Knowing your soulmate by birthchart?

  • LeoScorpion,

    I would welcome any and all astrology book recommendations you may have. I have been studying astrology, the Tarot and Runes for the past couple of years, and every time I discover something new, I realize there is so much more to learn. I did not even realize that Venus and Libra were dominant in my chart until you told me so in this thread. I knew I had several planets in Libra, and that it is my South Node where I have come from, but I always assumed that I was primarily fire signs (sun Sag, asc Leo) tempered by earth. (moon Cap, venus Cap) What you wrote about my wanting peace and harmony in my relationships but not always making that my responsibility made so much sense to me. I make wishes at every new moon, and look forward to tomorrows in Libra as it should be especially potent for me.

    Any and all lessons and suggestions you are able to share are always welcome and appreciated. Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!

  • astronelly lifer

    here is the list of books to start with. if you already read them and you just can't stand them : ) then don't bother. these are books to start with, meaning what you understand from these books, you will be able to develop it and develop it right. Any structure is strong if the foundation is strong. with Pluto in Capricorn until 2024 (I think) it's even more important to look at the "structures" in your life, such as structures of knowledge, family, career, relationship, health regime and so on.

    Jeff Green = Pluto I – II, Uranus

    Schulman = Karmic relationship, Karmic astrology I – IV, Ascendant

    Liz Greene = Luminaries, Twelve Houses, Saturn, Neptune, Inner Planets

    Howard Sasportas = Gods of Change

    Stephen Arroyo = Karma and Transformation, Jupiter

    Barbara Hand Clow = Chiron

    Pluto is responsible for transformation. It’s worth it to understand what the he ck he is telling you. I know, he is dominant in my chart. he can be real a ss sometimes : )

    Barbara Clow is a shaman, like Jeff Green and Sandra Ingerman. Her work can be hard to digest because she comes from Theology point of view. Chiron, however, is a very important figure in the cosmos. He is teacher of both allopathy and homeopathy medicine. It's worth it to understand his role in your life, he can be hard to deal with, but you will learn to heal from your wounds. At least heal yourself.

    Liz Greene may also be hard to digest because she comes from psychology and parapsychology point of view. Some terms you probably need to look it up online.

    Schulman’s books need updating, but they are good start for understanding karmic lessons. After reading him you will find it easier to read Arroyo’s.

    I'd like to recommend this author also.

    Sandra Ingerman = Heal Toxic Thoughts, Soul Retrieval, Medicine for the Earth

    Sandra Ingerman is a wise woman and healer. Her books are not about astrology but about Healing and Transmutation. She appeared in the UN in 2006, she performs transmutation of undrinkable water to a drinkable water, with nothing but personal spirituality. I am not sure if she performed this in the UN, but you will find the experiment in one of her books. There are scientists involved, and they are all amazed of this accomplishment. A good set to read when you are exhausted with astrology and psychology : ) She has psychology background, but uses simple words in her books, easy to take in.

  • astronelly

    there are quite a few things in the chart to look at when determining personality

    elements, modality, polarity, aspects, houses, mathematical points (nodes, mc, asc) , chart shapes and so on

    dominants is a way to determine what is dominant in your personality, not necessarily detailing it all but it is a a very good point to use in order to 'know' someone

    there are many dominants: I only use signs and planets. I find that these are the ones that do the job most of the time, but that is just my personal opinion

    yes fire is dominant in your chart. fire people are inspirational. a fire dominant is a great inspiration. it's hard not to notice them, because they always 'shine' with warmth, anyone 'cold and battered' would be attracted to you. because of so much 'life' in you. spiritual life is very important to you, because fire of faith is the one that keeps you going. be very careful what you believe in, if you believe in the wrong cause, you will sorely regret it.

    you are also a cardinal, you do not wait for the things you want. You will go out and get them a cardinal dominant is a great adventurer. you don't hesitate going where you need to go, even if nobody else has ever been there and probably doesn't survive the journey. but a cardinal dominant has less perseverance and determination than a fixed dominant. means you only stick to the plan if it's working or doesn't need much maintenance, you always have contingency plan to move on to if you don't like the original one. But some things are not easy fix, they need you to stop and maintain them. Take a break, slow down. A cardinal dominant doesn't always know when to 'stop', they keep going until they run out of fuel. Sometimes the very things you need are in front of you : )

  • astronelly , lifer

    another long post, about attunement.

    this is just what I do. you can choose whether you want to do them or not. it only takes 20 mins of your time.

    *Attunement to the Earth

    Lie down on the floor, or on the soil, on the sand, whichever you feel convenient. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and focus on Gaia ‘s vibration. Sitting down is fine, you just need to make sure your feet touch the ground. I lie down on an old thin blanket and a small cushion under my head, you can do the same. If you do this often enough, you will feel more energized and more at peace. Gaia is very comforting.

    •Attunement to the Moon

    The Moon and Earth are sisters. They exchange energy on a daily basis. But the Moon is very expressive on full moon and new moon. It’s a good idea to send prayer (like Astronelly does) on the new moon for new beginning, and send appreciation on the full moon. Women are especially affected by the Moon, we can practically ‘have a dialogue’ with her if we are willing to try. Don’t worry if you can’t see the Moon where you live. I can’t see her all the time either, I can still feel it. There are moon phase information websites online, mark your calendar with correct date and time. You attune to her the same way you attune to Gaia, the only difference is the less light the better. The Moon is more subtle than Gaia, she speaks more in darkness and silence.

    •Attunement to the Sun

    Certainly done in the morning or afternoon, the same way you attune to Gaia. Even if it’s cloudy you can feel him. The Sun is an assertive, commanding energy. He is a very important being in our solar system, the only one that gives live. When you attune to him, you may feel more activity in the brain as well as in the body cells. Like a father he wants to know have we behaved as we should. He has been hearing reports from the two sisters : )

    If you have clear crystal quartz, the Sun will energize it too. Every day clean it under running water and a pinch of salt. Let it air dry. Then blow your breath into each corner of the crystal, and place it under the Sun. Any negativity you carry, will pour into the crystal, and the Sun will purify it. The next day, the crystal will be ready for the same routine. You can also get a book by Costello about gems. Someone recommends this to me but I didn’t get it. I only keep the same practice since 2006 and too lazy to change routines. I got the crystals off Ebay. Small ones are good.

    •Cleansing and protection

    On top of the crystal, I use sage incense (sticks) for smudging. I smudge every room in the house, as often as I can. It clears up the air from unnecessary or negative energy. When the air is clear, you will feel ‘lighter’ and it will be easier to attune to inner guidance (meditation) or to the cosmos. Energy is an air form. It’s in your breath in, and your breath out. You want a clear air for sure. If you can’t get sage, frankincense or myrrh is good. I use white sage, but any sage can do it.

    Protect yourself from negative energy sent by others. You may not be the target, but being an air form, energy can travel fast and hit anyone within certain radius. Imagine a blue / white light around you, it will expel any negativity from outside. The natives call it blue egg. This way you don’t carry it home. It will not protect you from negativity you yourself send out, though. For that you need to practice self control. Whenever you are restless and down, tell yourself This too shall pass. These words have an ancient origin, far from nonsense. If you need help to calm yourself down (nervousness and so on) Bach Rescue Remedy is a good one to get. Any homeopathy store will have it. Or visit the website Bach flower for more options and more information. I can’t post the link here, I found out most links I posted are deleted anyway. If it's hard to do, find an outlet to channel negativity, sports or creative hobby. Everyone is prone to send out positive or negative energy, so don't feel all so bad if you fail now and then.

    The end of a long post 🙂 I will leave you to digest it. Any question just shoot.

    I will try respond in the weekend. Thank you so much for being open and flexible to new information. I hope you find these posts helpful. Astrology is an intitiation to our true path. Humans are keepers of Gaia. Who is better to protect the mother, if not the children? Gaia is part of the cosmos, so are we. Learn astrology, the language of the cosmos. Galactic communication will be increased in the age of Aqua, if you speak the language, you will not miss the information. You don't want to miss this, because contrary to what most believe: the cosmos has everything to do with everything. Life on earth, love, joy, hardships, religions, spirituality, cultures, technology, money, health, power, relationships all in the cosmos are interconnected. Never feel alone in despair, because we are = not = alone : )

  • Dearest leoscorpio, if by any chance you have time to do a reading, I'd love one also. I do not have my birth time. Mine 4/5/53 (Tampa, Florida) and Significant other's 9/3/52 (Springfield, MA) 3:21 AM Thanks so much for any consideration

  • Hi leoscorpion,adding my place of birth as you requested a couple of pages before ..It's Mauritius . Thanks.

  • This is wonderful, Leoscorpion! Thank you so very much for the book recommendations and attunement information. So much to learn...


  • i am kinda od new here, my name is Chepie i am Native American, i also am proud to say i am a Man's Man PERIOD!! NO sisy, girly-giry, etc.... My question on the subject :is aree there soul mates for same sexes? We all come from The Great Creator, why would He deny any of His children of light or in my case children of The Animal Realm. All of our Ancestors had animals as companions, warriors, friends, workers, and they respect us just as we respect them. What the worl is doing now in exterminating alot of the animal population, is upsetting the balance of not only Nature but Primal Forces that were here long before puny man came. But my original question, what is your thoughts on that?

  • Hi LeoScorpion hope you are doing good.

    Thank you for all the above info its very kind of you to take the time to post it all, certainly when i have time to myself i shall research it.

    I have dipped in and out of the subject for some years though its something i think i'll never really be able get the hang of!

    I have some news i just wanted to share with you in relation to the info you gave me about myself and my boyfriend.

    My fella and his friend have been going through ideas for a film, they've both been in films before (as have i) and made one together about 10 yrs ago,anyway i've now been premoted to Legal Research/Artistic Director baring in mind what you said about us both doing good in legal/artistic areas its almost like a dream come true! Just need to keep our fingers crossed for funding and hopefuly i'll be moving there sooner than later!

    Thanks to you once again for your help.

    Blessings Lx

  • Hi Chepie

    I believe there are soul-mates in every form of life a soul mate is not just your lover it can be your dog, your granny, your next door neighbor even!

    As for the destruction of animal life i agree its criminal, that also goes for the needless death of all sentiant life we need to work hard to heal our mother earth and all of our relatives of water, air and land, a great change is coming and we must prepare.

    Blessings to you chepie and welcome.


  • LIFer

    yes it's a lot now, because they are still scattered pieces of puzzle now

    just have fun trying out the attunement, I know for sure attunement to the moon and earth will amaze you with powerful experience, write it down : ) you'll be surprised

    If you feel like reading astrology, pick Uranus and Pluto. Uranus because Aquarius is dominant in your chart. Pluto because he is karmic.

    Or go with Sandra Ingerman, very easy to digest book but very deep message from the gods.

    I bought most of my books used, I don't have much spare money after paying bills 🙂

    sooner or later it will all make sense to you

    Sandra is not astrologer, but when you get the pieces of your chart together, you will see that in general the gods that speak through her, speak about the same subject : the cosmos

    have fun starting your new journey, now your backpack is still heavy but it will be lighter as you go further : )


    yes that sounds like just the field you both will do well at

    just do your best dealing with challenges, careful who you trust, and keep improving yourselves

    how fitting that you both are going to make a film

    a film is one of many ways to convey your message to the public: communication, creativity, expression (all in one !) Hope for the best !

    The very loooong posts above, they are not everyone's cup of tea anyway

    just stick with your own understanding of your charts now and one day whatever you don't understand will make sense


    I am leaving the thread after reading lilspark, quenkath and angelflight's charts

    another person is waiting for my reading on another thread

    you can start a new thread, if I can't get to you right away, someone else will

    that way you don't have to wait too long

    sorry I don't have much time online anymore and somebody has to make sure bills are paid

    thanks for trusting me to do your chart, it would be easier with your birth time maybe try find that out with hospital records

  • hi chepie

    as I mentioned in my post to lilspark below

    the focus of soul mate, twinflame etc is on the soul

    gender is a physical focus.

    there is male and female energy in every physical body regardless the gender.

    as far as the soul is concerned, there is no female or male soul

    a soul is a collection of memories from all life times we have been through

    so the soul itself does not have a gender

    but the memories may contain records of life times as a male or female, depending on the physical body we took in the past

    that said, whatever se xual preference and gender, everyone of us has a soul mate

    BUT this doesn't mean you will meet your soul mate in the same life time

    for that to happen, you and your soul mate have to make a pact to meet again in specific period

    ALSO this doesn;t mean the relationship (if there is any) will last.

    the pact is only about 'meeting again'. the cosmos will influence you, but decision is still yours.

    because life is to learn and move forward, what you do determines the outcome

    the cosmos will lead you to your destination, but if you don't follow, you won't get there

    I have deep respect for animals. so much that I won't get a pet if I know I can't afford it because that will be like adopting a child and throw him away when I have no money : (

    animals, especially reptiles and birds, are very close to Gaia's vibration

    hence they are more attuned to cosmic energies than we do

    any being that does not understand and therefore can not stand cosmic energies, most certainly will torture animals because they can not 'stand' them

    I used to cry in pain whenever I read about animal abuse, it used to anger me when people say that if we eat meat then we are torturing animals too

    But now I can see why this is happening

    we are closing to the new age, and every time we come closer to a new age, a new set of energy is being unleashed

    for every new age, we can feel the new energy up to 120 yrs prior to the new age itself and as the end is near, the new energy is getting more intense

    a native, great author, actually said in his book : "we will change, not because we choose to change anymore, but because the cosmos will it "

    that's how intense this new energy is '

    his book is about mayan calendar, another native great work. I am not native, but you are.

    I am sure you can find ancient wisdom among many of your own people's work

  • LOL hit submit before I am finished

    remember we get back what we send out

    tortured animals, humans and non humans, are not "victims"

    the ones who will be paying for cruelty, are the ones who tortured them

    they will carry this karmic debt (and the interest) to their next life to the next and so on

    I avoid reading animal abuse stories now

    I'd rather send healing prayer every day and when I can donate, I do

    do you notice, every single thing and person we love, never leaves?

    maybe they leave their bodies, but they always visit us in spirits

    Gaia feels every tears, every drop of blood spilled, none of these will be ignored or forgotten

    more and more of us have returned to our true identity : Keepers of the earth

    we will do our best healing the earth and life on earth, everything else beyond our control, the cosmos will take care of it : )

  • Hi leoscorpion, I didn't see the post you mentioned about as you said in your post ..Could you tell me on which page it is please ? Thanks.

    "hi chepie

    as I mentioned in my post to lilspark below

    the focus of soul mate, twinflame etc is on the soul

    gender is a physical focus."


    I would like info on E and I. I was born 5-24-62 in Mount Clemens, MI and he was on 01-050 in red lake, MN. Are we soul mates (some say this is foolish) and will we marry. I was reading on the birth charts and wondering if you could do them PLZ. This has been a very emotional issue for 5 yrs now. Would be grateful for your help in this matter. REZ

  • hi rezmedic

    I'm leaving the thread soon. Start your own and if I can't get to it, someone else will.

  • lilspark

    sorry it didn't get posted last night. I had to try twice and didn't work.

    it happened with another thread last week, maybe just my pc.

    here it is :

    Venus sits close to Mercury in your house of relationship makes your speech charming, you can melt bring positive attraction and attention to you. You are quite thorough analyzing situation and details, but you can be quite stubborn once you have done all the consideration. You have a certain definition of what something should be and you stick with it. If you define love as A, then a B is not A. This is fine because everybody has their own definition about something. But with Saturn in the house of higher learning and principles, I suggest that you take a good look at many of your belief systems and principles that you hold dear. Because these are the sources of your ‘definitions’. Saturn is known for limitation, so until you are willing to free yourself of limiting principles and beliefs, many of your definitions will need updating and probably revising. Love, especially, doesn’t have specific definition. It’s a feeling, not an item. You may think that if someone does certain things to you, that means he loves you, he will stay with you. This can and can not be true, so there is always a room for misunderstanding. Saturn is in Libra, you feel more comfortable in a relationship and Pluto sits close to Saturn can make this need stronger. But before you give in, you need to remember that there are two in the relationship and there is no perfect relationship. Everything has to be worked out together. Pluto in the house of Transformation gives you good intuition that you can rely on, but it can also increase possibility of power struggle. Stubbornly sticking to a point is sometimes not necessary, because if the other person has different point of view, you will only butt heads. Loosen up a little bit and be ready to meet people half way. If they don’t want to meet you half way, well then it’s time to move on and start a new. But if they do, then be willing to listen and reconsider other views. You can be too cautious sometimes. If you can tone this down you will put less pressure on yourself and on others.

    Neptune in Sagitarius is another sign showing you the need to evaluate your belief systems and principles. Is there certain people that you don’t think good for you? Maybe because they are of certain race, religion, nationality, tradition, education or habits? Look at it again, see if this concern has a valid ground. The wider your social circle, the more people you meet, the more chance you meet the right person for you. The more open you are to differences and possibilities, the bigger the chance your relationship lasts. Achieve good balance between protecting security and taking risk.

    Your destiny lies on the home life and public image/ career axis. You are destined to experience significant events related to home life, origin, ancestry or tradition that affects your public image. This axis is aspecting your rising and house of relationship, this means the way you express yourself and the way you relate to others is affected by how well you deal with these events. In Gemini, any painful experience from home life, tradition and root, can make you avoid social interaction, you run when someone gets too close to you even in casual relationship, OR you focus too much on social life, that you identify yourself with what is going on outside. If soul mates is the trend, then you want to meet yours too, you may become too ‘picky’ in terms of relationship as a result. But soul mate as the words say it, is someone that carries part of your soul and you carry his. The focus is on the soul, not on the body. Meaning if your soul mate is a he, he can come as a she in this life time and unless you both are homo se xuals, there will be no chance for marriage or even romance between you two anyway. Even if relationship happens, doesn’t mean it will last, that part still needs working on just like relationships with anybody else. You may also have communication problem, somehow people ignores or misunderstand you. It’s fitting that your purpose lies in Gemini, showing importance of communication ability. A good communication ability can help you achieve many things e.g.: harmony in relationship or at home, success at work, increasing confidence etc. Mid heaven in Scorpio shows that you will do well in medical and investigation field, anything that requires digging deep into the details to uncover secrets and find solutions. Communication is a two way street. You will listen when someone speaks and they will listen when you speak, so you will learn both to speak and listen well. You will consider all information that flows to you and around you be it from research or chatterboxes. Some of these may contain the truth you are looking for. A good communication ability, will save you from further pain because you will not rely on your feelings alone, your mental ability is also exercised. Chiron in Gemini is another sign of the need for good communication ability. Achieve this, and people will start paying more attention to you and there will be less misunderstanding.

    Sun sits close to Moon is giving you the ability to express your feelings. In Leo you are quite showy and creative. It won’t take long for your love interest to know how you feel any given day, just try not to be too dramatic it may scare them away. Mars in Cancer gives you great energy to nurture others and you attract those who need nurturing : lost, depressed, needs emotional or financial help etc. You are willing to be of service to your loved ones, a gentle soul. But sometimes you hold yourself from giving, maybe fear that you will be manipulated. If you experienced this in the past, it’s a lesson that giving has nothing to do with exhausting yourself and your resources. Just withdraw whenever you need to and don’t believe everything people say without analyzing and considering.

    You are fixed sign dominant, Leo is one that is dominant in your chart. You persevere in difficult situation, you are loyal and stick till the end. This is only good if what you are fighting for is worth it. Means in relationship, if the other person doesn’t believe it’s worth saving, then don’t bother killing yourself over it. Don’t dwell in the past, just learn from it. I would suggest Sun in Capricorn or Capricorn dominant. They like to be in control of things and always on the move for something. Cap is earth sign, so changes will be subtle (not so much like Aries) you will be able to keep up with them. This is a suggestion, so if you happen to fall for anyone other than this sign, it’s OK too. Every relationship needs working on, nothing and nobody is perfect.

    Hope this helps.

  • Quenkath

    Without birth time here is all I can see

    His purpose in Scorpio is a purpose of mastery. He needs to find the essence, truth of things and not rely on ‘face value’. This goes for any situation and people he encounters. If he has experienced betrayals and being taken advantage, those are lessons that he can not just trust anybody. He has to know for sure they are worth it. Neptune in Scorpio is a great intuitive power. If he cares to nurture and listen to it, it can be so much help. He may also encounter separation from loved ones that are beyond his control, these are lessons that true life is in the spirit (as wise woman once said), life on the physical are experiences we can learn from. The more he dwells from the past, the more the past will haunt him and he will never start a new this way. If these loved ones die, this is to show that death is not the end. His deceased loved ones now are beyond physical limitations. He needs to treasure the memories and wish them a smooth journey instead of dwelling in past losses.

    He has Pluto in Leo, a great energy. Power struggle often happens when this energy is not controlled. Confidence is a big theme in his life, lack of confidence can be a major source of this struggle. This includes inner power struggle. Pluto is all or nothing, an extremely powerful energy. If he channels this to creativity and art, he will be a great force in this industry. Leo always goes for the best, if he ever needs to boost his confidence and get the attention he deserves, mastery of art and creativity will bring him these because he will only use the best of tools and skills on display. When inner power struggle is managed, power struggle in relationship will also be lessened. He will be less inclined to change anyone or to be in control, relationship will be a lot smoother. Neptune aspecting his Sun is another sign of imagination abounds, he just needs to learn to ground himself now and then so that he is not trapped in Neptune’s world (which is a lot prettier than the real world!) He can be sensitive sometimes, giving too much care to small things people say and do. If he lets this go on and on, it will affect his confidence.

    Jupiter aspecting moon gives him the ability to bounce back when he is down. He shows so much optimism that he becomes an inspiration to others, but deep inside he also needs reassurance and support from time to time. Jupiter is in Libra, he is charming, attractive with good taste. Saturn in Sagitarius always wants to comment on something, and when he comments, he wants to be heard. Uranus in Leo helps him to get attention by being dramatic, shocking people, over-emphasize his point that may invite aggression from others. He has wide range imagination with independent and unique approach to things, so creative expression is a good way to channel them. Moon in Cap shows tendency to be ‘efficient’. He channels his frustration through working. If he channels it through creative work, he will be able to express emotions well, otherwise Uranus will break free and he may regret it.

    Hope this helps.

  • This post is deleted!

  • angelflight

    I will need birth place (city and state)


    I am using astrology angle LOL but thanks

    it's not a complete chart so I can't tell what is dominant for sure

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