The high heel club

  • to charmed witch bente and rising phoenix,

    lovely ladies and loving ladies,

    rising phoenix nothing more i would love to do is to participate in the high heel club, right now i am really stress out with too many doctors oppointments and my responsibilites at home, i have rhuemotid arthritis and sle lupus running at the same time, i love the clowing around it help others to destress and at the same time it also makes me very happy, lets see what will happen in the near future, i really miss bieng there with you. i do not live alone i am responsible for two grandchildren who also have me running on my toes, i love you girls and wish and pray for the very best for both. charmed to find the happiness she long desires with the man of her dreams, and you rising phoenix, for this move, bring you financial peace, emotional peace and lots of happiness to both, that is my most deepest desire, i miss you girls,

    love, blessings, light of the universe shine upon you both now and always!

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