I've fallen and I cant get up...LibraLady/AriesWarrior

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    Once again, you are WAY OFF. I am a natural born American Citizen that has lived in this country all of my life, and my age is really none of your business...although you are wrong about that, too. I am an OLD SOUL. My earliest past life recollection is a little before 60 B.C...that's the date that came to me for the life I remembered.

    I get along with ARIES women great, always have. It's the Aries men that I have problems with.

    And since I rubbed you the wrong way, I'm assuming that you are a man posing as a woman. Aries women know how the men of their sign are, and laugh about it. They butt heads with them, too. Only an Aries man in denial would react the way you did.


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    To your comment: "Venus in Virgo may explain why she never got married.. It is always an excuse for libras to blame others to cover their lack of capacity to commit to any relationship."

    Wrong Again! I've been married twice, and had a few long-term live-in relationships of 2+ years.

    I'm just very picky after making 2 mistakes, which is wise, not commitment phobic.

    You might as well give up. You've been wrong about every point, so far.

    I hope you aren't claiming to DFlawless that you're psychic...because you obviously aren't.


  • Hi Flawless, Well, you are clearly able to fall in love quite easily. If I feel I've fallen for someone I keep it under wraps for awhile (that's me.) I get a gut feeling that this person is nice looking. I also get a feeling that you have spoken the words, I Love you to him. Did he return these words. Almost seems like you all have met. I guess you did on cam.

    Really, nothing earth shaking has happened. I mean it's natural to be interested in finding out about people. Sounds like he needs help in understanding his present relationship. He's probably on a site where singles meet--right. I can understand how you are confused by the way he backed off. My gut feeling is that he is playing right now. I don't think there are true, meaningful feelings at work. I don't mean to sound harsh but it kinda sounds like you put the cart before the horse. I wouldn't give up your present relationship for this. If this is someone that you want to get to know further, then I would direct the attention away from the obvious and talk about canoeing, running that race, fishing whatever your most interested in but something mutual. I feel you all aren't ready to meet because you don't feel comfortable. You can really talk forever online but it's not the same as meeting in person.

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