Tarot love reading please?

  • Birth day 8/10/86 I am a leo and I've been felling depressed since me and my boy friend broke up. What are the chances of us getting back together? Does he love me?

  • luvmyluna,

    Birth day 8/10/86: this can be loss and disappointment. However, the true nature reveals that its presence in your life for any period of time does not have to be a disaster. In actuality, it represents making a completion of some importance. Whether this is the end of a certain occupation, way of life, or way of being with your health and body will depend upon the circumstances in your life at the time. But rest assured that some important aspect of your life is coming to an end. There will be a death in your life of some kind. You go through many mini-deaths in the course of your lifetime and just like the snake shedding its skin, arrive at a new and better place each time you do so. Therefore this is not to be feared but instead to be welcomed. It always has the ability to clear away all the unwanted and useless debris in your life and put you back on a new course where you are much more enlivened and satisfied.

    What are the chances of us getting back together? You better create yourself a new kingdom.

    Does he love me? Yes.

    Do not simply waste your energy. If there is love, then man and woman meet on two poles. Man gives to the woman and the woman returns it back. This is reciprocal, mutual.

  • Thank you for youre reding and time.It's been really hard to get over him since we lived 6 years of our life together,alot of things happened between us good and bad, it's like all of the sudden he changed and i have no idea who he was.....i miss him alot.

  • If he loves me why is he doing this?

  • luvmyluna,

    If he loves me why is he doing this? because of lack of real understanding.

    No, you have not changed anything. At that time, whatever you was doing was right. As far as the outside world is concerned you need to be more assertive and you should not be defensive in any way.

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