Ceres in aquarius and venus in mid heaven

  • i have Ceres in Aquarius in 9th house and Venus conjunct my mid heaven . what does it mean ?

  • Ceres indicates how were nurtured as a child, how we nurture others and what kinds of things that make us feel nurtured. She is the goddess of motherly love, fertility and agriculture. The sign it’s in describes the ways in how we approach the issues of self-esteem, our relationships to our parents or children, attachments, dependencies or loss. How we were nurtured as a child and how the child deals with that parent/caregiver, affects our nurturing styles. So a simplified example, a 9th house Aquarius Ceres may take care of themselves by detaching or distancing him/her self by taking long trips if it feels too smothered. Do you feel that what makes you feel nurtured are not necessarily mainstream ideas or that you may be more comfortable with foreign concepts? Venus conjunct the midheaven could mean that your public image is very important to you. Beauty, adulation, or your values come from the public eye. If Venus is in the 10th then it could be a career in the arts. If it’s in the 9th your values could stem from long distance travels, philosophy or higher education. Does this fit? There are always themes in a chart and if you don’t see it at least 3 times then it may not be an important factor; however it’s always interesting none the less.

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