• Hi new to this i am saggitarius this man was looking for me for 2 years replied to email was not sure to contact him but i did back in may he is a leo just found out started seeing him in may only seen him about three times first two days before met talked on telephone but let my emotion get hooked with him as not had many relationship with men ended up getting hurt and used so have been on my own for a long time with hating men all my life i am 51 years old he is in late 40 he had partners and children not seen him since june speak on phone occaisionally but not spoken to him for over 4 weeks because upset me wanted me to have relationship with another man to see what it is lke with someone else not told him all my past as he will not tell me all his past thinks can judge friends told me not to contact him feel i been used again since a months ago cannot stop crying thinking been hurt again as not kind of person to look for a man to have relationship always been shy but managed to get out of my shyness over 5 years ago but feel my confidence now gone and feel low for going to far with him and being used again will i hear from him or should i phone him or does he not want me feel hurt inside pedly miss

  • Please be kind to yourself! When someone shows you who they are believe them. This man has showed you and you were disgusted. Do not let neediness talk you out of that. You deserve love. There is a great wound you have yet to heal and it still attracts that pain over and over again--that is the compulsion you feel to connect with him--you are gathering pain--reliving the pain. Love yourself and be kind to yourself. Stop this cycle of guilt and bashing yourself. You did nothing wrong. You trusted him--his intentions are not worthy of that trust. Forgive yourself and move on. We all get taken now and then. If we didn't it would mean we closed our hearts and that is a worse prediciment to be in. Cry your tears--be angry--then move on---do not give this man another chance to hurt you--he will and it will be with your permission. Let him go because you deserve better---it changes your energy when you walk away from pain you do not deserve. Erase him from your thoughts. And most of all keep your thoughts about yourself kind forgiving and loving as you attract that love from a man that you hold for yourself. BLESSINGS!

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