Knowing your soulmate by birthchart?

  • angelflight

    you are welcome. have a good weekend.

  • Where is everyone getting the soulmate birthcharts done at?

  • Again, thanks LeoScorpion. My Pisces has agreed to give me some space, and I am thinking about things. I really care about him, and don't want to hurt him because I realize his feelings run deep while I continue to question where I want this to go. I bought a Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas book on the Inner Planets - with much written about Venus, and am devouring it. I have learned some very interesting things, and am beginning to see myself in a whole new light as I realize how important this planet and the Libran characteristics are in my life. Thanks again. Hope all is well with you. If you have any good Venus books to recommend, please let me know. Have a great rest of your weekend!!!

  • astronelly

    I will. have fun exploring!

  • Dear Leoscorpion

    Hi. Is there any way perhaps I could get a love reading/ soul mate reading. I have been having such hard lessons in the Love area. My DOB is 5/8/1968 Time is:6:58pm

    I dabble in it but it seems you & others have much more advanced understanding & I appreciate that.(I recently was involved w/ a man who I fell in love with who was born 2/24/62 @ 5am =but we split up recently & I was very hurt= it was a big surprise to me) It feels like patterns like this over & over again & I feel like giving up. My heart has been broken...

    Thank You for your time

  • lilmisbullsnap

    pls read my reply to leobella pg 9

    start your own thread and put the link here, if I can do it next week I will. if not, the next after the next week. if you are in a hurry, starting new thread will get someone else to help you without you waiting.

  • LeoScorpion

    Ok will do thanks

  • Ok I did as you asked & started a new thread called "LeoScorpian-want a reading (#2)"

    Thanks again

  • Thanks Leoscorpian,

    I tried that and it's still empty. Oh well have a good day!


  • rezmedic

    I remember highpriestess has done your chart on her thread Advice on any topic last year I think

    you can browse the thread I don't know what page though

    you won't need me to do birth chart, she does it better than I do

    she is just not taking new requests anymore

  • Leoscorpian,

    Thank you and wow what a memory. Yes she did do that. I was wondering about the 2 together (soulmate). But thanks anyway. Take Care and thanks for your time and skillz. Rezmedic

  • rezmedic

    no one can tell whether someone your soul mate or not

    they can say whether you are destined for fateful romantic encounter, but for that birth time is required

  • something I should've posted with the attunement on pg 7 or 8

    I posted it somewhere else but here it is

    The Moon stores life lessons from any of Gaia's children (human's) lifes

    that we haven't learned yet

    each time a lesson is learned, it is released to the cosmos

    that's why attunement to the Moon (full and new, every month) is important

    because she rules the emotional field and water surfaces on earth

    any lesson we haven't learned, will affect us emotionally be it in our individual or social life

    since my attunement to the moon, I have been seeing my past lives

    I wrote them down and email it to close friends, and keep them as lessons learned in my diary

    Before I knew about attunement to the moon, I had my past lives read by someone else

    But now I can do this myself, as part of continuous healing – it’s more convenient and cheaper : )

    The moon is especially important to me, because my moon is in the cusp of Cancer, the sign she rules

    Whatever vibration she sends out, I suffer it double

    But by attuning to her, I am adjusting my frequency to her vibration and so I get to read the information within this vibration

    If lessons are not learned in the past, they will repeat in our present and next life

    That’s why to clear these lessons, is to learn and understand them

    Like lessons in school, if we don’t understand it, we will not pass the exam, we have to re-take the lessons

    Gaia is a school, humans and non humans come here to learn about life on Earth

    Attunement to Gaia is therefore also important

    Whatever happened or happens in your life, Gaia knows it, because it happens on her surface

    She can’t help understand them, but she can comfort you during difficult times

    humans have 4 bodies:

    physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

    to achieve health, is to achieve balance in the 4 bodies

    by achieving balance, we are achieving our true potential, to be the Keepers of the Earth

    our DNA was re arranged hundreds of millenias ago

    for the purpose of reducing our ability to receive cosmic communication that is vital for our lives on Earth and in the cosmos

    and so achieving complete health has been impossible among many other things

    instead of Keepers of the Earth, we have become slaves

    slaves of money, slaves of manipulation, slaves of dogmas etc

    you think some powerful being will save you and heal you

    Nope, WE have the ability to heal ourselves

    Message from the Prime Creator is : “Go out and create, and bring back all creation to me”

    One of the gods created by the Prime Creator, altered our DNA

    This is allowed by the Prime Creator, because the essence of creativity is Love, destruction of creation is not Love

    Do NOT worship any being that claim they create something and destroy it

    The Prime Creator does NOT destroy, it is against the very principle of creation

    There is no such a thing as SIN, there is only mistake to make amends and to learn from

    We have the ability to alter our own DNA and we should do so

    when the age of Light is here, we will merge with our cosmic family

    and then all the cosmic information that we didn’t receive will come bombarding us

    with so much energy bouncing back and forth, our physical can suffer great damage

    therefore we need to alter our own DNA to its original structure

    there are many ways to do this, I know a few I already shared in the forum

    if you can’t find the posts, they must have been deleted : )

    The Sun already merged with the cosmic family in 1998

    Attunement to the Sun will help you gain bits of information he is already receiving

    You will get a glimpse of what will happen when we merge with cosmic family

    Plus the Sun will increase your vitality, supporting your physical

    I think I wrote enough, more of this will be confusing to some

    I hope you all find the coming new age blissful and exciting

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