There Is No More Time...

  • I feel that I've accepted what is to come and can help others understand as well! First I was scared and a little shocked but I get the feeling this will be like pressing a "reset" button on earth.

    It's each person's decision to be their true selves... Just have to dig through the built up debris.

  • What is to come shouldn't be seen as something terrible or scary - it will be more of a release of all the fear and tension that has built up on earth over the years of strife and conflict. The world is like a pressure cooker that needs to blow its top and then get on with the process of change.

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  • some of us seem to be getting confused with what is happening and what to and how to act and what to think and say.... Stop fussing! just listen to intuition and ACT ON IT!

    Yes the change has always been coming, from dark to light. there is a "real" or physical reason for this. The earth will be again passing through a photon belt (and photons are light) this creates the resonance or vibration where the human form can more easily connect with spirit.

    Some of us have always been able to do this and now everyone will have a much greater opportunity to do the same.

    We raise our vibration to connect with the universal consciousness so we can receive guidence and act from a place of light and love.

    What we are moving into is time where the vibration is going to be at that higher level all the time so we won't have to work at raising our own vibrations to communicate properly.

    So what we mean by be prepared is this: There is dark energy and light enegy, we are moving out of a period of dark dominance and into a light period. Have you noticed in the past how terrible humans treat other humans? this is because of the dark, or low vibration influence. As we move more and more into the light there will be less human oppression and more compassion.

    (You can see how Gaia is forcing us to conform through natural disasters, making us reach out to help those affected and forget about conflict and helps feel gratitude for what we do have, this gratitude vibration is a high vibration and influences the universal consciousness.)

    So, to thrive in this new era we must match our vibration or be forced out of the big picture and live lives of resistance.

    {You see that all the oppressive people in the world will soon be unable to have the same influences they once had, the leaders to this world will no longer harm their people and "bad" people will be stopped before they cause harm.}

  • Putting it differently:

    Think of your car radio/stereo... If you want to receive something on that stereo you must tune it into the appropriate frequency or all you get is fuzzy nothing. Radio Frequency is a vibration traveling through space and your stereo will respond to that vibration when it is prepared for it.

    Now think of yourself as a car stereo, you will receive everything the universe has on the vibration you are tuned to. Yes?

    This means people receiving wealth live with a vibration to recieve wealth, those with love on a love vibration and those with pain on a pain vibration. If your life is crap it is because you are tuned on to craplife.FM... or you local equivalent (lol)

    But what is about to happen is there is not going to be any broadcast on this frequency anymore (abit like short-wave radio ... google it!) So what you used to get on the wealth vibration you won't get anything. So wealth will have to come from new sources, not the traditional, make everyone work for it and deceive and rip people off, it just won't work. buying and selling shares and other non existent items won't happen anymore.

    So we need to tune ourselves into the higher vibration now so we don't miss the first braodcast!

    Make any sense yet? Ask any questions please!

  • SilverRavenWolf-

    Love the radio comparison.

    It actually sounds much more peaceful... That is what we need. That's what Earth needs!

    Thank you for explaining the way you did. Different perspectives and images I can imagine help me.


  • Fantastic analogy, I will pass it on.

    Thank you.


  • šŸ™‚

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  • I only meant google short wave radio! but sounds like you know what SW is from your father. what I wrote I have not seen on the net...

    Great thoughts you are having! The change will be easy for you with your inquisitive mind, I also am very distressed at the loss of lives in the recent natural upheavals. ( I would point out that our own guns and wars have taken far more humans lives...) but not the souls will leave this world, those who have chose not to return will join their soul mates off the world and those who return left to rejoin their soulmates on this planet.. so we will be left here on this world with those souls we love deeply and are true for us.

    SO..... to change yourself/ your vibration is to listen. Open your mind, soul, third eye etc. and listen to the vibration of the universe, listen to what the earth is saying, then let your soul vibrate to the same.

    It's like learning to sing a note, play the note on a piano then change your voice until it matches what your ears are hearing and as it matches it rings true in your ears... only this time the truth will ring within your soul... it will feel right!

    Now here is where it becomes easier...Just by opening up and listening your soul will start vibrating the way, just like that. You can see this happen in the same way on a guitar string or piano string... if you play a note near the string of that note on the guitar you will see the string vibrate without touching it... also pressing the "loud" pedal on a piano allows all of the same notes to vibrate with the one you played.

    So just by wanting to change and listening to the world around you and letting the truth resonate within you- (which is the feel good feeling you get when you think or hear of something ) you will live the pure life this new world has to offer.

    So just listen from inside you, hear the voice in your head, the vision you get or notice that gut feeling. Whatever it is for you.(it is diifent for some of us whether we see, hear or feel or all and a mix of the above)

    And act on those messages as is required to make you feel good.

    Now, this is why the new world will be different. people acted on what feels good in the past and that led to wars and death and such... the world is changing its vibration so that it no longer feel good for anyone to do such things... this is the truth and it is not scary. It's like a warm hug on a cold morning. Embrace it and nurture it....

    Jlina...thank-you for asking...Anything else?

  • But then what's going to happen to all those people and believe me there are a lot, who don't or won't learn and think they are only here to "get " stuff, whatever it costs both the earth and other people? I mean, I have family who judge me not by what I do, nor who I am, but by what I have and look like, which to me are the least important things. I mean by all means be comfortably off, but not by causing the suffering of others, of any species, not just humans, or by riding on other people's hard work where they get no credit for it. I may be spiritually aware but I would never say I know it all as I always thought there is room to learn more and I should not say that there will be no more to learn, will there ? I always thought there would always be room for improvement, even now, unless it's true what a friend of mine said, that she believed we were in the end times, because of what's happening in the middle east, but I thought that would just mean the end of life as we know it , not as she thought, which was the end of everything I don't do guesswork on that but I did have to reassure her

  • OMG there is always room to learn!! Our brains would explode if they were filled suddenly with the untire universes wealth of knowledge.

    I truely the believe it is change that is coming not an end. everything connot just not exist anymore, that is impossible. It can change from one energy form to another but not dissappear.

    To see change we must observe how the human world has been operating: The entire world has been based on who has the most power. The most powerful country, economy, army etc. this power is measured in "control" who can control the most wealth, people etc. This has lead to wars. Wars over land, oil, and ideas (religion). I believe with everything happening in this world and shift in consciousness that we will all unite and realise that we do own or control this earth and a much more harmonious relationship will exist between peoples and Earth.

    And as for money... if you know the history of how money came to be you will find it is a made-up idea that humans came up with and really the actual "value" of money is less than the materials it's printed on. ( breifly: gold smiths would store gold for you in their gold "bank", they wrote you a note (bank note) to the value of the gold in your bank. You would use these notes to withdraw the gold for buying things. Then as this became a hassle, people started trading notes, as they were proof of the gold in the bank... after a while the goldsmiths had a lot of gold that didn't move in or out of the bank anymore so they started writing more notes up to the value of the gold in store, then the gold would still stay there so they wrote more notes and on and on until we now trade in notes and (coins) that if we ever called on the bank for the gold the notes are based on we would have nothing: ie money is worthless) it is only they idea in our heads that lets money have any value at all. The people that "control" the money want us to believe it is really valueable.

    Part of the shift will be the move away from this modern take on money to an actual trade in real terms with real things, not ideas. The finance system will collapse. We missed a great opportunity three years ago to fix or replace the system when it failed... have you wondered how every country could be in debt at the same time? where did they money come from to lend to the entire world, how is it ever going to be paid back (where did it come where did it go?) it all a controlling system created in the heads of humans.

    Everyone will soon discover this and out of the ashes will rise a new way of life, where we can be happy and money didn't buy it!... anyways I ranted.

    Don't worry about money not existing anymore, it doesn't really exist now. It is just a belief system we have that no longer serves our needs.. money doesn't make cars, steel and ingenuity does. moeny doesn't grow food or make clothes or build roads or make electricity. We have been conditioned to believe it does so that "control" over these things can be maintained by those who seek to hold that control.... well the time is upon us where they will no longer have control and the whole idea of owning this earth and the things and people on this planet will be realised as nonsense.

  • I mean't we do NOT own this earth... (missed the not)

  • I definitely agree that the use of money is a bad system. Why can't we all just do our work and share everything for free? Money only creates differences in status and power which is of course why the dark side uses it. Imagine how crime would drop down if everyone could have everything they wanted. Of course people would still commit acts of violence but robbery and assaults for money or drugs would disappear.

  • It's talk like that which scares the people will all the money. I mean, some of my ancestors traded beads. Are you suggesting the actual currency could possibly be work, skills and actions? Like helping a neighbor fix their roof for free, in exchange for a good meal? Many of us are doing that now. Just trying to keep everyone in their houses. So many have just been hanging on for so long, just barely making it. But, oh, I've seen light. In people. Friends and total strangers. I can't even keep up with it any more, it's happening so often. Just regular people helping other regular people. For no real reason, other than a profound sense that we are all in this together.

    I've heard all the 'end times' talk, but I'm seeing it as more of a 'reckoning' at the moment. And it seems to be based on how you treat others. What you give of yourself. Even little things you did way back, without even thinking about it and very little effort, coming back in a big way.

    To test what I mean, if any of you have big doctor bills, try calling the billing office and asking if you can make partial payments.

  • I mean on a global scale, that everyone should do their jobs for free. It's outrageous that things like good health care, good food, good homes, and good education should not be available for everyone who wants it.

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  • Hi everyone, I've been catching up with this very interesting thread, I've not been on tarot for a while now until the last few days, but I just feel the need to add another few thoughts on the "money" issue and the collapse of the economy, I truly do understand all who just cannot comprehend "how on earth can we live without it" but I just feel those thoughts are literally just "limiting thoughts" are they not? we have to believe once we are out of the controlling power crazed organisations and when we are all in a "higher vibration" once the "veil" is lifted we will be able to create a new and better system for ALL to live in peace, love and abundance.....from the heart!....I do not know how this will take shape, I just have this inner knowing it simply will take place! it will all come to "light" at the right time....

    and even just lately I had this sudden realisation I am glad I have not had a life with lots and lots of money and have not lived in fear of losing it, of course we all need this commodity in this "system" we still live in, and I surely do not "hate" money" I deserve to live a comfortable life, in abundance, love and peace, just like we ALL do, but I suppose what I'm trying to say is, lets try and think "out the box" and try to get the feeling of knowing......"our thoughts are powerful and we CAN create a beautiful loving harmonious earth"....if we want to!

    Love to ALL


  • Ok. Money, if it were gold, and traded for other things is a great way of exchanging energy. But the financial system is the problem. To buy most things these days you use credit (esp the big purchases) and the product the bank sells is credit. so you buy money off the bank for more than it is worth. So you buy a TV on credit for $2000 but after interest and fees you've paid $2600

    therefore $600 worth of energy is wasted, neither you nor the supplier have the value of the energy it took to buy it... so the finacial system is like a red dwarf star growing bigger and more hungry for energy to keep itself alive until it consumes all and collapses, totally empty.

    There needs to be a new way of exchanging such energy so that class and poverty don't exist anymore.

    Now think on this... if the only reason you go to work is for money, why would you do that job if money didn't exist. Without money we would all only ever do things in life that gives us purpose, love, food, or significance.

    The great thinkers and motivators of this world have come up with 6 human needs. Six things that a human needs to be fulfilled and happy. Guess what? money isn't on the list. Just think of something you have done that has helped people, you enjoyed doing, and you could care if you got money for it or not? This is a great part of the new consciousness, we will all be drawn to do things that give us positive feelings.

    Some people love farming. It's waht they do. In my experience the farmers who produce the best and most food consistantly are the porrest and the banka own almost all of their farms and equipment, so to say the farmers need money is bollocks because it's finacial institution that needs the money, the farmer needs fuel and rain!

    Anyways I love the way more people are embracing the change it needs to happen for the human spirit to soar again. Remember everything affects everything, Body mind soul and universe

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