Need help interpreting these cards please

  • What is this really saying to me about the love of my life is going through a very difficult emotional time. I've asked if he will really marry me in the end.

    Thanks in advance. : )

    Advice: The High Priestess

    Significant Other: The Star

    Self: Queen of Cups

    Situation: Eight of Coins

    Potential: Six of Cups

  • i would read yours as

    high priestess theres something you are not aware of in situation with him

    star him healing from difficult times as you say and him having hope for the future

    you queen cups lady who is sensitive soul and respectfull of ones feelings can sometimes be a dreamer

    the situation 8 pentacles the situation needs between you and him need work if both are willing to work at it it may work but would require lot things being sorted out between you doubts hard work and mabe even both of you starting over

    potential 6 cups this is a good card i would say you him do have some happy memories together dispite troubles at present and i would say you both care bout one another

    i dont see marrage happening here not right away but mabe a chance to start over him heal from difficult times and a chance for you two to work on things

    hope its of some help to you

  • Thank you!

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