An Irish Blessing

  • A dear friend just sent this to me. I'd like to share it with all. I hope that I'm allowed to post this link:

  • Sorry for your loss, Blue. She must have been more like a sister to you. Maybe she wanted to send a message to you through me? Stranger things have happened. I'm glad it was a source of comfort...

  • blue im so sorry for this loss hon... but remember like you said she is in peace now and no more suffering with that awful illness... being a psychic like you are im sure you can feel her energies at times close to you... thats a special gift the lord gave you... but remember she loved you as much as you loved her and the two of you will always have a close bond no matter if she is in what i call the spiritual world now... i experienced outer experiences before, and it is a spiritual world we go too... if you do believe in the lord, as he promised our spirit does live on... this life we live here on earth, our body is just temporary... and when it fails our spirit will go to another world... so think positive as youve been doing, and keep talking to her, she is there to listen, and all... my prayers for you and your friend that your friends spirit is in peace and you are content in life... jaffee

  • AMEN! jaffee. And yes archersbow, I believe she sent the message and isn't it a divine thing the "human spirit" is so willing to participate when they get a feeling to do or say something. Friend to friend to friend---- Thank you.

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