Is the bull unlucky?

  • Hey Taureans! quick question? is it just me or r we slightly disadvantaged. I always read that i am stubborn and do not like change. People say taureans r agressive.. but recently I hav noticed that as a taurean I am not takin seriously with anything in my life.. this includes work, love and money. Is this y the bull is stereotpyed as aggresive, stubborn and a dislike to change. I hav found recently that unless i stand my ground, raise my voice and fight to get wat i want... i get nothing? i hav also noticed that if anything really bad whether it b bad luck or bad luck financially... i cop it.. just wen i think im in front... bang... bad luck falls ryt into my luck and im behind again... its like im in the ryt spot at the wrong tym.... something has got to budge for us taureans..

  • heres the deal grump- they have lied to you for some reason. you were really born in july that explains your unluckiness.mwahahaha. my best friend is a bull. he's actually rather lucky, i think.

    his life improved immensely when HE took himself seriously if you have a tendency to take others opinions to heart it can mess you up. you're a bull dammit. instill respect! CHARGE!

  • oh grump grump. it's true we tend not to like change so much, and perhaps procrastinate a bit. but as to "bad luck", personally i've found my "luck" related to my " bad 'choices. and once having made a choice , having a tendency to hang in there when should have bailed. so maybe... try assessing your position alittle sooner than later, before your heart is in it. 'cause thats where the bull is most firm

    best wishes

  • grump:

    i think Taureans are the luckiest of the signs. Start telling yourself "I am lucky" and your outlook will change. Sometimes it is just needing a more positive approach.

  • Oh grump I have known a few Taureans and they were not unlucky. They are very creative. Always trying to come up with a new something that everyone needs so they can make their fortune. They are talented beyond what is even fair because they don't use their talents. Some of us have to really work at painting or writing or what ever we would love to be good at and a Taurus shoot they really take theirs for granted. When they like to do something they excell. We all make our own luck. Change you thought process and your life will change. Three Taurean men I know have all had their own businesses. And were very well respected. One was my husband. The other two are my friends husbands.

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