Getting back together with an old love

  • Hi all

    So I did a short 3-card reading with the Pictorial Key Deck, I asked what is the energy available around getting back together with R. I know it wouldn't be soon as he and I live in different countries. We were together years ago and have stayed in contact, and 6 years since we broke up have both become single again.

    The cards I got were 2 cups, knight pentacles, ace pentacles

    I think the two is the card of reunions, and love. the knight shows patience and waiting for him, and the ace shows the potential is there, a solid foundation

    What do you think?!

  • I think it looks like the energy is there if we choose to use it...

  • Definitely great cards for a relationship 🙂

  • Knight of pentacles also refers to hard work 🙂

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