If someone could be so kind in giving me a reading?

  • Financially things could not get worse, well yes they could, I am greatful me and my daughter have a roof over our heads. Its been difficult financially and been going on for years now. Since coming back from London, I have not been able to find a decent job, I know it is partly the economy, but what am I doing wrong not being able to bring this attraction in my life for me to be out of debt?

    Also, I have a dear friend I miss so much, his birthday is 10/07/1966, is he happy in his life right now, and do you see a future with me and him my birthday is: 11/17/1965.

    Your assistance would be much appreciated.

  • dejasmum,

    what am I doing wrong not being able to bring this attraction in my life for me to be out of debt? You simply pointed the vehicle just in the right direction being too much straight on.

    do you see a future with me and him: no.

    my birthday is: 11/17/1965: you have mental power, the ability to focus your mind on a goal or objective and see it through to a successful conclusion. This power is usually applied to some mental or educational task. It bestows the power to overcome all problems by focusing your thoughts and it usually occurs when there is something that you need to learn or accomplish on the mental level. You have the opportunity to fix your mind on certain goals and objectives. It is the focus of the mind. Out of that focus and concentration, success is assured.

    Your assistance would be much appreciated: your are too much identified with money and security, with things.

    If you can love without jealousy, if you can love without attachment, if you can love a person so much that his happiness is your happiness…. Even if he is with some other woman and he is happy, it makes you happy because you love him so much: his happiness is your happiness. You will be happy because he is happy, and you will be grateful to the woman who made the person you love, happy – you will not be jealous. Then love has come to a purity.

  • Hello Hanswolfgang, I certainly would appreciate a reading from a males point of view, I have seen many of your answers to posts and thought well!!! . I will ask the question in regards to a relationship that took place 35 yrs ago for 6yrs ... ended ... and never seen each other again till 16 months ago... We where both single I had married He never did... We argued a

    lot over his drinking and his mood swings., 3 months ago he went to a dance met a new woman and has been going out with her ever since. But he has apologized to me for much of his behavior and has indicated he regrets his actions of mis treating me . Now he calls me daily asks me to visit him and he comes to my house often, and he is still seeing her., He says she is just a friend and she called me and told me she is in Love with him. He gave her my number What am I to think and believe ????? Of course I feel he is having a romantic relationship with her and still hanging on to me. We are all in our sixties and I think this is crazy I am very upset about it all and don,t really know what to do. He is drinking much less because he is busier and of course he is at times probably happier Now can you tell me why I should be Happy about all of this.

    My birth date: Feb. 5th 1943

    His birth date May 6th, 1946 Thank you for any thing you may tell me .... Leonida

  • Leonida,

    I certainly would appreciate a reading from a males point of view: you have an unusual radar.

    What am I to think and believe ????? Realize that darkness co-exists with the light in his as in you own heart and defend your own space against all intrusions.

    Now can you tell me why I should be Happy about all of this: because it is about give and take. You can give what you want give, and you can receive what you are wanting to receive.

    My birth date: Feb. 5th 1943: you can have great success in your life as long as you do not disregard the wisdom that is intended to guide you through life. You are here to learn to TRUST and keep going in spite of circumstances. Your main challenges will come in the areas of work and health. You must live the higher values you know if you are to have the blessings and power that is inherently available to you. You must think, speak and act from a higher perspective or suffer innumerable ills. You are protected by a high, spiritual force but even this is not as powerful as your own actions and attitudes. You must live what you know and follow your intuitive guidance. You may have married into money or receive support from associations. You can always do well if you work hard and maintain honesty. Nothing can stop you but yourself.

    Thank you for any thing you may tell me: you are hurt.

    Leonida, you always make demands and turn your whole life into a

    turmoil. You make demands from all your relationships

    Even in love you demand. If someone loves you today, you

    look eagerly the next day for the same affection. Then

    your life becomes a source of pain and anguish. If you

    receive honour, you expect it every day; if you are shown

    mercy, you want it every day. Then your demand pulls you

    down into gloom and melancholy. But even this does not

    stop your demands.

  • Thank you so much Hans for answering.

    I do have some questions however, not sure of what you mean.

    1. what am I doing wrong not being able to bring this attraction in my life for me to be out of debt?

    You simply pointed the vehicle just in the right direction being too much straight on. (what do you mean?)

    2. Your assistance would be much appreciated:

    your are too much identified with money and security, with things.( too much identified?)

    Put it this way, I have a daughter to raise, it is not easy living off of $581.00 a month. Having to maintain a home, with all the necessities like water, food, and electricity, plus maintaining gas i the car to get my daughter back and forth to school. Do you see me struggling like this very much longer?

    The reason why I asked about my friends happiness is because I truly want to know if he is happy. We don't speak as much as we use to, and when we do its just catching up on lost time. His happiness is very important to me. And I really wish I could have a future with him, but if it is not meant to be then it is not meant to be. I have to live with that.

  • dejasmum,

    1. what do you mean? turning back, you must learn to trust, and accept the escort.

    2. too much identified? right, I wanted to be polite, you are identified, drop that identification.

    Do you see me struggling like this very much longer? No.

    People don't live out of their essence,

    they simply depend on accidental circumstances. And not

    only the little people, but the people you think are

    geniuses, even they behave in very stupid ways.

    The twentieth-century physicist, Niels Bohr, made

    great contributions to the world when he detailed the

    structure and function of atoms, and laid the

    groundwork for the theory of quantum mechanics. He was

    a scientist's scientist.

    One day an American colleague visited Bohr in his

    Danish homeland. The American found a good luck charm

    above the desk -- an up-ended horseshoe hanging on the


    "Surely you don't believe the horseshoe will bring you

    good luck, do you, Professor Bohr?" asked the

    astonished visitor. "After all, we are level-headed


    "I believe no such thing, my good friend, not at all. I

    am scarcely likely to believe in such foolish

    nonsense," the Scandinavian reassured him. "However, I

    am told that a horseshoe will bring you good luck

    whether you believe in it or not."

    Now, a man like Niels Bohr, one of the geniuses of

    this century, still behaving in the same way, the same

    unconscious way as the common people have always been

    behaving! It seems education makes no difference,

    science makes no difference, civilization makes no

    difference. Man goes on living and repeating the old


  • ok...chasing mine own tail so to speak.

  • dejasmum,

    but that will also happen -- nothing to be worried about. Just be, do a few things. Slowly slowly you will see.

  • Hello again, hanswolfgang, First of all I want to Thank You for taking the time to answer my post. I really do, not know what brought you to thinking I was demanding, most of my life I have been told that I sell myself short, by not setting boundries. and always compromising to suit the other person. That part was considered to be an asset to my personality so hence I am curious as to how you came to that conclusion about me. was it something I wrote or am I changing. And "An Unsual Radar." I am facinated by what you said, and I am hoping you can help me understand it better, I can tell from many of your posts you are very perceptive and I totally appreciate your insight. I also want to tell you that I am very spiritual, I meditate and believe in a higher power . How else can we live in this confusing world of many corruptions with peoples who care not about the sicklely, the destitute and all the sadness that is unnecesarily brought on by greed. Now should I continue to see this man or should I just bow out ? You see he is happier because he now has 2 of us. Leonida

  • Leonida

    how you came to that conclusion about me: because you are not able to live playfully in the here and now. You may be have been out to serve the others, you did that always with expectations, whether you were aware of that or not. And often enough you were frustrated then, maybe you did not know why, but it was because your unspoken demands had not been fulfilled.

    was it something I wrote or am I changing: neither nor.

    help me understand it better: you are divided, into this perceptivity for the other, but not for you.

    Now should I continue to see this man or should I just bow out ? Just bow out.

    Leonida, for the whole

    of your life you go on fighting for what? To reach the

    grave? And that's the ultimate thing.

    It is the ultimate thing for the person who has been

    fighting with existence, but for the person who is

    surrendered to existence, is in tune with existence, it

    is not the ultimate thing. For her there is no death at

    all, because in the first place she does not create the

    ego. It is only the ego that dies, because it is a

    false entity, somehow put together; it is artificial,


  • Wolfgang


    I will definitely work on the playful part , I am starting to think like Cindy Laupers song "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." and although it took time to get there, I know it is never too late I am laughing as I am writing this cause YOUR post has actually brought me enlightenment and pure JOY. I will finally be me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ............ And YES I will bow out. Believe or not I have a sense of humour I just forgot about it............ Love all your little stories and intelligent humorous jokes. ........ Leonida

  • Leonida,

    thank you, you made me smile.

    Leonida, rebel! Take responsibility for your life. Drop all

    that nonsense which has been put inside you. Drop all

    that you have been taught and start learning again from

    ABC. It is a hard, arduous journey.

    And remember one thing more:... thus both coping

    systems and governments begin as useful and gradually

    become counter-productive. This is the nature of the

    evolutionary process itself.

    Whatsoever happens on the outside may look in the

    beginning as if it is very productive; soon it becomes

    counter-productive -- because life goes on changing.

    Life goes on taking jumps into the unknown and your

    structures always lag behind. And each structure in its

    own turn becomes a grave; it has to be broken again.

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