In need of some advice..

  • Over the past year in a half I've been involved on/off with this guy, his birthday is 5/12/87. We never "officially'' got together because there have been some issues. He's very jaded and has a really hard time trusting people, especially women. So, he's very hesitant to further our relationship because of those fears. He's a really good guy, and I know I need to just be patient with him and not pressure him or anything. But, I jus wondered if you could give me some insight as to if he even feels the same as I do about him. By now, you would think I should know this, but he's very hot&cold and has so many guards up, like I said its hard to gain his trust. I just don't want to waste my time waiting for someone who has no intentions of actually being in a relationship with me at some point in the future. I'm not in any hurry to be with him right now because at the moment its not very possible. But, anyway my birthday is 1/3/89. Any advice, would be very appreciated! 🙂

  • Is that 12th May and 3rd Jan or 5th Dec and 1st March?

  • May 12th and Jan 3rd

  • Marriage or a longterm love affair is not well aspected here. When you two are getting along, your relationship is physically quite pleasurable. But your greater interest in freedom, Rachelwind, would kick in should your friend attempt to control you or hold you back in any way. He has a tendency to want to hang onto a relationship out of a reluctance to admit defeat. You Rachelwind will be involved here only as long as you want to be.

    You two have quite a different approach to life - work and career are priorities for your friend while home, family and relationships may be more up your alley. You can be quite crtical and disapproving of each other's differences. You do share an interest in games and puzzles and mental pursuits, and maybe even metaphysical phenomena. So there would be less disputes and friction in a friendship than a love match here. Possessive, judgmental and unaccepting attitudes can ruin a romance between you. I think you would come to reget giving up your freedom for this matchup.

  • Sorry, I got the dates mixed. I thought you were the Taurus so read as 'he' for 'you'.

  • okay thanks for your advice :)....would you mind telling me about this other guy? if we're compatible or not? or what our issues might be? his birthdate is April 15th.

  • This relationship is good for marriage. But you mustn't try and tuck your Aries guy away for your own private satisfaction and enjoyment as he is not very tuckable and likes to be in the social eye of everything. If you do try to restrict him from his freedom, there will be turmoil. The best answer is to legalise the relationship, giving it a more solid form. Marriage between you can work very well because both of you like to get busy with your own interests and careers and not be bothered by your partner unduly. Having children is not recommended unless you two can decide beforehand who will take care of them. There can be a lot of firm structure and well-established guidelines in your relationship so that each person knows where they stand and how far they can go. It may not be the most exciting of relationships but it will be very sturdy. Just make sure neither of you thinks they are infallible. Learning to listen to each other will be vital.

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