Please can any psychic read for my friend?!

  • I am posting this request for reading for a friend.Her dob is 8 march 1973 and she urgently needs relationship advice.She has just broken off a friendship with a spiritual mentor /friend ,younger than her,because he was not ready to commit.She wants to know if they will reconnect?Or if someone else is coming into her life? Many thanks!

  • Do you know her friend's birthdate? I am feeling that the issue was not really the man's lack of commitment, although he or she might have said that it was. I feel he may have wanted more attention than he got from her and also that your friend's fear of humiliation or rejection caused her to do something that upset him.

  • You are simply AMAZING Captain!Something like what you mentioned did happen recently.His date of birth is 24 June but my friend is not sure about his year of birth.Its probably 1983.I have ow 2 questions:

    1.She asks whether now they can reconnect,in light of what has just happened?

    2.May I give her your mail id so she can write you directly.I understand if you are uncomfortable with that so just asking:)

    Thank you v v much.this is simply incredible!

  • Answers -

    1. No, I don't think they can reconnect. Though they were both very similar in their tendency to live in the world of ideas and feelings, I feel that the relationship would tend to become very materially based, essentially around the creation and decoration of a home, instead of nurturing their greater emotional and spiritual needs. Fantasy played a bigger part here than reality. I think harsh reality intruded and broke this relationship irretrievably. When fantasy is gone, it's virtually impossible to get it back again.

    2. Yes you can give your friend my email.

  • Thank you very much indeed. This will really help her.

    Sending you prayers for luck and happiness...

    Love and Light

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