Cancer, does he like me or no?!

  • I have been confused about a certain Cancer male for quite sometime. The story is a little long but I do need some advice on how to go with this. I am very actracted to him but am not sure if he feels the same way or if he is just hanging around with me because I am there.

    In highschool, one of my best friends went out with this guy. Now it has been 3 years since we have graduated, me and this guy have been friends due to hanging around with the same people. At the begining of the summer, he messaged me asking if me and some friends wanted to go up to his cottage. It never worked to go up. During the summer we hungout here and there but not too often. He would ask me to hangout one weekend and then the next weekend not even message me. One night, we both got intoxicated and he asked me and my other friend (one of his guy friends) to come over around 11 o clock. About an hour later he said he was too tired and was going to go to bed. He messaged me from the other side of the table asking me to sleep over. I am in no means the kind of girl that sleeps around so I refused. He messaged me while his guy friend was driving me home asking me to come back. He said "You know I want you and I know you want me to". When I assumed he just wanted ****, I told him I had my period. He then said nvm. For the rest of the times we hungout afterward I thought all he wanted was to either meet my friends or sleep with me.

    The day after this incident, he messaged me appolagizing saying he never reacted that way before and he sort of "blacked out". I forgave him and we continued to hangout here and there. One day he asked me to come grab a drink. I said I was working in the morning but he convinced me to come out. When I got there, he was with a bunch of his girlfriends and one guy. I was a little suprised that he would invite me and make me come to see him and a bunch of girls.

    After this, we went out one night, his friends and mine and asked for one of my friends bbm (blackberry messenger). I was a little insulted thinking maybe he liked her, but they ended up getting into an argument and not talking. (But later on added her on facebook? )

    Another time, I went to his house. We all got once again a little too intoxicated and on the way home while we were messaging he said he thought my friend was cute. I told him she had a bf. He also ended up messaging one of my friends that night saying they should chill soon. I was upset and feeling rejected.

    One night on the town, I ended up drunk messaging him asking if he was downtown. He messaged me back that he was and if we wanted to meet up after the bar. I said sure, asking what we would do. (Because I dont sleep around) He is very aware by then that I am not that kind of girl. We ended up getting into an argument because he full out said want to bang? And I responded that I wasnt like that. He then asked me why I was messaging him at 1 in the morning then.

    After that occured we didnt talk for a week or two but then he asked me to hangout again. Also,

    one of his friends ended up telling me that they were all trying to hook me up with the guy that was there when he had invited me for drinks with all those girls. I was insulted and ended up messaging him that he was a liar. (he had previously told me that he was not trying to hook me up with his friend but I didnt beleive him) He keeps denying that he has not been trying to hook me up with his friend and one of his friends said thats probly because he wanted me for himself.

    Last weekend we talked a little and he said he was having people over. He asked me to come and I asked who would be there. He said am I not good enough for you? I said he would have to prove it and he said I can do that tomorrow night. He also said that If I slept over he would find me and my friend a bed to sleep in (not mine another bed) were his words. When I went, the friend he thought was cute came with me. She told me during the night that he kept staring at me but I never really noticed. (maybe she was trying to make me feel like he actually did like me) I can tell he is generally very shy. When it was time for bed he msged me saying that the bed he gave me was crappy and me and my friend could either sleep with him or his buddy. My friend went with his buddy and I ended up jumping into his bed a couple hours later. We did not do anything, cuddle or sexually.

    The next morning I felt very sick and he was being a gentlemen offering me food, water or a shower. I am very confused due to the fact that he can be very nice or very snappy. I am also confused if he is trying to get with my friends or if he actually likes me. Why does he keep asking me to hangout here and there if he would just want my friends. I am very insecure about this situation and dont quite understand what he could be feeling or if he is just using me. Please help!

    Thank you so much!!!

  • What are your birthdates?

  • November 1st and July 16th

  • Something about this relationship will feel quite enigmatic to both of you. You are both deeply perceptive individuals who are bound to feel frustrated by the fact that you can't quite seem to see or emotionally touch each other. It's like the relationship is a smoke screen preventing full understanding. Your friend feels the same confusion about you as you do about him. When he is confused or upset, he withdraws into his shell whereas you retreat into secretiveness and non-sharing. A great deal between you two is often left unsaid or even actively concealed. If you want this relationship to work, you both have to be open and honest with each other - something you will both find very hard to do because of a shared difficulty in trusting others. There is a karmic nature to this relationship that brings you two together regardless of differences in background, training, race, religion, career, beliefs, or lifestyle but that at the same time prevents a deeper union.

    Your romance will have a strong sexual component. From flirtation to outright temptation and seduction, this pairing tends to produce the kind of provocative behaviour that is likely to lead to some degree of sexual involvement. Both of you have a need to keep things hushed up and you will usually be very discreet about when and where you meet. Should a third person get involved, a breakup between you and your lover or even all three in the triangle is often inevitable.

    If you can make it that far and overcome non-sharing and mistrustful attitudes, marriage can be a stabilizing factor in the relationship. You two may still be unable to be honest with each other, however, resorting to manipulative ploys to get your way rather than expressing yourselves directly. You CC will think your mate uses very unethical tactics while he will view you as selfish and controlling. Even so, your marriage can be enduring and productive if you can avoid dishonesty and power struggles. It will take a lot of work on both sides to make this relationship successful. but if you both want it to, it can work out.

  • Yeah but the thing is, I can't tell if hes just trying to use me. During the summer I refused to do anything with him because I didn't just want to be another girl. The other day I went over with friends and he told one of my friends that If I liked him I would have pulled a move on him when I slept next to him. I don't really understand how he thinks in that way and I can't tell if Im just going to be used.

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