Can anyone help with a reading please? thanks

  • Can anyone pick up any energy with a guy I met online named Pedro?

    I e-mailed him do get together to record / create music. I liked his style he liked mine . He showed great interest. I don't want to react but this form of communicating can be misread.

    Everything looked promising in beginning his response where within hours and he was direct. He hasn't gotten back to me in over a week.

    Is he not getting in touch because he's busy? or is he sending me a message he's not interested?

    Any thing would help

    Thank you

  • Pedro gets many requests like yours. He is being wary like you and is unsure if he wants another music partner. But he's also wrapped up in his work. Try showing him you are keen by emailing him again and trying to set up a meeting. Be professional and business-like and not too personal in your emails.

  • Thank you Captain for responding. Yes Pedro is busy . He wrote back in an e-mail stating that he's dealing with custody issues concerning his 5 year old daughter. He asked me not to give up on him. to please be patient.

    I sent him blessings told him I'd give him some space. We;ll see if anything comes of this.

    He made it personal by telling me this information. I will keep it in mind to keep the music aspect business like .

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