Need help with a reading i done

  • hi all new here and also a learner in tarot

    i did a reading i could use help with if more experianced readers could comment on what my reading is telling me its in a romantic sence

    the question is what is he goin to do in regards to a certain person

    i did nt use a spread

    used rider deck

    emprerior,5 pents,4 pents,knight cups,chariot

    these are my cards any help would be appreciated

  • What position does each card represent?

    This will help us all in interpreting your spread.


  • hi i did not use a spead i tend to

    read it each card to as whats to come kind thing


  • Might I suggest a more disciplined use of the cards?

    Get a good book on Tarot spreads...there are zillions of them.

    Practice makes perfect and you will find that having the cards organized in an orderly fashion will facilitate your own growth as a Tarotist, as well as give you more clear and concrete answers to your questions.

    I recommend Susan Levitt's book, Introduction to Tarot, to all beginners. You can get it used on Amazon for next to nothing.

    Susan was/is my Mentor and Teacher (for almost 20 years) and is the San Fran Bay Area's most popular and respected Tarotist and Astrologer.

    You might want to check out her website as well.

    Blessed be.

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