Captain in need of some insight

  • Hi, and I have received some guidance from Hans, however, it is very difficult for me to understand his words. I guess you can say he goes much deeper than my understanding, and I am a pretty deep person, but I rather have it straight forward than in metaphors.

    2010 thus far has been one hell of a year for me. Many many hard times, financially, physically with my health and other things.

    I was in London the first 4 months of this year and had to move back to the US. I would like to go back but jobs are hard to come by. I have a daughter who is in high school and she wants to stay here, so I must be here although my heart is elsewhere. Money is very tight. My ex is not paying child support and has even skipped out to Iraq before a court order can be in place.

    What do you see for my financial future, will I be teaching in the near future? Will I get my money from the Veterans Administration soon, and will my ex start paying child support?

    Also, I have this connection with this man I met a few years ago, that is beyond anything I ever felt, I have been told that we are not soulmates, however, I get these overwhelming feelings when things are not going good for him, I know when he is going to contact me because I dream of him nights prior. I can feel it when he thinks about me, because the feeling run much deeper than other days, and I just cant seem to shake it. I feel that we are one and the same and he says he feels the same. I do feel that one day we will be together, but have been told that this is not true. I have tried dating and even tried to stop all contact with him, but it truly does hurt. I have never felt this before.

    I just need some insight to see if there is any light at the end of the tunnel soon like within the next couple of weeks.

    Thanks for helping....much love

  • Nothing will change in your situation until you change your attitude and perspective. You have come to believe that lack and strife are inevitable and part of your life. That is not so. Now you must start to believe that you have EMPOWERMENT and can turn the impossible into the possible. Say this aloud often, every day - "Today I make the impossible in my life possible." The day you really believe that is the day you begin to get everything you want.

    Just because you feel a deep connection with someone does not imply that a romantic relationship will follow. There are many types of relationships - supportive friendships, teacher/stufdent connections, karmic matchups where there is past karma to be resolved, etc. We are all brought together to learn from and teach each other. When you dig into what this other person gives you - perhaps an intimacy and connection that you are yearning to find with yourself - then you will understand what type of relationship you two are meant to have together.

  • you need to understand... we think because we meet people there is a purpose in our life for that meeting... but have you ever thought that maybe you were put into his life for a purpose and he wasnt put into yours for a reason but to help him... unfortunately thats how life works... everything isnt for me... it could be like i said for him... jaffeebella

  • Thanks to the both of you. I really appreciate this, and Captain you are right, about my thought pattern, especially lately. If its not one thing its another. And I guess it does wear on your self esteem and confidence. I have been trying really hard lately to open myself up to a different way of thinking and believe in my heart I am worth all that and more.

    You are right about meeting people and having connections, but I have never felt this strong of a connection with anyone else like this, other than my child, and it is rare. 🙂 I have thought about me coming into his life to teach him something, but when I really prayed for the universe to show me a different type of man, someone who is my soulmate and someone who can match certain criterias I met him, via online. We did meet in person, and the connection was very intense and so wonderful. He is everything I asked for except I was missed one important thing and that was for him to be available, for my friend is very much attached.

    I have been so confused about my life since my divorce, and I guess it really broke my soul, so to speak. I realize my life is much better without my ex, but I feel for some reason he has not let go, and wants to punish me in every aspect of the word.

    I will make the impossible possible and continue to strive to have a better life. Filled with abundance. I will continue to love like never before every and all people that come into my life, because I do believe a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

    Thanks again so much for your help. much love

  • That's the spirit! Fight back - against the ex, and the world. Don't be a victim. Be glad that the special man is at least in your life as a supportive friend.

  • I also feel you must ask for help when you need it as I think you can be rather stubborn about wanting to do everything your own way or to be in control. Learn to perceive limitations as the illusion that they are - at heart you are an immortal powerful being. You have allowed the harshness of life to shrink your life force down until it is only a flicker of hope. Feed that flame with positive thoughts and fan it into a burning inferno of power by understanding that freedom is just a state of mind. Don't get upset when other people fail to fill your needs - only you can do that for yourself. Take responsibility for your own life and state of existence and don't become used to restriction or repression. You have all you need inside to succeed. Life isn't blocking you from having what you want - only you are by being negative. Whatever you focus on comes to you - by focusing on bills and debts and poverty, you only attract more of the same. So focus on wealth and empowerment and they will be yours.

  • Thanks again....and yes you are right.

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