Any psychic willing to look deep and tell me what this letter is about

  • im nervous... i have so much going on in my life with my ex... and im wondering what this certified letter is about... anyone that can see this letter please come forward and tell me about it... i have no patience these days... i was asleep when mailman came to door yesturday... and today being sunday post office is closed... i have to wait till tomorrow to get letter... but for it to be certified it is some what of importance i would think... driving me nuts not knowing... please help someone... jaffeebella

  • I feel it is good news, indeed.

  • really captain, but i have so much going on... is it from someone i know or from an authority figure or something... like cops or something... i cant figure out where it would be coming from... i talked to everyone last week concerning the case with my ex and no one told me they were sending me something certified... baffled really... thanks captain so much you are always there for me and people... god bless you and what you really do for people... jaffee

  • Just relax and let your fears go to God. You are being taken care of. When you believe that, you won't need to know everything in advance. You will just trust that everything will work out for the best. Many people say they believe in God and His love, but if they really did, then they wouldn't have a care in the world.

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