Marriage is failing! Someone HELP!

  • Im 28 yrsold with two kids and one on the way in an few weeks and mu husband is just here with me but not here.We fight and he leaves but he always come back.When he is gone I feel so much relief but my kids miss him.Sometimes i hope he dont come back so I can move on with my life and be happy.I think he has someone but im not sure.He is very selfish,he rather stay with me and keep me miserable then to leave me .I think he is scared of seeing me with some one else.THATS SAD! I know sooner or later I will have to leave him and make my self happy but its hard cause of the kids.I dont want to be selfish towards my kids but i really need some TRUE LOVE in my life.CAN SOME ONE SHED SOME LIGHT ON MY SITUATION>THANKS!DOB 11-8-81

    his 9-29-72

  • Also it s sad because im going to hav ea wonderful baby boy soon and e acts like he does not care! Who acts like that???

  • This post is deleted!


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