There Is No More Time...

  • Yes Captain!

    the universe provides us with way more than enough for our needs. It is humans that place limitations on what you can access, the is plenty of food, we just consume too much and is made limited by the costs placed on it (but a human didn't grow the food, it grew itself!)

    Information IS free just like conversation and thoughts, Humans limit what you can find out by putting a price on it controlling it

    Time is endless and we have tons of it, however, again humans limit it into hours you need to work and dollars per hour that get charged and paid.

    The universe is abundant and has supplied us with more than we could ever need to make ours lives rich and wonderful. It is our thoughts, our universal consciousness and our subsequent actions that prooves otherwise

  • So true.

  • Thanks IrishElf. That is exactly what I was on about before rubbishing on. We will know our purpose by listening with our souls

  • But don't forget this one:

    "Once we have discovered who we really are, we become a new person yet again."

  • And to TheCaptain: If we do have three days of darkness...Well, this country girl keeps her oil lamps filled and ready! ...But it sounds to me like 3 days of peaceful bliss and meditation!

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  • I just discovered this thread and WOW!

    On 2/13 Delbertc wrote a very graphic description of what Spirit told him to share. Dlebertc, thanks for sharing this but EEEK! There were a few general comments but nothing specific to confirm, reject or clarify what he’s been told. Do any of you fabulously gifted individuals have any follow-up to this? I do understand all the comments about what’s in your heart and this is something I’ve learned quite a bit about on this website from all of you, especially Captain, I’m just wondering if any of you have anything more concrete to add?

    I’ve learned from all of you is LET GO OF FEAR & FORGIVENESS! I need to forgive, not just the other’s who I think (or know) hurt my family but I also have to forgive myself. I’ve been caught up in this negative whirlwind for so long that it became second nature to be fearful of what’s going to happen next! I had to go back to where this started and forgive those involved. It’s easier said than done yet very necessary. The negative energy, fear and worry, along with LOTS of guilt doesn’t serve anyone and it’s up to me to release this from my soul. I think this is what Captain and others are saying about getting right with your soul. I love the 1st 2 lines of what Irishself posted;

    Fill your heart with light, and darkness cannot find room"

    "Fill your heart with Love, and Hate has no room to reside"

    Blessings to all of you who are doing your part to bring light!

  • Kookish, you can either look at the changes that are coming as good or bad. It has not been determined yet how much natural disaster will have to occur to wake humans up. This period now is crucial for people to become more aware and spiritual so as to avert much of what will happen. There is always a choice. But rest assured, that those who stand in the light will be safe and well.

  • Regarding our financial situation, I do agree with SilverRavenWol that it's a shame we didn't use the global money crisis to change the system. Now whole countries like Britain and Ireland, Greece and recently Portugal are broke. It indicates that our money system is very flawed when entire countries can go bankrupt. The must be a change in our thinking and attitudes towards sharing this planet fairly and equally.

  • It's not necessarily the financial system that is flawed, it's how it's used. Our government chose to throw un-backed money at our problems which made the American dollar, which is the currency oil is purchsed in, very weak and this is causing problems worldwide. And IMHO we'll be paying $5 per gallon for gas by the end of the year because of this. Greece went bankrupt because of all their give away programs, it's a wonderful concept but someone has to pay for these services. There's a saying in the corporate world "Numbers don't lie but liars use numbers". This is how huge financial losses were hidden in corporations which people lost everything - look at Bernie Madoff.

    It's GREED, one of the 7 deadly sins. They actually teach Corporate Ethics classes in business schools now. How said is that, this is something you learn as a child.

    It would be nice if we all lived in Eden and food was plentiful for everyone, unfortunately we don't live there and we all have a part to play in our existence. It would be so much better if GREED wasn't involved (or lawyers or politicians come to think of it) things would be much more reasonable.

    Blessings to ALL

  • Captain, I do love how you think about this!

  • Kookish, if enough people want something, they can make it happen.

  • That's absolutely true! And we all have to play fair and nice with each other and SHARE! That's what our moms taught us.

  • Kookish, you wrote: "It would be nice if we all lived in Eden and food was plentiful for everyone,"

    Hmmm...maybe we do live in Eden. You know the Earth gives us everything we need. But we are greedy and always want more. But that's not completely true either. We are a by our very nature competitive and we for the most part show our show off our greatness by what we have. We are told to keep going, to strive for all you can be. Even when speaking of ascention it is about changes and goiing with the changes and always striving for the next thing and the next lesson.

    All things considered, could we live here and allow it to be our Eden?

    Only by changing our competitive nature and being one with all. That could very well be a change in our dna most assuredly a change in our thoughts and how they are generated.

    Perhaps that is exactly what were are being driven to...the ability to live on Earth and accept it as Eden. To then spend all our time and energy on oneness.


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  • well I'd make jewellery for free if I could swap it and I'm always happy to swap beads or things I don't use for beads and findings for new projects but it doesnt always work unless I'm with other people with similar interests or at a bootfair, which is a sort of overgrown yard sale with lots of people selling in it

  • Hola! Just saying hello!

  • Ibeleive, that's quite true. We do live in Eden - we just don't respect what we have here.

  • Ahhh, but the WE is not true. That's what I am speaking of. There are many who have always respected the earth and many more joinging everyday who do respect the earth. Even those who do not respect it on a daily basis do so at other times. Every long walk in the woods, a day in the park or even a meditation on the beautiful earth has presence and essence and is healing to the earth.

    There are times we do not respect our parents but do they love us any less? There are times we do things that harm or hurt them, but the love us no less. They would still give their last bite of food to feed us. And that is how the earth feels for us.

    And when my son looks at me while I am trying on an outfit and says "You don't need a mirror anymore Mommie. I can tell you, you look pretty" it makes up for all the trouble in the world, not just then but for many times after.


  • I bought this book that shows which plants are edible around where I live... I'm on such a tight budget right now (apparently not for books!) and my food is running kind of bare for my usual low standards, so I'm thinking about trying some of the out-doorsy foods! Might as well get a taste for it now... Or as soon as it's available... 🙂 Just thought it kind of related to how we have provisions.. just need to understand how to use them.



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