hate to wear shoes that make me seem taller. 🙂

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