I've fallen and I cant get up...LibraLady/AriesWarrior

  • DFlawless-

    I m not sure what you are trying to accomplish here- but let me tell you what I know from math- if the assumptions we start with are wrong there is no way we can complete the equation correctly. Why do not re-analyze your assumptions, those facts you take for granted! Only then you can get the correct response. Finances have no bearing on the return to someone.. not for the people involved here anyway.

  • HP,

    I am totally confused? Can you explain a little more please? I am sorry to ask, but I do not understand the reference. Past life? I am not sure. Thanks

  • LibrasUnited,

    What do you mean by "if the assumptions we start with are wrong there is no way we can complete the equation correctly?"

    I am only saying that relationships are work. Meaning that when day to day things come into play, such as finances, time management, and so on, they can become rocky. I am referring to my current relationship. Initally, things were totally awesome. Recently, we have been going through a tough time. I have not worked since the end of January. It was a terribile spilt from this position but something that was totally necessary for personal growth. I was not pleasant to be around whatsoever and I 'lost' my fun personality. I worked 65-70 hours/week up until then and the project was a 'part of me' as opposed to being a regular job. I start back 4/1 and am excited. I needed this time to reflect on things and know where I want to head in life. I am not sure about the whole Aries guy (met online) but I know I had to end it. If you look at the entire picture, the only thing I was holding onto was the connection we had. There was not any time, we both have other relationships and I was not feeling loved or cared for by the Aries.

  • DFlawless- i wonder how much they paid you to get to this conclusion.. well, I still think that you should be with the man you love most, not with the man you are "suppose to be with" so everyone else will be happy. You may not have been loved by your Aries but now you should give him a chance to show you how much he can love you from now on. Some people take longer to realize what they really missed. Again, is Aries man around this time to answer our question?

  • He is not around at this time, I ended it. And I think he would be a little peaved that I came on here to ask questions as opposed to asking him before I made such a rash decision to end things.

    What do you mean by paid? Noone paid me anything.

  • DFlawless- I wrote 2 large responses today... very serious deep messages. And all you have to ask me is about the "past life"?

    When you will understand the present life and read my messages I wrote today, then you will understand everything and you will no longer need to understand the past lives.

  • I must make a confession. I dated a lot in my life. People from different backgrounds and all over the world. But I must admit I only had problems with Taurus.. and every time it ended up badly. I never believed that there is any pattern on the people I dated since I like variety. Recently I had an issue with a libra. That is new, but as I never dated a libra before I thought the problem was well Libra. Today, I just found out they have their ascendent and moon in taurus- so that now explains it.

    The problem with these men is that they are too connected to things that keeps them down, dragged to EARTH. They simply cannot elevate to the level of love. For them money is just too important. I m just hoping that my libra will break down from the taurus in them and grow the wings they need to fly to meet me on planet of Love.

  • HP,

    I am sorry but I am still confused by your first post of today. I do not mean to offend you by any means, however, I am not understanding what you mean by that story. I have reread it a few times and it is still not making sense. If the roles are supposed to be reversed, am I the person who interviened with this persons life? Are you saying that I am totally self-absorbed and not paying attention to what Aries is actually offering? Do you think that I am pushing him away because I cannot be an honest person?

    I am trying to understand what you mean by that first post, truly.

  • Hi-

    The first post is an answer to the SweetRavens implied accusations. Yes.. Roles are reversed there. ..because this is how SweetRaven answered. You Flawless are just the impersonation of me, except that post. In that post the Aries man is you.

    That reminds me a question to SweetRaven: you never had contact with the law before, but you forgot to tell us for how long you have been in this country and what is your age?

    let me guess: 6 years and your age is mid-forties.

  • HIya HP,

    Okay what you say about becoming involved with a dangerous group of people, is that literal or figurative? A lot of it is making sense at another level. Did he intervein in my situation or I his? I have recently left a work position where it is similar to what you explain. I have always had hinches regarding the establishment. Very shady. Never said anything though, It ended badly and he knows I have informaiton that could hinder him if it came about. Okay, super nervous now.

  • Ok D Flawless this chapter in my life is something to discuss with people in charge. I do not think is safe for you or me to share this kind of information on a forum. The only reason I brought it up is because I wanted to clarify the point of : "connecting dot or final destination" which I described in full above.

    I also think the LibraUnited is speaking in the name of the Aries man as well- because she is answering the same SweetRaven post.

    I also must confess that the Aries man in your story is a real Libra man in my story.

  • HP,

    You are going through a similar situation? It is a challenge for sure!

    Have you ever read something over and over and it makes no sense? Then all of a sudden, it is like a lightbulb comes on, and viola, you are beginning to understand. Thank you so much for your patience in helping me understand. I am working on deceiphering the rest but I am understanding the explaination of why this man arrived and gone so quickly. There was a purpose for our meeting but the purpose was directed towards me? That would also explain why my feelings seemed to be more intense than his.

    He has not spoken of the 'connection' we have in a little while. When i brought it up in email, he said..."I think we are two very similar people (yet very different) that met in very similar points in life… It is impossible to say if our connection would be the same if we met under different circumstances."

    I have a feeling he is not going to let go this easily

    This is a new time for me. I am coming out of limbo and making my way towards change. Things are starting to make sense and I am realizing what accountability is for once in my life. My life has reaped chaos up until now. I still have my tendencies but have had one of the smoothest years yet. referring to 2008.

    Also, I agree with the statement you made regarding communication between libras/aries. I feel that they are super straight forward and libras do not beat around the bush but run, superfast. Thoughts all over the place. Over analyzing, talking about pointless scenerios and so on. Very true. I am in management. I find it difficult to communicate with my staff effeciently and straight forward. I have to make agendas in order to keep me on track.

    Thank you so much, really. I appreciate all of your insight and help. If you feel that you would like to share anything else with me, that is fine.

  • DFlawless..

    I think you still have a lot to go before you understand anything..

    When you have 2 parties and one is treated unfairly the one has been cheated and treated unfairly will make some noise.

    I m glad you had a good 2008 while others had to suffer from your mistakes!

    still have you heard: what goes around comes around..

    SO be prepared to hear some noise...this year.

    And yes the scenarios are pointless to those who do not want listen , perhaps when larger institutions will get involved you will hear better.

    There are people you can talk to and they understand and then there are people that need something really bad to happen to them before they get it.

  • LibrasUnited:

    I do not like the negative undertone in your post.

    I never claimed to understand, I said I am beginning to understand. I was referring to the posts by HP, not life in general. I said 2008 was a year than ran more smoothly than the others by no means was it good.

    I am also well aware of Karma and know that there are repercussions for actions.

    Your statement:

    "There are people you can talk to and they understand and then there are people that need something really bad to happen to them before they get it."

    I feel that one person may have a better inital understaning of what you are explaining but that does not mean they will not make mistakes. I have learned from this mistake. I am human, I am not perfect. I could have let this go on and on but chose to do what I felt was 'the right thing'. Although you may feel this is a justification, the affair lasted for 1 month, no more. intimate contact occured once. I could have continued but made the decision that it is over.

  • This discussion is going nowhere when each person does not put themselves in the other person's shoes.

    Even the memories of what happened are different. I believe you had 3 intimate contacts- or kissing outside your apartment is a business meeting and touching her on the hallway at your birthday was also for medical reasons But of course you remember..just one? Why? One month is all you remember but what was then happening again and again at the park? What was that ongoing flirting for?

    You made the decision it was over before or after you said you wanted to meet privately/ discreetly.. and was it before or after you did not get sex? Also it is a funny way to break up with someone and then ask about their marriage status?


    what hurts most is that you still label it "s....g" even though your actions were what made the entire thing continue.

    I thought what ended was your search for multiple "soulmates" all at the same time.

    So you felt the "right thing" for you was to put this woman in jail and first you lead her to depression - PTSD and then call yourself victim.

    What is DONE is DONE. But why did you continue? Why did you make it worse and worse? And when she asked to change something you made it into another legal action. And then you wrapped up again and again into something even bigger?

    Interesting your complaints end July 9- but your complaint is not filed until Sept 18- what happened in between this time? Let me guess..she was harassed on and off the road.. and then had her computer hacked and then when she went to make a complaint they broke her arm and then when she went to look for a lawyer they kidnapped her and put her into a hospital.

    The biggest question is what are you going to do about it now, if anything. Please reply.

  • You are correct when you say 3 meetings. Only once was it sexual. The others intimate for sure. I felt the intimacy sitting next to this person. When saying, "one month is all I remember but..." does that mean my previous relationships and I am only referring to this current sitiation as opposed to the real issue? About being asked to change and making it a legal action, is this referring to something Aries asked me? What do the complaints mean?

    Am I the one who is 'leading her to depression putting the woman in jail? meaning my inner self?

    Okay, here I go again. Confusion is setting in. I am going to reread everything and try to make some sense of this.

    I am sorry for all of the questions, merely having a hard time deciphering the meanings here. Maybe with a little guidance, i can find truth.

  • Flawless I think is important that we talk more. It is hard to do it here with all the Jumbo Population watching. Why don't you come meet your aries man for clarification where you met him before, in the library. You should have received an invitation already to the Libras in Love party in the Mistery Club Room. Please make sure this invitation did not go into your spam.

    Later 🙂

  • ..and Flawlesss I don't know if it is your age or your memory but it was not only 3 times..

    Maybe 100 plus times.. and yes 3 times romantic.

    • what about the date on Las Olas?

    • what about your house?

    • what about his house?-

    • what about the Library..?

    • what about the storage?

    • what about the Park?

    • what about the store?

    3times is when you see 3 times only someone in your life. None can write that much without a REAL PHYSICAL connection... not an imaginary one!

  • This post is deleted!

  • HighPriestess09:

    Because I have a very busy schedule, I'm just now getting back to threads that I made contributions to. I just now read your comments...

    Who AM I?

    I am an ordained minister with a Doctorate in Divinity

    I am certified in the following:

    Tarot/Karma Card Readings

    Spiritual Counseling



    I am also a lifetime member of the International Association of Behavior Thrapists

    I work full-time as a Spiritual Counselor, and make a very good living at it.

    I have clients that travel from all over and outside the country to see me.

    I have studied Astrology for almost 30 years, and Tarot for almost 20 years.

    I have been a member of this site for several years.

    I noticed you have just been a member here for about a month...WHO ARE YOU?

    They way you defended ARIES, you most likely are one.

    Let me tell you, you have NO CLUE what you are talking about here!

    • I call - calling and hanging up 30+ times a day phone harrassment.

    • I call - calling and leaving life-threatening messages on your ex's answering machine DANGEROUS PHONE HARRASSMENT

    • I call lurking around someone's home, and then freaking out when they see their ex with another man 10 months after they broke up STALKING.

    • I call slashing your ex's tires on her car with a box-cutter DANGEROUS STALKING

    The ARIES guy I referred to in this thread turned into a total control freak after we moved in together. He checked phone logs of my phone calls to my friends, called them and told them lies to upset them and alienate them from me. He threatened to do the same with my family to keep me in check. He encouraged me to quit my job, and then belittled me and used that to control me after I did what he wanted. He called my ex-boyfriend's girlfriend and told her that I was still sleeping with her guy...which wasn't true. We had a kid together that was placed in an open adoption, and it was necessary for me to speak with him from time to time because of that...due to visits with our daughter. It was a very delicate situation. The Aries felt threatened by that situation, and totally blew it out of proportion. My ex that I had the child with...his girlfriend was threatened by the situation, too, and had literally tried to kill me at one time. Because of that, I had to keep my phone numbers and home and work addresses secret to her when corresponding with the child's birth father. I had confided this to the ARIES, and he called her and also told her where I lived and worked, and incited her to come and do violence against me...after the ARIES and I broke up. In short, his actions turned my love for him to loathing. And as soon as I got back to work with a couple of paychecks under my belt, I threw him out. My life with him was a living H--L!

    I never once cheated on my ARIES, but he treated me like I did. He was a sociopath that needed to be put in check. After he slashed my tires, I was afraid I would be next, so I wisely got the law involved. I took a micro-cassette tape of a threatening message he left on my answering machine to the prosecutor, and the prosecutor decided that he needed to be dealt with after listening to it.

    I would like to know WHAT KIND OF DRUGS ARE YOU ON? For you to leave a comment like you did about someone you don't even know, shows me that you are seriously disturbed. Your comments had no basis in fact whatsoever.

    You need to change your handle. No true High Priestess would have said what you have said.

    Your comments didn't edify anyone but yourself. You definitely blew your hot air the wrong direction here. What you said smacks of abuse...and I don't put up with that from anyone. Any continued abusive comments will be reported to the site administrators. I'm here to volunteer help through my knowledge and experiences, not defend my self to someone who doesn't have a clue.


    I'm not sure what your connections are with the others here, but it seems that you're communicating with them off site...which leaves the rest of us in the dark, and unable to properly comment on your situation.

    Considering how far off the mark HP09 was with my personal situation...and I do mean WAY OFF, I'd think twice about taking any action regarding his/her advice. After reading some of the above comments, I am VERY concerned about you...

    Love & Light,


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