There Is No More Time...

  • Ibeleive, our parents also know we need to be disciplined when we do the wrong thing.

    AngelaVictoria, good for you!

  • I do believe we pay for our mistakes BUT the Earth/God/Universe is not going to rein down retribution for our sins.

    Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes etc are natural occurrences of a living planet and an incredible ecosystem.

    OR our you trying to say that disasters are going to occur in the 2011/2012 era because of these theoretical sins either real or imagined. And further more that the Mayans knew that we would create all these sins upon sins way back when and there fore could predict the exact time that said God/Power whatever would at that time smote us for it? I do not think that is what you were trying to convey but that is what it sounds like when you speak of discipline.

    That scenario sounds a lot like pre-destiny, in which case…Where is the free will? There is none in this case, we were designed to fail in just this manner whether we liked it or not and it was just a game?

    Sorry, I’m not buying it. I left off the christian church many years ago for just those types of dogma and it took me many years to find God again through all their gloom and doom, pain and punishment.

    Virtue is it’s own reward, live in the higher plains, run be free and enjoy.


  • There is free will, but before you return the earth in each encarnation, you lay out a plan of how you want this life to be. So you can do anything you want, but only the things you feel good about and offer least resistance are the steps along your true soul path.

    In short, the last line you wrote, Ibeleive, is the essence of what it is about. Because what you consider running free is not always what others' beleive. That's because of the soul path you laid out while you were a pure light being, and that plan is "approved" by and incorporated with whole universe, god or scource. (or whatever name you have for it)

  • Mother Earth does not punish, but she does cause 'events' in order to awaken us to what is really of value in our lives. We have the free will as to how we handle what happens to us.

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  • That's ok, I didn't ask you to agree 🙂 and yes, how you said it IS more like what I think I was trying to say. Re-reading it... Path is not the right word to use, more like way points, gps markers. Points laid out for us aim for. It is up to us in this life to either follow or ignore.

    My point was that it should always be the "feel-good" vibration that we should follow.

    And that should be followed in this forum topic, Try only writing your thoughts that come from a place feeling good, Ignore what you want to say from a Bad or upset mindset/ heartset.

    I con-cer... Just because you think you KNOW what is best, should not give you the right to comand to others to believe you

    There is room in this universe for all opinions and thoughts, otherwise they would not have manifested in the first place

  • Just an observation though; Whilst I tend just ignore what see as rubbish others are a bit more sensitive, and Captian, you seem to have agrovated almost everyone at some point throught these forums.

    Your intentions may be in the right place, but your abrasive nature puts you offside everytime!

    It's the "your wrong and I am right, we are all going to die unless you are me" attitude that needs to have little sleep....

    Enjoy your time here, the earth will provide, we are of the earth so she has no need "punish" us. Gaia supports and loves life, she provides for us. When she moves, the earth changes. And right now she is standing up, I am sure that if a small population is taken back to the earth as part of that shift, it was not her intent to KILL those people as a "cleansing" more like an unfortunate event as part of the evloution of the earth.

    My heart goes out to all those affected, I send them a million angels to help heal their pain.

    It is a bit like as I walk down the foot path and I step on a bunch of ants, a catapillar and a snail, I do not intend to harm these things, it was just that is where my foot landed... poor bugs, they were not sinners or negative thinkers...

  • In my mind, and it is only my opinion :)....but, plain and simply, we as humans have not taken good care of our planet, and what happens when this unbalance (i.e through greed and power of organisations) occurs, something has to give, I think when we use certain terms like "mother earth is stepping in" etc my mind is a figure of speech....our beloved earth can't do any other than to "create disasters".... just another figure of speech, it's the ones like I said before, the Greedy corrupt organisations has created the problem out of utter lack of caring for this earth and all life itself.....

    I truly don't want to appear rude jlinaangel and cause any animosity, it's certainly not my intention, but what I wrote is "my truth"....we all have our "truths" and beliefs, and want to speak of it too...I have come to realise if I read something that doesn't resonate with me I just leave it be, I just know we all have a right to speak up, but I also like to think I respect every ones point of view too, I certainly will never get in to any big debates over someone else's truths and beliefs

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  • Hi jlinaangel, I happen to agree with what you say about a lot of things you say, especially "from ummm, the second century? No different than you're gonna burn!!! You were born fallen...etc. And I'm actually amazed to see that mindset here"....I too don't buy into "mother earth is going to burn you" I truly do not like any brain washing, fear ridden religions that try to keep you in their control, to me it doesn't work like that, I simply believe that as humans haven't looked after this planet and we are going to feel the consequences of it's unbalance and the allowance of the destruction of it for gain, Rain Forest etc etc etc, we all know there has been so much destruction to this planet and now is the time for this unbalance to show up and do what is happening now... I just cannot believe that it's out "to get us" either....

    I'm a person that believes "everything" has energy, thats mainly what I focus on now, I still have a great deal to learn and understand, the biggest reason I spent the past 6yrs trying to learn about energy is the fact I lived most of my life in negativity, and thats what just kept bouncing back at me....and of course I got to realise "cause and effect" and what you say about "spirit saying ominous things" I also agree that, but sometimes the written words do sometimes come over a little frightening, or even dogmatic as you say to some, but I am almost sure all these things are said in concern for our earth and to wake up mankind and realise we just CAN'T carry on the way we have and abused our earth any longer....

    and yes, Blessings Be - and they will, when we start to care for this earth and all who resides in it...

    Many blessing to you all

  • Oh I meant to add that I maybe used the wrong word "debate" in my first post, I meant arguments, a very different ball game eh! everyone has the right to debate their point of view....I've been doing it in my posts on here :)...

    but I'm a simple soul who don't want to get into "heated debates"....thats all 🙂

  • I don't think this is a prediction but more of a love messege. It's beautiful.

    It's time to remember who we really are and take care of our "Family"

  • YOU really are SO beautiful and wise to have posted this VERY VERY important message to us ALL.... I JUST knew you were!! it made me cry with it's message of what we TRULY need to wake up to!!....I can't even begin to say how much gratitude I have for you SunCappyGirl for posting this very wonderful video, my heart just yearns for ALL to see this and WAKE UP to it's message.....

    and I say I LOVE are MY FAMILY!!


  • You don't need to thank me HealingWays 🙂

    I found this in another spiritual site and i just wanted to share it with everyone.

    It made my cry too lol I wish we could all see this and stop the abuse we have imposed

    over our beautiful Earth. Like the video says we treat them like natural resources when they are OUR FAMILY. Our beautiful every growing family. I love OUR FAMILY so very much. 🙂

  • Great reminder about consequences and respect for the planet..

  • SunCappyGirl, Thanks for the beautiful message I'll forward to spread the word.

  • Yes it is Love Tooter

  • Well i went back on my word i hope you don't mind Captain Love Tooter

  • Beautiful video. Thank you SunCappyGirl.

    As I sat down last night to read, the channel on my TV switched itself to show "The Walking Dead", a program I usually record and watch later. If it's not obvious from the name, the premise of the show is about a group of people surviving after a "zombie apocalypse".

    So, since the TV channel switched itself in front of me, I knew I had to pay attention, there was a message waiting for me to hear. And it was a powerful one.

    After a while of struggling in the wilderness, losing loved ones, having to face some hard truths, and make some really difficult life and death type decisions, the group of survivors finally found a shelter. It was all they had hoped for. They had security, comfortable beds to sleep in, hot water for showers, and even books to read.

    But they were "doomed". Their safe haven ripped from them because the power generators in the facility were running out of fuel. One of the characters summed it up beautifully when he said:

    "This whole place runs on fossil fuels. How stupid is that?"

  • 🙂

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