BLmoon, can you do a reading for me

  • Hi BLmoon,

    I need to hear something good.

    Do you have any good vibes for me?

    03/18 is my dob.



  • If that is true than you should count your blessings on paper or chant them before sleep.. What are you greatful for? Are your lovely toes still working? Can you still stand on two healthy legs? Is your bed cozy at night. How about your roof--does it keep out the rain? Is your pillow soft. Are your children in good health and full of joy when you open your arms for a hug. Spirit says you are at a leaping point and must learn self reliance. The more you ask outsiders for validation--no matter how good it feels for awhile it will slip away like water because this is the "alone" journey you must walk---learning to mother yourself--to trust yourself and to trust in your life purpose--that all is on time and every little disapointment or imagined loss or failure is just a passing part of a much bigger picture. Spirit advises you must be a giver--it so feeds who you are and gives you peace. Pick a very deserving cause. Open the heart outside the confines and confusion of the romantic relationship. You would be good working with children or the elderly--volunteer in some way or find employment that gives you an outlet for touching and giving--it will help you blossom. I pulled the inner child card for you so you need to feed that part of you with some playtime in a child delightful way. Have suilly creative fun. You need to be around people for the next six months in a team like way----to feel tribal and connected. You have isolated yourself with matters of the heart that feed an old wound. Happy things are resistant to such energy. You are not yourself with the current love interest. Let it go. Get out of your head--there is a time for thinking and a time for connecting with others---get out there and be a good friend, an angel messanger for others---you have gifts you hide away. Be bold--be brave and play more with others! Keep your mind off of finding a mate---make this effort now if you want the right man to find you one with a generouse heart to match yours. But how will he know you if you are not out there living your truth. Just do it! Blessings

  • Thank you so much, I appreciate you doing this for me.

    Blessings to you!


  • Blmoon,

    You did a very nice reading for me about a week ago.

    I thought I was doing very well letting go of my cancer man, but for some reason

    tonight is not a good night for me, I am back to thinking about him.

    Just needed to vent, I am still very frustrated with this man, and was hoping I could really let go.

    What is wrong with me?

    How am I suppose to get closure for myself?

    I do feel something is stirring inside of me and not wanting to let go fully, but I know I need to.

    So confused..................

    Thanks for reading this


  • Nothing is wrong with you! It is not a all or nothing situation. Don't get traped by the falshood that you get over something then it's done. Specialy with love--the head makes the right choices gets strong and all feels good then on another day the heart wins! It is to be managed. You did not fail. Emotions come and go--you handle them. Also you must feel the emotions befor they can be released. It keeps you healthy. Have a good cry then let the head decide ok I had my pitty party now it's time to get busy with moving ahead. Be kind to yourself when you have these heartfelt days---they can't be erased in one day but will pop up now and then. What is inside of you is your heart--somedays it is bigger than your head--that's it. Life is a challange to keep a level balance between the two so you don't get stuck. Also, right now is an emotional time for many--it's in the stars!. You will be fine. Get out of your head and get back to a goal or that project you just started. Blessings!

  • Thank you Blmoon.

    Thank you so much, I know I will need some time.

    For some reason, I am scared that if the cancer comes man comes back, I may not

    be strong enough to say no.

    I don't want to go through this again, it really hurts being rejected, especially this way.

    I want September to go away, thank goodness another day left.

    I will keep working on me.

    Take care


  • I feel November will be your month to shine. October will be a little up and down but definetly better than Sept. I see October as a house cleaning month. Suddenly you will be thinking change--lots of things you once liked you will feel like parting with. You might gp crazy with the paint--choosing bold bright colors that surprise you but go with it. Listen to your dreams in October as they will be vivid and bring up childhood hurts--but it will be in a good way as you are entering a time of healing and growth. I also see a man "gentle soul" just around the corner if you keep on path--spirit shows me the holidays--specialy near New Years--so be sure to except holiday invites. Also spirit says you need to follow that urge to update your look--a new haircut and hair color but don't be cheap! AND lastly--spirit says time to clean out the drawers--toss old nighties and undies. BOY! The spirit who speaks up for you to day is talking loud! BLESSINGS Oh she adds--get rid of those old shoes! (bossy spirit!)

  • Blmoon,

    You have blown me away!!

    Are you a mind reader??LOL

    Just this morning, I was thinking about repainting my bedroom, Its not even 2 yrs old (the house). Its now a goldie/yellowy color, want to go beige. I have poppy pictures in the room, and thinking of going heart theme. (not grand or anything).

    Yes, I plan on cleaning out my closets big time, DEFINATELY!

    Embarrassed to say nightees and underwear too!!

    Blmoon, I am so grateful to you, and I know there are other people that need you more than me, but can I just ask you a couple more things, if you don't answer them its ok.

    Will the cancer guy come back to me? Will there be a second chance if not now later on.

    Why did he choose to back away from me?

    I will not ask these questions again, I just want to know.

    So grateful to you, thank you from my heart.


  • I don't think you will really be satisfied at any reasons. I see it as being too focused all on him and the reason nothing anyone tells you really satisfys you because this connection is a shape shifter relationship. Your attraction to him is about YOU--it's about your shadow side and you are coming close to integrating that dark with your light and this is your crossroads to real life changes. There is a compulsion towards him despite all your head knows about him. He is controling-manipulative-insecure as it is realy insecurety that breeds the need to be in control at all times--great for buisness but hard on relationships. He can be paranoid yet his ego will hide it with a smile. He can be very detached--turn it on and off. He has a great understanding of people's weak or blind spot and good for buisness but again an abuse of power in matters of the heart. He can seem like a really interested person but sometimes it's all show--he needs to be liked. Acts like he's ok with things when he's not. It is no wonder he's hard to figure as he lives behind a mask. But what really haunts you is why you are so attracted to him in a way that keeps you feeling powerless. Because this juncture of your spiritual growth is about restoring your inner power he is a mirror to help you heal that part of you that has been attracted to power zappers. You are still too close to really see with nessassary detachment how he fits in to your need for healing. He's not the first power zapper you've drawn to your life. Fight the need to know answers that do not serveyou. To think too much about him steals your moments in the NOW. Zaps your energy. He will always keep you guessing--he has to. Even if he waited untill he knew you where weak with confusion and longing and proposed or begged for more committment--it would only be long enough to get you comfy--- to pull the rug out from under you and then announce he's confused and need some space---he will always pull a surprise. What I'm saying is he will always keep you dangling with him holding the strings. You will lose your power. This lonely time will pass--resist this situation and use your energy to pump up your inner power. Be very good to yourself these next few months and the next man will mirror that same energy. Blessings.

  • Blmoon,

    I don't know where to begin right now.

    Your last post to me was VERY ACURATE!

    I wish there was a better way to thank you for FINALLY helping me realize what I already knew.

    I am sorry that I let denial, pride and my ego all get in the way, I did not want to give up fully on him.


    I thought him having gone through a very nasty divorce, this situation will only be temporary, etc........ I was trying to justify him as a person, wanted to only think the good about him.

    I honestly can say now, that you have helped me more than you will ever know.

    I have many other things to focus on now, time to get busy.

    I am looking forward to now being able to move away from this situation, I will put it behind me.

    I will work on getting positive and just wanting to be myself again.

    I NEVER want to be consumed by a situation like this ever again.




    Wishing you nothing but the best

    PS....maybe sometime, I will need you again, but not for a while....... I have work to do


  • You go girl! I'm happy for you because once you really get it--you will never go through that again. You will spot a power zapper in an instant. Resist wasting energy now and you will attract a whole new life. You will find passion for things you had forgotten gave you joy. It comes withe restoring our power. BLESSINGS!

  • Blmoon,

    I just want to thank you again for the all readings you have done for me.

    You have helped me more than you know.

    Blessings in Abundance to you!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Firstly, I am so happy that you are still on this site and pop in from time to time.

    You have been on my mind lately and a few times I have come across the name "Blue Moon", like signs in stores and in magazines.

    Please feel you do not have to do this and I know other people need you more than what I would like to know, but if you can't do this for me, its definately okay.

    Could you please let me know if there will be a man in my life anytime soon and if you can give me a description of him.

    I would just like to know that there is a companion out there for me.

    My little girl came inside today after spending some time in the sunshine and she had 2 heart shape rocks in her hands for me.

    Hope all is well for you, I hope to do something for you someday soon.

    With love


  • I will try again:)

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