Happy Astrological New Year!

  • The Sun is entering Aries, which marks the beginning of Spring, as well as the new zodiac year.

    The start of the new astrological cycle is the perfect time to get clear about your goals. What are your goals? Jump into the discussion here!

  • For me right now it's all about getting back on track with my life. My health, relationships in love and career all seem to need attention right now.

  • Wow, Should I stay on my own path, or let someone into my life (in a major way.) I am so independent. So, what could be the harm. Should I even ponder this question, or go about my way. Sometimes familiar is safe (r). Know what I mean? There is someone ready to give themselves totally to me and I'm scared as heck.

  • Dalia,

    I hope I'm not butting in too much but maybe baby steps would be best. I'm very independent too and feel that if they can't give me time they may not have my best interest at heart. Communication is key!

  • My immediate goal is "spring cleaning" re: physical, mental, spiritual..." time to move forward, take the risk ...

  • I have wasted many opportunities for what may have been "healthy enjoyable relationships" because of my irrational fears...u never know how much time u have left to enjoy life...go for it (after careful deliberation of course : > )

  • I am ecstatic the moon is in Aries and so is the sun! I am an April Fool baby so it is my time of the year. I am starting many things but also finishing things that need completion. So it is a New Year beginning for me. I always feel so invigorated withthis time of the year. Spring is gorgeous and I also want to plant and get rid of dead plants. Out with the old & in with the NEW!

  • Gosh, I am SO there RLP! I feel the same way you do. You only have but one life to be happy. So many things need to change in my life. Ugh! So frustrating. But like you said, Out with the old and in with the new. This year is about change for me...good change...

  • I know whatcha mean by Irrational Fears...they can sneak into almost any situation, especially if it's a New one. I'm happy to say that with a little application (check various web sites to get a handle on the Astrological World, for example) one can learn to both recognize and control flighty thoughts. Good luck in stuff, DonnaBahama.

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