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  • I just want to say this to everyone ok?! I finally figured out life!! Thank you for all your concerns in regards to my life... I found out it is a boy but the funny thing is she got pregnant in April when my husband was NOT with her she is 21 weeks Gestational which puts her at getting pregnant around the 24th of April. Thank GOD!! She still wants to say it is his but I know now he was not with her I was with him. Soooo Maybe this has made me upset for months but now maybe I can be at peace realizing I really do not think It is my husbands... I pray every night that something has to give... I know you all dont understand the situation in all this but It now seems to me to look at a brighter future.. Me and my husband had a very long talk yesterday and I see how much he loves me and how he is doing EVERYTHING he can for me and our children. He WILL NOT leave me and we will work through all this I broke down yesterday and explained to him the hurt. I want another baby more then anything the one thing that hurt me so much was thinking I would not be able to have another child by him and this women would have his last but he said hey baby maybe this month might be the month your pregnant?! I would do anything to have ONE more beautiful child of our own someday soon. I am remarrying this man next year and I know my life is ment to be with him, If the baby is his we CAN get through it like we always do there is no battle I can not overcome in my life. I feel so good now finally figured out what I need to do and that is to make communications with him and know he loves me and aint going anywhere I have always been insecure due to the fact everyone has always left me since I was a kid. I have big trust issues and I need to learn to trust not only him but myself and others. I will learn to get to that point in my life eventually. Please send prayers and strength my way for this next year and I will do what I need to in my life:) Thanks to you again!!

  • I don't know the whole story but it's not important.

    since life is about learning and moving forward, every THING you experience in life is to be learnt from. if you do not experience some things in this life time, you WILL experience them in the next, and probably you have in your past lives anyway you just don't remember them.

    A wise woman and shaman Sandra Ingerman says that life is an adventure. So enjoy the experiences, happy, sad, tragic, winning or losing etc. There is ALWAYS a lesson in everything. I didn't find this out until 2009, and since then I have awakened to my purpose. I am now open to all blessings and lessons come my way. Indeed I have been receiving more blessings than I could ever hope for.

    NEVER let fear and worry or any kind of negativity overwhelm you. Learn to protect yourself from negativity sent by others, and learn NOT to exude it yourself. Because what you send out, you get back. Any problem you encounter, focus on solving it, and don't dwell in the negativity it caused. YOU have control over your own destiny, nobody else. it's YOUR life. and you ALWAYS have the choice to make the best of every lesson.

    Take care now. I wish you well.

  • Prayers to you, jenna29...

    leoscorpian, you are a precious resource(ever thought about writing a book?). Thank you...

  • Oh boy I think you are far too forgiving. Good luck. If my husband was unfaithful to me I would kick his sorry butt out the door and warn him never to show up again and he is very aware of that. I have a very strong view of infidelity though. I hope you are happy together and he stays faithful to you.


  • archersbow

    thanks. I just happened to read the right books LOL

    I am not a writer, but my short story was published in 2002 and I am planning to write again

    maybe when I have the time. right now I have to concentrate on paying debts.

    hope everyone have a good week !

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