Can someone ease my mind on who is sending me certified mail

  • i am really going nuts as to who is sending me a certified letter in the mail... i was sleeping when they delivered it yesturday, and now i have to wait till tomorrow to pick it up... of course today being sunday post office isnt open, but it has me thinking in a couple of areas... but i want to know if anyone can really tell me where or who it is coming from... thanks whomever comes forward and answers that for me... jaffeebella

  • Not a psychic & you may already know this. Certified mail is usually used for notice purposes in legal actions or before legal action is taken, proof of delivery of a purchase or something innocuous as a letter from your homeowner's assn telling you to cut your grass. There has to be a return address. When you go to pick it up at the P.O. you have the option to accept or refuse to sign but state so beforehand so the receipt is not removed from the envelope. If you refuse to sign it, the mail is returned marked, "refused" which tells the sender you saw the envelope or package. Refused or unclaimed mail will appear to the sender that you are most likely at that address; and the sender will probably follow up with resending it by regular mail.

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