The"Live-Your-Dream" Challenge

  • Jlinaangel, I do not answer personal questions in this thread.

    And the dark has been in charge for so long that now the light must be on top to restore the balance to the world.

  • Sometimes you just have to trust that the Universe knows best and can see more of the bigger picture than you can. For example, if I had gotten my abundance wish for my own home up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, it would be flooded by now and I could have lost everything. I know I will get my home when the time is right (I'll just have to start considering other locations).

  • I agree but boy is it hard to wait.... I find it a challenge to keep positive & not second guess myself. Like" maybe I want the wrong thing" ," maybe the Universe know better for me" but what is it???

    I do try to keep positive , trust the Universe & the process & let go. I must admit I do waver & then fear I've attracted the wrong energy

    Blessed Be

  • It's not that you want the wrong thing, maybe - it could be that you are not open to all the ways of getting it. EG. you may want more money to pay all the bills and so you fixate on winning the lottery - however there may be a faster and easier way such as your creditors suddenly start to reduce your bills and treat you more fairly or maybe you get a raise in your paypacket or somehow your expenses reduce dramatically. Perhaps it would just be easier to ask the Universe that they grant your wishes in the fastest or easiest way possible and leave it at that?

  • Great idea! I'll try it & continue to be patient.....maybe that's part of the lesson?!

  • The trouble with most people who dream of greater wealth is that they are operating from a poverty consciousness. They feel helpless to change their situation and so 'lack' becomes part of their awareness. This belief in lack is difficult to shift so you need to get the money ball rolling yourself. Try generating a little more cash for yourself, even if it's only a small amount. The idea is to get you into that feeling of abundance which will then attract similar energy and abundance. You've heard of the childless couples who try on their own for years to have a baby, then they adopt - and bang, they get pregnant. The same principle operates here - if you can take the pressure off yourself in regards to attracting money, your positive vibes will then bring you what you want.

    Now think up some ways to generate more money - it might be as simple as asking for a raise at work or for someone who owes you money to repay. If you are on welfare, make sure you aren't missing out on some government entitlements - there are many funds and grants that you may be eligible for (especially if you have a family) that you might not know about. Search the net for the hidden benefits that governments might have for you. Try selling stuff that you no longer want but is still in good condition - any jewellery or clothes you no longer wear or may never have worn, household items that are sitting unopened in boxes - you'll be amazed what people will buy on eBay. have a garage sale - you will get rid of old junk, make some money, feel less helpless about your situation, and clear the way for new things to come in. If you are crafty or a good cook, sell your stuff at market. C'mon, get inventive.

    I challenge all those with poverty consciousness to generate even a few extra dollars for themselves just to get those prosperity juices flowing. It's hard to imagine abundance when nothing is coming to you. But if you can start a little trickle of money flowing, just stand back and watch it turn into a flood! Like the saying goes - "God helps those who help themselves."

  • Hi Captain,

    I certainly haven't looked this way in a while, but I agree with your statement "Perhaps it would just be easier to ask the Universe that they grant your wishes in the fastest or easiest way possible and leave it at that?" I believe that it is human nature to try to "control" just how things come, and I can see how that could be stifling the Universe in its desire to grant abundance to us all. I have been guilty of this in the past. I'm at this point trying to just let it come as it will, not by my will. My stress level has definitely decreased, and I am not quite as "destitute" as I have been at times. You are such a treasure trove of information, Blessings, loving guidance and a great person to boot.

    Thank you for all the time and effort you place in being here to teach and lead us.

  • You're very welcome, Sunshine. 🙂

    The right time to worry about events is when they actually happen, not before.

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