Some peace of mind, please? Hanswolfgang? Blmoon?

  • I'm still stuck on my ex and he's currently with someone else. This is the second time we've split. I hadn't had a companion like that in years, so am I just stuck on the good parts that I lost? Or is there some karmic connection we have yet to resolve? Are we meant to meet again in the future or should I push myself to really let it all go and move on? My DOB is 4/29/1970 and his is 4/6/1979.

    Any insight would be appreciated. 🙂

  • Either way, you can not put your life on hold waiting. What if I gave you some fictional date like 2 years--how would that affect your life--would you stall everything waiting. Live your life on hold? Life is in the moment---it is all we have for sure. What if tomorrow was your last day here? Or the last day of a loved one you passed giving real time to because you are hiding away on hold. Spirit does not give an answer to your question because it is part of your healing journey to learn to not gather pain--living in the regret of what has been lost. You already kind of get this. Listen to your intuition. Move on--live your best life and if he returns a better man to meet you in a future better place than what a nice surprise! Your karma is to live your best life because it is the right thing to do--to have faith that by doing that you will reap a happy future with someone who shares your positive energy.. Change is hard for you and you hold on tight. He is stubborn and restless. It's that restlessness he gets that comes between you two. You have many compatible traites but the one that forces you to let go and accept change really tests the relationship. You don't get it--you are more firmly planted to the earth and find him impulsive in a out of control way. You want logic but he shrugs his shoulders and pretty much just says he can't help it he has to do this. There is no agreeing to disagree between you two. He questions why everything has to make so much sense. He doesn't question his desicions like you do. In fact he tends to run from too much self examination. I don't see him staying with his current partner. As it stands he is not long term for any relationship. Both of you would have to grow some to be together again without the threat of a repeat. He likes the path of least resistance. This often looks like a layed back person from a distance and at first feels free and easy and fun but where responsability comes into the reality of a relationship his darker side shows up so no don't pine for the good stuff as it had a price. Stay busy and give yourself some goals to work towards---put your energy into you and feeling good. Blessings.

  • Wow, Blmoon, your insight is astounding! He really does question why everything has to make sense. lol You have validated everything I've felt about the situation and about him and where his head is at. Thank you so much! It was exactly what I needed.

    I will admit that I've slipped from my goal of living my best life and have allowed myself to wallow and slip back to unhealthy habits (like smoking...yuck!) instead of the ones that keep me centered (yoga and exercise). But I know myself. I will get back on track. I've made an appointment with an energy healer and I've already begun planning my next painting and can see it clearly in my mind's eye. I just need to shake this off and get back to kicking some ass. 🙂

    Thank you again. It was a blessing to receive this from you. Namaste.

  • I just knew I was echoing your own intuition---you go girl! Blessings!

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