Hi Blmoon, could I trouble you for a reading?

  • Hi Blmoon,

    I know you're busy, but if you had a chance I would really appreciate a reading. I've been having a really difficult time in my employment search. Did you see my luck changing at all? Also at my last job I had this thing with my boss. Before I even got the job, someone described a guy would meet through work that I would eventually get together with. She described his personality and situation and I didn't think anything of it. After starting my job I began to realize some big, very detailed and specific simularities. The chemistry was so incredibly strong and there were so many signs along the way that what I was told would come to fruition. After a short period of time, I was fired from that job. This guy was my boss. We never did anything. I worked my butt off as his employee. He did show favortism towards me. We just aren't the type of people to behave like this a work. It was as if we were being pushed to behave the way we did by a higher power.

    Shortly after I got fired, he tells me he's engaged!! He mentioned he had a girlfriend once. After that he never mentioned her again. He also behaved like a single person. We basically really embarassed ourselves. Almost like we had no control and caution was thrown to the wind. I guess what I'm asking is what do you see happening? I am a huge supporter of marriage and don't believe inbreaking up a happy home. I just don't understand what happened. I mean I had dreams about where he lived before I even found out. Some time has passed and honestly I am repulsed by him yet obsessed with the idea with him. I dream about him every now and then. I just feel like I'm being screwed with by unseen forces. My dreams, intuition and other sources are telling me to prepare for out paths cross again soon. Wishful thinking or more nonsense? I feel like something very big is approaching which will give me closeure as well as change my life in a very profound way. Can you make any sense of this? I feel like a crazy person. Also if this helps, my bday: 11/05/80

  • What happened? There was an attraction. It happens--to everyone. Married people included. You are young and have no reference yet for the situation. Somewhere you got stuck in romantic thinking--soulmate glitter--that surely the universe was behind it all and giving its blessing as why else would it be so strong. Wrong. Like being a diabetic but wanting the big piece of cake--the desire is so strong but the brain decides the wise choice. This is a learning expierience--all attractions offer that. If you had met on the street you'd have felt the tingle and smiled but walked on by--maybe had some lingering thoughts and thats that but you two were tested by being in the work place together. It's a challenge and the older you get you learn how to behave and handle these yummy attractions without crossing the line and hurting yourself or someone else. What I'm saying is don't get stuck in thinking that just because there were sparks it means it was meant to be THE one. He felt the danger and chose not to risk his relationship he already had--it was not easy for him either. No matter who you marry or fall in love with there will always be sparks out there and you make a choice. To think that love is only possible with one is inviting trouble as too many partners run off because the sparks mean something and are some kind of sign. You and that man had a hot connection but there is more to a relationship. He played along because it just plain felt good and you were hard to resist. Often when people face this in the work place someone gets fired or the person makes a hard choice to leave the temptation. Please do not dwell on this as a regret---- but learn from it as you will be tested again and then have a plan on how you could have handled it with less regret. Some attractions are very much in the planets and there is a intuitive connection but it is never out of your control--I know it feels like it but you can stop it. Work on that now and you will get through life easier in the future because these attractions will pop up. Just read through these posts--they are filled with similiar laments from women torn between the one they are with and the "powerful" attraction. Or worse they are torn between knowing it's a bad choice YET such a powerful attraction. Sometimes when we should not have cake we must not walk by the bakery untill we master that temptation. Feel lucky you got fired! Blessings.

  • PS--Employment search--I see the number 3--Could mean months but I feel sooner so either weeks or even the third try or on the third. You definetly will be busy working and like your job.

  • Oh my goodness, Blmoon you are amazing!! Thank you soo much for your help. You're like a psychic therapist. As I read your response, the sun was rising and shining on me a little eventhough it was raining(not a metaphor it really just happened). Thank you for shedding light on this situation. I really needed the closure you have given me and am truly grateful for your wisdom. You've captured the very essence of the situation, almost like you were there. Thank you for saying I'm young. I was feeling so old lately. The resisting of temptation and doing the right thing has been a major theme in the preparation of upcoming events. Did you see anyone new on his way? If I'm alone this christmas that will truly be the icing on a very depressing year 😞

    About my employment search, did you see anything more specific than the number 3? Like the nature of work and pay scale and what not? This has been a serious problem for me. I almost feel like I'm drowning. Like no matter what I do and no matter how hard I try things just don't work out. Like something is seriously wrong with me. Thanks again for your help. You are very much appreciated.

  • All I saw was you being very busy--walking around fast--so get that it's fast paced but it agrees with you. A lot of us have been feeling like the gate won't open for us--it's very worldly--money is just plain tight--UGH! I have been treading water just like everyone else--feeling as greatful as I can for still staying afloat when so many are not. Very frustrating times but it brings a much clearer picture for many as to priorities and helps us see our real strengths and weaknesses. Interesting you brought up Christmas as Spirit says it is the perfect time to open yourself up to receiving by celebrating all out this year. With real child like joy. You don't need to spend big money---lights are cheap--visit the thrift stores if you can but this year change your fear of it bringing loneliness by celebrating in a way that raises the vibration. Decorate in a happy excited way---put up lights and in the evening sit and enjoy the festive beauty of your decorations. You don't need to do it all at once---but do it with fun and childlike joy. Don't just throw up the tree---plan a theme. Spend happy time--cup of tea--music and really get into it. Decorate outside so when you come home in the evening you pull up and go OH! how happy! If you dread being alone it only attracts that low energy.I don't pick up you being alone long--you have a magnatism---so much so that it's all or nothing at times--and it scares some people away and you have no idea what you did wrong. I see the man for you as being very secure and a bit fearless and one who adores his mother. Not sure of a date but it is a winter month---Spirit says giving you a date will only distract you from being ready as it is part of your homework to attract such a man. This man is attracted to independance but not in a hard way--likes to be protective yet is very turned off by needy types. His mother is a Jack of all trades so he has high expectations--but she has a child like heart for joy and celebration. To attract the right man you must be the right woman. Except social invites during the holidays and try not to be a homebody the next six months as it is this time period that I see as fertile for you to connect with Mr. Right. He will seem a bit different than yoo are used to at first but that's in a good way. Don't spend energy though dreaming on this prediction but instead beef up your ability to be joyfully independent and let the laws of attraction do its magic. Blessings!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    Thank you for your thorough insight! You're like the favorite Aunty people like to bother and hang out with cause you're so much fun and a very good person. Not to sound like a crazy person but you exude this positive otherworldly energy. Like you have a strong and pleasant presence and when other people are around you, they somehow feel happier.

    Anywhoo, that's crazy that you picked up on Christmas. Eventhough its September I've been feeling some very strong hints about the significance of the winter season. Like literally, I'll get these flashes and floods of emotion where for a moment in time, the atmosphere is very wintery(I live in Hawaii) and very exciting for some reason. Like the atmosphere, energy and vibrations are buzzing and can't help but spill over onto our dimension. It's very comforting, like a big relief or something. I've been really excited for no real reason like something singificant will go on during winter. So thank you for your take on what's going on. Lots of buzzing going in the spirit world, I feel. Like on their side there is a lot of excitement going on. Sorry to ramble.

    Excellent idea about decorations and celebrations!! They've been pushing and pushing me to get excited about winter but I would fight it. Like number one it's September and nuber two there is nothing to celebrate about. Now I understand what all that meant. Whew. It was like not only were they trying to boost my energy, but somehow, collectively, they were trying to share their energy to really boost me. It's what I feel though logic makes me feel like a nut case. Anyway I will definitely be sure to do what you suggested. These impulese are getting tiring to fight. I'm getting a lot of "start now", it's all very weird.

    Honestly it is crazyness how you picked up on my personality. The way you articulated my nature was very flattering. You seem very familiar some how. Almost like someone I know but on an alternate dimension, during different levels of consciousness. Almost like we know some of the same spirits too or something. Sorry I know I sound like a nut case. One of these days I'll ask you about past lives 🙂

    Thank you again for everything. It's so nice to talk with someone with such a firm grasp on spirituality and humanity. Blessings to you as well!

  • You are very intuitive and well guided. AND I only read for those I connect to and I am not just a psychic but also a medium. A medium connects to spirits. So thank them for telling me what to say. What a great validation that I heard right and I do not at all think you are nuts. Being faithful to all those feelings and intuitions does not always seem logical--such is faith! I only share with people who accept a spiritual life in the outside world. Or yes you may get labeled crazy. Also, it's no surprise you feel at home with me--you are obviousely close to the spirit world yourself and I am very attracted to Scorpios. They have always been very important in my life so much so that if I went to a party before the night was over a scorpio would find me (I'm a Taurus)---I raised three scorpios--married one and have several scorpio friends. All of them the highly evolved kind. Happy Holidays and trust yourself! Blessings.

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