Medium gifts??

  • I was told by two psychics that I have medium skills. I am not sure if I do but I sometimes feel like i have certain messages to tell friends and family but i don't know where i get from. I would like to know if i do.

  • You are probably gifted in some way. Before you pass on a message...pray on it. To make sure that it is from a positive source, Mediums are neutral people so make sure you protect yourself. Utilize prayer before and after you speak to someone. If you come in contact with someone who has negative energy surrounding them. cleanse yourself after speaking to them by prayer so that you do not "inherit" their energies. I am surrounding by gifted people and each one has their own of doing things. I am not a medium, but I am empathic (Pisces gift) and clairvoyant, clairaudient and I am to see ...things in dreams(not often) and I have the ability to see demons and other spirits. Let me tell you my ex-husband bought me a cross with amethyst stones in it...the only time it leaves my neck is when I need to clean it. Otherwise I NEVER take it off. I pray, and I pray for my son. He is gifted also, but does not understand it yet. Since he is only 9. I gave him my other cross but he refuses to wear it due to the metal texture. He is certain metals, and fabrics bother him. But is his big brother is his angel, Samuel. and my grandmother comes to visit everyone once in awhile. I know she is here because it is the ONLY time I sing Jesus Loves the Little Children. Smiles. I digress...end point...protect yourself. I will pray you as well as you come into your new gift.

  • Thank you for commenting, I do realize that i pick up on people around me energy like a sponge and it drains me also, my uncle once told me that I am drawn to people that need help and every time i help I am left with their energy or problems that I should always pray before and after. I don't see spirits but i do always feel like something is around me or with me i don't know if I am just paranoid. I will also pray for you. Thank you again.

  • When you feel drained...cleanse yourself by prayer and return to the water fellow fish...the water is healing for us.

  • Thanks for that information

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