Lost or thrown out with rubbish

  • Anyone like to lend a hand locating a fuel gauge, a new car part that no one in our family has moved or put in some remote place yet is missing. One person thinks it has been taken away with rubbish the othe thinks it is somewhere in the garage. Please before world war 3 breaks out, any ideas? I have tried my dowsing skills and failed miserably 😞

  • Yes I feel someone did move it without thinking too much about it and it is still within the vicinity of the garage. Someone is being very absent-minded lately, a male I think - what's on his mind?

  • Thanks Captain, yes 2 males involved, father and son, son is causing a lot of upset with a relationship he is in which is stressing father out terribly. They were very very close until woman came on scene and she has disrupted home life totally. Captain can you see an end to sons relationship at all so we can get back to normal

  • I hope you found the guage, I don't think it is fair that you want your son to end his relationship so that your family can have peace. It is after all his life. Maybe a compromise would be the way to go.


  • This father and son are two strong-willed individuals and I don't see them backing down from their individual stances anytime soon. They must learn to compromise somehow. Parents might not always agree with their children's decisions or relationships but it's not right to interfere with an adult man's choices. He must learn his own lessons through sometimes painful experience. Unless someone bends and finds some understanding and peace in themself, the father-son relationship will be torn apart permanently. And that is no healthy result.

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