There Is No More Time...

  • I am not posting this thread to alarm or panic, but spirit wants me to warn everybody that, if people don't start to get their act together this year, they won't cope with any of the big changes that are coming to our planet over the course of the next two years. It's a concern to see some members, who have been coming here for a long time, still asking about the same situation, issues and people, or else they have met new people or moved to a new place but still have the same old problems. Everyone must draw on their inner strength and wisdom, and move on now for their own sake and survival.

    If you find yourself saying "I will begin to stand up for myself and get what I want when I have more...courage, money, fitness, strength, time, energy, relaxation, wisdom, help and support, fair treatment from others...etc."- then I'm afraid you have run out of time to acquire these things. It's actually the wrong way around, anyway. You will get these things once you deal with your issues, not vice versa.

    Nobody anymore can put off, waffle, prevaricate, make excuses, beg, cry victim, or barter their way out of taking action. We all must dig deep inside ourselves to find our inner warrior and change everything in our situations that is not good for us.

    THERE IS NO MORE TIME LEFT! If we do not choose to lose our old bad ways and attitudes, then we will be forced to grow and learn our lessons under less 'comfortable' circumstances.

    If you aren't sure if you have changed or made any progress, look back at your old posts here to see if you are still asking the same questions, or check your journal, or just ask an honest friend or family member. Chances are if you have changed, people will already have told you so.

  • Hi Captain, newbie here. Why would you say such a thing,"THERE IS NO MORE TIME LEFT"? Thats a pretty strong declaration isn't it? Do you have a count down going on? SHARE!!!!

  • You made alarm bells go off, even though you are saying you are not trying too.

  • Hi Captain,

    I'm with these guys -- I'm new here and pretty new to all of the "New Age" stuff, pardon for the terminology, I don't know how else to say it. I feel that I am an Indigo Adult and have a job to do, however, I"m still stumbling as to what it is and how to find out my duties. Please explain what your post meant, although I think I know some of it. I also have several 11s in my numbers. I posted about that a moment ago. I believe you are someone to "sit at the feet of" and learn, learn, learn. Would you be willing to teach us?

  • The fact is that we are facing some devastating world changes this year and next and if you have not been practising asserting yourself and demanding fair treatment (in other words, building up your self-confidence, trust and faith, willpower, and intuition), then you will not cope with the demands of the new world.

  • There's no more time to dillydally or tread water, in other words. It's 'sink or swim' time for us all. 2010 had the greatest number of natural disasters ever recorded and this year has already been chockablock with disasters of all kinds, natural and unnatural. It's time we all got our act together and stepped out of the wings onto the 'stage'.

  • Basically what you are saying is ,,,stop fretting over the little unimportant things in life(trival), and start thinking survival of the fittest, work on the main fundamentals that we will need to survive. I guess it is an eye opener, even though it's a bit scary. Thanks Captain. Alot of the media are trying to "down play" the fact that alot of these disasters have been predicted. One example is when all of the birds recently fell out of the skies "dead". Apocolyptic to some,,,,it started to scare people even more when it happened the second and third time. So what happens next so there is no MASS fear,,,,,,the scientists and weather guys get on the news and pertain it to fireworks, weather patterens,etc... Well, I believe it is a sign, one of many that we will soon see.

  • There has to come a time when we put into practice what we have learnt. We can't play the 'eternal student' or 'dependent child' forever. We must use our acquired knowledge and wisdom to help both ourselves and each other.

  • We all need to be prepared - the only protection against what is to come is awareness (which is why we need to heed the signs and messages we are being given), trust in a Higher Power, intuition, and strength of will.

  • Good Morning Captain/Afternoon,

    I have a question for you dearie? Do you have any tips for "Shifting"

    I'm practising shifting my awareness with "Sacred Heart" Consiousness" I was planning on doing the Merkaba and trying that, however I know the Universe moves slowly and nothing will be allowed until I'm ready, I have come a long way and grown a lot, this I think will be the last step. Thanks for your time! πŸ™‚

  • ie Merkaba- Sacred Geometry and the flower of life.

  • Darwin never said "survival of the fittest". He is one of the most misquoted of all times.Google it and you will see. What he said that survival is NOT of the fittest nor the most intelligent but of those most able to adapt.That is not to say that strength and intelligence will not survive but that without adaptability they are not the ones most likely to survive. Adaptability is most important to survive fast and turbulent changes.

    The world, as we know it, will not be the same and is changing rapidly. Prepare yourself by arming yourself with the ability to adapt. This requires personal confidence and stamina to not react like a stunned mullet but to instead take every change thrown at you, accept it rather than fight it, and incorporate it into your survival. Pride and stubbornness will not help us in coming days. This requires the ability to quickly let go of pain, suffering, and pettiness and instead evolve. Imagine being a soldier in the line of fire who just got shot in the leg or just saw is best friend's head blown off. He can stand there and wallow in the pain and cry which puts him at risk of being killed or he can get his a.s.s moving and live. ADAPT and MOVE ON and LIVE!

  • Never mind Captain, I think I found the answer, and I was along the right lines:

    The Angel of Wisdom also will help you to fully understand and live the new wisdom that you are realizing. The Angel of Wisdom helps prepare you for the new year. In some ways this is like a graduation. You are leaving behind the old subjects, some of your old classmates, some of your old teachers, and going on your next place of learning. Allow this natural process.

    Welcome the new. Welcome the new gifts that your soul will call to you. Make space, create places so that this new may enter your life. Move out the old, give away the old. Make presents of your old β€œstuff” - give it away. For every thing that you are complete with, every thing that no longer speaks of newness to you, that no longer speaks of love to you, simply gift to another. Make space in your heart for new love. Make space in your mind for new thought. Make space in your life for new experience.

    Your Guardian Angels will now help guide you into the new year. They will help guide you along the most loving path that your own consciousness is able to see. They will show you -they will light this new way. Call upon your Guardian Angels for peace, for comfort, but also for the excitement and the freshness of new life.

    Your Guardian Angels prepare you to grow again in this new year. Just as the nature Angels help new buds to blossom in springtime, your guardian Angels help new buds of wisdom, awareness, compassion, and love to blossom within you.

    Your Guardian Angels are with you in every step you take. They are with you in every thought, every word, every action. Pause for a moment - call upon them - allow them to help fresh thought to emerge. You will find fresh expressions of love and of kindness rising naturally within you – welcome them, create with them and give them as gifts to others!

    As you move into the new year, accept and welcome a shift in your own perceptions. This shift is brought about by your own inner realizations that love does move all things with a divine order and a divine purpose. It comes with a certainty that the love within your own soul will continue to express and will continue to attract every person, place, and thing that is perfectly matched to your evolving consciousness.

    Realize that there is nothing more important than the state of your own consciousness. Steep it in love, steep it in the purity of the love of creation, and allow it to be a pure vessel for the expression of the loving consciousness that is both your soul and the very stuff of creation.

    We are available to you to help and assist you. Call upon us with every step you take into the new year and the birth of new loving consciousness within yourself. Call upon us - we are ever present and ever with you.

    All blessings, all encouragement, all wisdom and all compassion to you for a good and loving journey!

    -The New Year's Angels

  • Thanks Anyway, It will enfold when I'm ready.

  • Poetic555,

    Good Morning and thank you for kind words in the other thread. If you have read many of my postings you will find I am often moved to send songs. Music soothes and also helps us feel, truly feel, and sometimes helps us cry.

    I am moved to send you something but it isn't a song. It is actually odd and I'm not sure at all what you will get out of it. I hope that although it is difficult to listen to you will go through it entirely. It is worth it. I wouldn't ordinarily recommend this to anyone as it is very technical in many ways and difficult to follow. But I think it is for you. I'm sorry there is no free link or I would send it to you. I got my copy through It is an audio titled "Power versus Force" By Dr. Hawkins. I hope you can get a copy of it.

    One thing he mentions in the audio is the move "Lost Horizon" It came out in 1937 and is supposed to be very powerful in increasing our personal awareness. You seek to shift. Shifting is a state of mind developed through awareness.

  • Thank You, listen I'm so sorry that you were being attacked you seem like a big enough girl not to take it personal, it's not "you" they are attacking, negativity breeds more, be ABOVE IT ALL, we are not supposed to be judging at all, thats like rule numero unno according to the angels/Universe, I will try to get it (the song). Wow, I never heard her speak that way, like you, I lived/live with a slightly unbalanced person and I learned not to listen at all to the negative stuff, I was thinking how much we have in common awhile ago like parallel lives, the over-coming, the childhood stuff, the abuse (verbal) or otherwise, amazing. I too would never give up on life, one thing is different about me, I have no problem delagating stuff, you would make a great writer!

  • Oh, I like writing too, poetry, short stories.

  • Unfortunately a doctorate dissertation isn't something you can delegate. I have to plunge through it and I am. I will be a writer. I have been guided to hurry and finish this PhD so I can write. The writing will be coming through me vice from me.

    The negative attacks are ok. I'm glad they are here. Remember the greatest form of teaching is through being genuine and mentoring.

    Many on this site will say negativity breeds negativity. But, it doesn't have to be that way. When I am attacked by negativity I am in control of what comes next. I could allow it to breed negativity in me and thus provide an equally slashing response. Or I can confront it as it is with calm and dignity that rises above negativity. The power of positive/negative rise/fall is in my hands. I chose UP!

  • It's not so much a shift into anything new that we will all be undergoing so much as a return to our true authentic natures. We simply have to rememeber who we really are buried underneath all the trivia of daily life. We are immortal beautiful souls of light beneath our earthly facades. It's time to get real...and this means towards yourself as much as anyone else.

  • πŸ™‚

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