An interesting story and a couple questions...!

  • I hope everyone's having a wonderful day. Thank you so much for coming into this topic to read it.

    I live in a small town in upstate New York. When I was about 16 years old (I'm now 22), I went to a town fair and there was a vendor there that published a book about a 19 year old boy who lived in the same town I do. Apparently this 19 year old boy wrote in a diary almost every day from when he was about 7 years old until he died from measles at 19 years old. The book isn't well known, and in fact, you can only buy the published book/diary in my town.

    For some reason, I feel very drawn to this boy. His diary entries aren't even..that great, honestly. He wrote in very little detail and any common person who picks up the book would read one page of it and probably put it down saying it's boring. But, even to this day, I still pick up the book and read it. In fact, the book's missing it's front cover from so much use! There is a picture of the boy in the back of the book and he even LOOKS familiar to me. He has medium length brown hair, a tired looking face. His name is Walter.

    On one hand, I feel that this boy might be my spirit guide. And on another hand, I think that maybe that was actually me in a past life. And on yet another hand, I feel like maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions and it's just some guy that I just like reading about.

    If anyone out there, reading this, could give me any insight I'd be so happy! If I failed to mention any important details, just let me know. Have a great night, all. Blessed be.

  • Anyone, please?

  • Any gifted psychics see anything from my story?

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