There Is No More Time...

  • I totally agree with that SilverRavenWolf...... I for one will embrace a world without the need for money!.... like I said before there is nothing wrong with it, but it's such a shame that the energy of money has been used to create a system of greed, power and destruction....I cant wait for the time there will be no more need of it 🙂

    Peace, Love and Harmony.... that's what we will and CAN create, and we can only ever do that from a longing to "live from the heart" and wanting the best for ALL....

  • Thanks HealingWays,

    Money is just a way the system can control us. That's it. If we all stopped using it, no one could manipulate us with it.

    Jlina, there are people out there who LOVE mechanics and perfection, so your boyfriend could get the truck inspected and fixed by someone passionate and motivated only by the desire to do the job right. Not how many inspections he can squeese out in a day to get the most money... which person would you rather check and fix the truck?

    There are many examples in this world of people doing emense things with out money.

    The internet was created out of a passion of people trying to create a better and faster way to communicate, they had no clue as how it would ever make money and they didn't care. It wasn't until a taskforce was put together to try to make a way to make money out of it, apart from connecting to the the network there was no way to make money using the internet. And let me say that without the money factor the net may very well be faster and better.

    Google was created by students passionate about making a better search engine... not money.

    All the best things in ours lives were born out of having passion, not money so why are we all hell bent on holding onto the idea of it?

  • Jlina, what was the jesus thing you were asking... can't find it

  • Found it!

  • HA! you can say "H_E_L_L"Bent whats the go with that... Also saw on the music videos on tv now thay beep out the words gun war bomb etc... stupid yanks! They created the problem now prevent people from singing about It? (no further discussion please just a personal note) love and light love and light love and light lol

  • I agree wholeheartedly about people and money's effect on them, not money itself being the problem.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • OK, don't you have to discern the purpose of money? As in, if it's to buy food vs. your 5th car or house? My theory (and that's ALL it is) is that once you hit 6 figures, it becomes less about the struggle to survive, and more about acquisition and status. I would like to hear your thoughts.

    I find it amazing when you tell someone (like my dentist) that you can't afford to come in that month for a cleaning, and they start to insist, tell you to put it on a credit card. I actually had to use these words, "If I have no food to chew, what good will clean teeth be?" And I still don't think they got it.

  • I was unfortunate enough to lose all my money and owed institutions lots of money and they still charged interest and would not help out with my situation ( caused mostly by the Global financial crisis caused by these same institutions) so they did nothing to help scociety one little bit, called upon governments that used our money to help them out, then continued to chase down the same people that just paid to fix the problem they created for money we owed but don't have because it was used on their mistakes... THEN the arrogance of it all they take multi-million dollar bonuses for posting billion dollar profits!!! WTF the system is not working well for the majority of us.

  • OK you are right..... Money IS GOOD... The system is what is bad.

    We do need money it is a great way to make exchanges of energy and outside of the controling greed of corporations it really makes life easier!

  • Who turned this into a finacial discussion anyways... I think I had something to do with it... Sorry people my money vibration is quite low yes?

    There is time... it will just be a different time, A BETTER TIME !!!

  • When it all comes down to it, though, the only thing in this world that we are gaurrenteed to keep, is what we keep in our hearts.

  • OOPS, "guarenteed"

  • I have never had the "privalidg" to have much to lose. And the times I have lost what I did have, Has taughtme that lesson. So, the biggest question is for most I think is: "what do you have that cannot be taken away?"

  • Life has taught me to value most the people I have in my life & that many material items & frustrations are temporary & are not as important as they may seem. Try to be thankful each day for what experiences & people you have shared time with in the long run its those memories you will cherish most.

  • YES! I learned the same lessons. It's called finding yourself or learning your destiny or all other truth finding journeys. Take away everthing you own and see whats left, That is who you are. If you cannot live without, what are you living with? You can have all those things, just be sure to cherish what cannot be taken away....Thank-you Irish Elf, a great sentiment!

  • Even bartering is flawed - it just becomes a money substitute in the same system. To accept the concept of sharing everything for free, you have to let go of the idea that you are owed something or that other people don't deserve the same advantages as you do. Everybody contributes something - maybe more people would want to work if they could have access to greater education in order to gain more knowledge and training in the areas they are interested in. Many people just work to live rather than really loving what they do. I know I would do a whole lot more training and study if it weren't so darn expensive. Surveys show that most people want to leave the job they are doing for something different. But the system prevents them from training for anything new (especially if they are older workers) so we all get locked into one or two jobs for a lifetime. Boring! Education should definitely be free, as well as health, food and accomodation. Everyone deserves the same equal treatment and those who don't think so are working for the dark side. What I am talking about is true communal living where everyone does their job willingly and happily and everyone shares in the bounty produced.

  • BTW, the internet thing, Jlina is right about how it came about, my point was why it came about. Is wasn't born out the need to generate funds, it was to send data from one location to the other accurately, quickly and reliably. And Google is about money, but the search engine it is based on was designed out of the need to find information quicker and more accurately. the search functions on Explorer and netscape were practically useless.

    Transport vehicles were created by people solving the problem of moving supplies and people safely, not a way to make money.

    My point? That money is not the reason we have great things on this planet. It is our minds, our souls and our actions are the reasons why we have good here. So as our vibrations rise to meet the new consciousness we will find ( or be given) a new way create wealth in our lives, in all of our lives.

    I don't have the answers, not yet, but I feel that as we all work together, the way will be shown.

  • I much agree with the captain at the first of this topic, that we must be ready and attuned to what is happening. If "there are no coincedences in life', then that means that we are all on this site for a reason. We all "feel" the changes going on around us. It's up to us to "open" ourselves up and keep an open mind to "new possiblities". As the "vibrations change, we need to be able to hear, feel and recognize them. Mother Earth is talking to our basic "needs and Love" not "wants and/or desires". Once we recognise what IT IS that we REALLY need, then we just begin to learn. Material items mean nothing.

    "Fill your heart with light, and darkness cannot find room"

    "Fill your heart with Love, and Hate has no room to reside"

    "Sit very still and be quiet, and you shall hear what has never been heard"

    " Look beyond the rain of Doubt and see the rainbow of Hope"

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