Am I doomed in my career?

  • Hi everyone,

    I am a part time graduate student and have been looking for full time employment in this tough economy and job market for the past 2 years. I am barely a beginner tarot reader just laid out this spread and these are my interprations: (Any and all interpretations is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance)

    My spread is the Celtic Cross and used the Mythic Tarot deck

    Will I begin working soon?

    Position 1 (Significator, issue at hand): Death reversed: There is a sense of stagnation, of being stuck in a rut, of being unwilling to adapt to a new situation.

    Position 2 (Basic problem, or obsticle): The Chariot: Sense of urgency for success and control of surrounding factors including my emotions

    Position 3 (Foundation of issue, worries, desires) : Three of Cups: Surrounded by good friendships and celebrations.

    Position 4 (Immediate past or current situation): Knight of Swords: Intellectual power and have established a link with someone or something and want the chain of events to continue. Very good time for embarking on new projects. Problems will be transcended or solved and will attract what is needed in the way of help or assistance.

    Position 5 (Goals, dreams, best outcome): Three of Swords : Absence, sorrow, disappointment and delay.

    Position 6 (Immediate future): Queen of Pentacles reversed: Isolation and keeping others away.

    Position 7 (How to approach the situation): The Tower reversed: Resisting or delaying cathartic transformation.

    Position 8 (Immediate surroundings, people etc): Knight of Cups reversed: Allowing my emotions of have too much control.

    Position 9 (Hopes and fears): Strength reversed: Lacking strength and feeling disempowered. I am feeling at my lowest

    Position 10 (Final Outcome): Ten of Swords: Ruin and hoping the worst of the worst is over?

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