Need help with meaning of dream

  • I normally have no trouble deciphering my own dreams,but as this has never happened before I would like someone elses take on this. About one or two years ago...when me and my ex-Cancer were still very much together. I had dream ( two actually) but I will discuss the first which I believe was a shared dream. On this particular night, I dreamed that he and I were in a fairly large room. There were people surrounding us, but I couldn't see faces or shapes. All around was dark and a spot light that was very soft was shining on us. I couldn't see what I was wearing all I know is that it was white, off the shoulders, and my hair was very long and put up into a formal knot with white hibiscus flowers and pearls. I saw him very clearly, he was wearing a white suit with off-white pinstripes, his face was glowing and he was looking deep into my eyes as he held me close. We were a waltz. The whole world fell away. I could barely hear the music as we danced. Now I know what I was wearing becasue the next day as I described the dream to my Cancer...he finished it. I told him I couldn't see what i was wearing but I knew it was long and white and my hair was up. He completed the description of the dream. The soft spot light, my outfit, the feeling of people watching and dancing the waltz. It was the coolest thing...I believe it was a shared dream and he and I both felt that it was our wedding.

    Soon after that dream, like maybe 2 months later or so...I had a dream where I saw a bunch of people on the beach I was walking on. I was so happy...I was estatic. I was walking slowly towards the group of people focusing on a guy that looked very much like my Cancer. He turned away and began looking at me as well and smiling. I realized then I was doing the procession. The people on the beach was a pastor, two groomsmen, and two bridesmaids and the groom. I woke before I got to him...The sun was very warm, but there was a cool breeze, I could feel the sand on my feet and the breeze blowing through the waves in my dark brown hair. I will never forget how blissfully happy I was as I looked him standing there waiting for me to arrive. I never had either dream again. I have had several others just as real...but none of them were shared.

    I would love someone elses take on this.

  • I feel your dreams were telling you that what you had together was more a fantasy than real - because your dreams never got past the romantic beautiful image of the wedding. That was the focus - the wonderfully idealised part - and not the actual hard daily grind of practical reality that comes after that. it was so impossibly perfect.

  • Oh I had those. I had five to be exact...all depicting the struggle of blended families. He has kids from a previous marriage and I have a son. So I did have those dreams...none were romantic. But those dreams I know were a manifestation of the fears we had together on moving in with each other. He was afraid that he couldn't handle a child with autism and I was concerned that his teenagers would reject me thinking I am replacing their mom. which is by and far not true.

  • FYI- my son is from a previous marriage. So both of us being married previously we are not ignorant of the work that is needed to make a marriage work.

  • And yet your marriages did not last.

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