Bluemoon i would love to find out if it is you i talked with

  • you did a reading on me through another site... just wondering if it is the same you, if so if you could brief me up on what is going on with my future... its at a stand still... driving me nuts... thanks bluemoon, jaffee

  • This is the only site I connect with. So no it was not me. Usually when we feel held back it is a call for patience. Or a call to learn to live in the moment despite outside distractions. You hold your breath without realizing it and this adds to feeling panicky--deep breathing would really help you think clearer. You lack energy to get yourself past emotions. I see an issue with balance--more emotion than head. Your sense of peace is easily distracted by worries over the unknown--you do not trust in being safe. A good mantra for you to repeat with deep breathing is "it is good to feel safe and it is safe to feel good". You need to understand the big picture of life for all of us turns like a wheel--we all are up then down but always up again. You get stuck when the wheel is down as if it is forever--trust in the balance of life and a bad day is just a bad day and have the patience and faith to know "this too shall pass". What ever comes at you you deal with it and survive just like all the times before--believe in your own power and believe you are not alone--there are guides and spirits who are right now watching over you. Problems and bad luck are not failures but oportunities to grow and learn. Be kind to yourself--slow down. And once you fill your body with big breaths do something constructive that distracts you from impatient thoughts. Listen to music! Everyone has a list of chores they know would feel good to finally get done. Clean out the kitchen drawer. Organize the closet. Paint a wall---pick something that has bugged you for awhile but you never get around to it. You are being asked to channel your energy in a way that serves you and attracts positive things and people into your life. Worry is a waste--hard on the body and attracts negative things. You have the power--claim it. Blessings!

  • thank you for this bluemoon... i just wondered if it was you i remember a name like yours or could of been the same, but oh well it isnt you... you are so correct i am very negative... but i think it is due to the surroundings i live in... im always being treated in a negative way... i try so hard to be positive, but when you are always knocked down you tend to believe it, like being brain washed... i think i cling on to people on the outside world for them to bring me up for air... i hope this makes sense... but i try so hard... and im between a rock and a hard place to change my life right now... it is like i see no open doors for positiveness... do you bluemoon, do you see me succeeding in life, and finally finding contentment in love and life... i feel there is no hope at times... and i do agree there are good and bad days... but most of my life is like bad days, yet i smile to the world... and as far as spirit guides i know... i see them in my dreams constantly giving me messages... and giving me positiveness and uplifts when im down totally... anyways, i got a piece of mail yesturday and it is certified, meaning i have to be here to receive it... i didnt answer the door due to me still sleeping... can you see what this mail is about or from... thanks so much jaffeebella

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