There Is No More Time...

  • I will say this not to offend but to enlighten those who care to be enlightened the universe is not going to Waite on me for anything time will pass as time does how i per sieve this time and what i chose to do with it is my choice and a example is if i buy tickets to a ball game and expect the game to wait till i get there i am afraid i would be very despoilment i don't think i am that important and if that is my thinking i need to be looking at my pride and ego the Highness of my self center ness is thinking i know whats best for someone i don't, i don't even know whats best for me but trying to stay and grow spiritually and depending own and relying own Father and Mother Earth i have a better chance than i ever did .


    Yes Yes Yes that confirms every thing and the whys the hardest thing for me is staying there and i find it comes when something happens or a bill or a remark that someone makes about me and brings out that what others think of me or the fear of what or how am i going to do this GrayStar there is your answer listen to your heart and to others think of that yearning of fulfillment of self completion of the one joined with the one to become one with the one I AM and Mother Earth it is time to bring in the reality of the new beginning the new Earth or if you prefer Heaven here on Earth into being threw the Love of our Heart .

    What i have been getting is Father is bring us back together as one as we were in the very beginning the male and female joined together to be come one as one and this is what happen with me and Andrea and Father wants us to live in that Love and from it all things are possible and from there is the new creation of Mother Earth .

    I have depended on man for my survival for food clothing and shelter and the governments to make sure these things were available and our freedom to enjoy and to use them .

    But at what cost have i been willing to have these comforts and necessities of every day living ,lets see our food all comes from Mother Earth and she has never charged for it ,our clothing again has come from Mother Earth and again our shelter from Mother Earth so why are we giving all our thanks to the ones who do not have our best interest at hand their only concern is power and financial gain but the one who has given us all we needed to survive in this world we treat the lowest and no respect for her and Father and all he ever ask was to Love each other and treat each other like we would like to be treated so now we have a opportunity and either we will or we wont its up to each one of us to start living from the Heart or keep living from the mind i have been blessed enough by having the experience with Andrea to experience the way things will be by living from the heart

    The reality i wish to have is a world i can walk outside and smell the fresh clean air and look at the sky and see it as it is intended to look and having that feeling of ah and being great full for having the opportunity to live here own this planet and in a world of no wars no hunger no sickness no loneliness or sorrow and when my time comes to leave this world thanking Mother Earth for her abundance and giving and offering my body to her to give back what has so freely given a celebration of giving back to Mother and to Father for guiding and giving all i needed to enjoy the many blessings i have gotten to experience here during this short time here and being so grateful for being chosen to try and do the job i was chosen for during this time and death not to feel sorrow but celebration of existence here and moving to the next ream of existence for a life there . Where we can walk to any stream and get a drink of water and its OK and eat fish that are not contaminated and all life on Earth is striving and living in harmony and all of humanity in loving peace and the Lion will lay down with the Lamb.

    Am i expecting to much or asking for the impossible ? I dont think so but it starts with me it starts with you we can have all these things ( How You Ask ) WITH LOVE Like the grand paw told his grand son


    An old Indian is sitting at the fire place with his grand-son. It had become dark and the only sound you could hear was the crackling of the fire. After a while of silence the old man says: "Do you know how I feel sometimes? It's like there are two wolves in my heart, fighting against each other. The one is revengeful, aggressive and evil. The other one is loving, soft and caring." "Which one will win the fight?" the boy asks. And the old man says: "The one that I feed.

    Quit listening to the news its all negative realize with out Mother Earth we would not have food clothing or shelter we would not survive so who do we need to thank and ask for what we need .

    Who will be there if and when the government collapses there wont be any help from them they will be overwhelmed and only trying to help the ones they choose and not many of them but they will fail also because they choose the mind not the heart to guide them Father gives us that choice and money you can push a wheelbarrow full but it wont by nothing there wont be but one safe place is with the light and these are the ones living from the heart its your choice and what if you knew there wasn't going to be any more electricity or water from city services or gas what do you think will happen to the food supply it will be gone in three days to tell you these things were not going to happen i would be lying i would suggest searching your heart and praying or meditating to see what the truth is and what you should do and i will tell you many choose to not listen to the heart and their chance of survival is in question and i say this because i do not know who or where but i do know a lot will perish.

    The Captain has given us a warning its your choice i have gave some in the past not to frighten you but to inform you but Like Captain said we are running out of time believe me you have seen nothing com paired to what is coming . I have already dealt with this fear by facing and exposing it and combating it by doing the most i can to prepare for this time and by trying my best to live from the heart may Father and Mother give us what we need to survive this time and don't forget the crystals to wear them and not take them off but be sure and ask Mother and Father to bless and bring forth the knowledge . Love Freely Given I Give to You Tooter

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    But if you by tickets to the game and know what time it starts and you keep messing around and when you finally get to the game and its over don't come to me complaining because the game did not Waite on you!

  • Good to see you are still around, Del. I hope those ballgame tickets come with hotdogs. 🙂

  • Hi Captain,

    I'm heading out to play ball. There is much to do. It's time to go.

    Change is indeed coming fast but embrace it for it is not to be feared. Every rise came after a fall. Enlightenment follows chaos. Knowledge at the speed of light coming in waves too fast to surf. The blessing is when you cease to surf.


  • Well looks like i am going to have a couple of days not working i called my boss earlier and ask if we were working tomorrow and he said yes if we could get there but i don't think i will go because we still have about close to 2 feet of snow own the ground and it started as ice . I did prepare but my trailer is not made for this kind of weather but man i have never been in cold like this or this much snow i sure rather be here than to get stranded some where else they have warned people not to attempt to travel unless it is emergency so i will probably just stay in again .

    And as far as the tickets i am the last one you would see buying a ticket to watch a game not my thing it just came to me to use as a example, but things have changed i am not getting as much messages as i am just knowing things just as if they just come like they had always been there are yours changing any ? Andrea has come back again for a little bit they have their hands full with what i do not know anyway later Love ya Tooter

  • Good messages, but replace fear with love.

  • This post is deleted!

  • 🙂

  • Thank you, SalientLiving (& Jason Mraz) that was beautiful.

    I'm expanding my soul, my hope and my love so that others will feel it also- thank you all for your amazing gifts!


  • A massive, powerful cyclone has begun to slam into the flood-ravaged northern state of Queensland, as people take shelter from the devastating weather.

    Tropical Cyclone Yasi, a Category 5 storm, the highest designation on Australia's classification system, made landfall late on Wednesday night, local time.

    "The large, destructive core of Cyclone Yasi is starting to cross the coast between Innisfail and Cardwell with a dangerous storm tide and battering waves to the south of the cyclone centre," Australia's Bureau of Meteorology said in a statement.

    Thousands of people were evacuated from their homes ahead of the storm, which is expected to be one of the worst the country has ever seen.

    Already started.

  • Prayers for TheCaptain and those affected!


  • As I sit in front of the telly watching Cyclone Yasi devastate north Queensland and hearing about the record-shattering storms and cold in America, plus all the volcanoes and floods and earthquakes etc. elsewhere, Mother Nature's message comes through loud and clear. "This is what happens to unnatural things when they get in the way of the power of Nature. Either you are with us or you are against us. Return to your natural selves or the worst is yet to come."

    So far the weird weather patterns around the world have mostly taken away property rather than huge numbers of lives. But it is simply a last-chance warning to everyone on earth: go back to a more natural and spiritual, caring way of life or worse than this will surely come to you. And given the utter devastation that Mother Nature can wreak in mere seconds, do we really want to be on the other side? Through fear, we have allowed our idea of community to shrink until we regard a family as just a handful of people. Unless we expand our hearts to include all mankind as our family and give up our petty self-centred concerns for a bigger global picture, then we will not survive the awesome events that are yet to come. It's time to stop wondering about our futures and start being concerned for our present. The choice is ours...

  • In my daily meditation, I usually connect with the Earth chakra which is located just beneath the surface of the planet at the moment and then down into the crystalline heart at the centre of the earth. However, yesterday and today I have been prevented from going further down into the centre by a tremendous wall of energy that is radiating out from the heart and filling the whole inner structure of the planet. If people can feel this almighty powerful energy, they would change their materialistic viewpoint and skepticism in a heartbeat.

  • Captain yes what a ride, I just read about connecting to one of her Chakra's when grounding. March I think is when the really big stuff is gonna start. We had millions of fish die recently too and the birds that died, the fish though were because of poison chemicals from farming leaking into the waters and the birds died because of the pole shift.

  • I wish i could let you see threw my eyes and my heart but i can not only you can choose what path you follow my heart weeps for the ones who have chosen to follow the mind and not live from the Heart ( All the Angles in Heaven are weeping and Fathers Heart is breaking he wants so bad for Mankind to have and experience the Love that is there for them a Love beyond comprehension to live from the Heart i don't know how or what else i can say this is the song i feel for the Love Father has given me if i can say anything feel the Love this song represents open your Heart feel the Love Father and Mother have for you and want to give you and pray for the ones who choose not my heart breaks for them and for those who have chosen to follow the light stay close and in your heart i do not know how much longer the internet will be but the light will guide us and the sorrow will be great but remember it is a new beginning and those that pass we will see again in time and our job will be to guide those in darkness let the light shine within you and ask for courage & knowledge to face what is coming go within you heart feel Fathers Love and what you want for Mother Earth.) Love Freely Given I Give To You Tooter

  • Changes The World As We Knew It Feb 12-2011

    The time has come that I have dreaded for a long time now some warnings I have given before and I was told not to give the rest until now .

    This is about the US and part of Canada and I was told others would give information on the rest of the world .

    I have been instructed by spirit to give this now .I ask for when and was told only Father and Mother Earth have that information but was told it would be before Easter but I am being pushed hard to leave this area were I am quick.

    I have tried to give subtle and sometimes not so subtle warnings to prepare for this by getting water food and medical supplies as if there is no electric or fuel or food .

    My hope is most listened and now I will tell the visions I have been shown by spirit and is what to come .

    It will start in southern California with a massive Earthquake it will split California in half and into the ocean and from Oregon to the center of the US it will split the US then down threw Texas to the coast and from DFW area threw Arkansas threw Missouri to the bottom part of the great lakes and up threw the north east to Canada it will split .The whole US will be split in three sections .

    The great lakes will empty into the great Mississippi but it will be no more .New York City will be gone forever Delaware will be gone and a lot of the eastern seaboard will perish . Florida will be gone never to be seen again and nearly half of the states on the southern coastal and on the eastern coastal waters half will be submerged . There will masses of land rising at the south eastern US that will be causing huge tsunami’s. Washington DC will be wiped out .

    Flooding will be massive and all communication will be gone and it will be 3 years before any normalcy Humanity will be put to the test as never before and this will be happening all over the world as we knew it .Some will even turn to cannibalisms there will be starvation as never before and deceases and there will be a darkness never before in history the sun will not shine for 3 days and at the end of 3 days of darkness a New Dawn a New World emerges and a new beginning that has never been before .

    But during these times there will be the ones who carry the light within who will be the healers and teachers of how to grow food and medicine to heal the sick and how to construct shelter and to build our energy grids but most of all how to live from the Heart with Love and Truth from the ONE to be with the one from now threw eternity as one heart with many minds we will all be equal as one Love and truth of the Heart will be our leader and our provider for all our needs and we will be one with Mother Earth.

    Father says stay in the Heart show Love to all who seek it and Guide those who seek Truth and the Light let each one choose their path and only Love and Truth will survive in this world. IT IS DONE


  • Excellent post, Captain. And I am in agreement with you. We have seen major changes in the world dynamic this year, with the Egyptian revolution now in the forefront. I, for one, have been able to make significant changes to help improve my quality of life, and karma. Better job, quit smoking(both have led to better financial stability) and tomorrow I send the woman I love the most beautiful letter to hopefully win her heart one day. She's had a very turbulent year separating herself from an abusive marriage and is now working her way to a new life, and maybe I can be a part of that when she's ready.

    So it's not time to panic, as you say, But if changes aren't made by invoking the will to make these changes, the rut will continue.

    Love and Light!!!

  • I do believe your location is unimportant when any natural (or unnatural) disaster or event hits - it's the state of your soul at the time that counts. Anyone who is loaded with negativity won't do well in the time to come. But a positive-thinking person will be safe - everyone has seen how disaster can hit one home and totally obliterate it and its family within, yet leave the home next door unscathed - it's no coincidence. So there is no need to panic if you stand in the light. You will be OK, no matter what.

  • Thank you all for these posts. My Father has been saying the same things as of late. He is 96 years old. He says, keep your car full of gas, store food that can be stored & eaten with out power. And store plenty of clean water AND get a hose that fits your water heater tank, it may be the only water not comtaminated. He is looking into solar pads that can charge up the cell phone batteries and such. I haven't seen him this way since the Bay of Pigs incident and the threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union at that time. It is time to get your house and your heart in order. The next few years are going to be a test for us all!

  • Captain, I could not agree more with you, what a wonderful insight,

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