Knowing your soulmate by birthchart?

  • Can someone explain my birthchart for me? I saw something on here about finding your soulmate

    by your true node or something?? Is that accurate? I guess I am trying to understand this all.

    Planetary positions

    planet sign degree motion

    Sun Aries 2°48'42 in house 9 direct

    Moon Virgo 22°16'55 in house 2 direct

    Mercury Aries 21°19'28 in house 9 direct

    Venus Aries 17°33'05 in house 9 direct

    Mars Cancer 24°49'08 in house 12 direct

    Jupiter Gemini 27°40'41 in house 11 direct

    Saturn Leo 24°34'26 in house 1 retrograde

    Uranus Scorpio 15°57'28 in house 4 retrograde

    Neptune Sagittarius 18°19'06 in house 5 stationary (R)

    Pluto Libra 15°40'30 in house 3 retrograde

    True Node Libra 5°53'29 in house 3 retrograde

    House positions (Placidus)

    Ascendant Leo 13°00'10

    2nd House Virgo 3°32'17

    3rd House Virgo 29°03'20

    Imum Coeli Scorpio 1°09'23

    5th House Sagittarius 8°00'50

    6th House Capricorn 13°13'38

    Descendant Aquarius 13°00'10

    8th House Pisces 3°32'17

    9th House Pisces 29°03'20

    Medium Coeli Taurus 1°09'23

    11th House Gemini 8°00'50

    12th House Cancer 13°13'38

    Major aspects

    Sun Trine Mars 8°00

    Sun Square Jupiter 5°08

    Moon Quincunx Mercury 0°57

    Moon Sextile Mars 2°32

    Moon Square Jupiter 5°24

    Moon Sextile Uranus 6°19

    Moon Square Neptune 3°58

    Mercury Conjunction Venus 3°46

    Mercury Square Mars 3°30

    Mercury Trine Saturn 3°15

    Mercury Trine Neptune 3°00

    Mercury Opposition Pluto 5°39

    Venus Quincunx Uranus 1°36

    Venus Trine Neptune 0°46

    Venus Opposition Pluto 1°53

    Venus Trine Ascendant 4°33

    Jupiter Sextile Saturn 3°06

    Uranus Square Ascendant 2°57

    Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°39

    Neptune Trine Ascendant 5°19

    Pluto Sextile Ascendant 2°40

  • LoveDetox,

    by your true node or something?? no.

    Is that accurate? no.

    your soulmate would be someone having his sun in Aquarius, his rising sign would be Libra.

    It is said about a very great sufi mystic that he was

    talking to a few people... he was talking about the

    same thing that I am talking about to you. He was

    saying that everything is perfect because how can it be

    otherwise? God is perfect. Out of His energy comes

    everything, so everything is bound to be perfect.

    A man stood up -- he was a hunchback -- and he said

    'What about me?' It was very painful for him to even

    stand. His body was very unshapely and ugly. He said

    'What about me? What do you say about me? You say

    everything is perfect.'

    The mystic said 'I have never seen such a perfect

    hunchback. You are the most perfect hunchback I have

    ever seen!'

    Everything is perfect.

  • Really? How do they figure that?

    Thank you for your insight Hans =^)


  • LoveDetox,

    Really? yes, really really.

    How do they figure that? by forgetting all goals.

    LoveDetox , it is very difficult to drop the idea of evolution

    because with evolution there is a possibility for the

    mind to exist. You have to hanker, desire, seek; then

    ambition is open. If nothing is happening, and

    everything is as it has always been -- just forms

    change and the content remains the same; everything

    appears to be changing and nothing changes; it is just

    an overflowing energy, a waterfall, for no purpose at

    all, going nowhere, moving round and round, a

    merry-go-round -- then it is difficult, but if you can

    understand that, suddenly one relaxes. Then there is no


  • I am glad to have your insight, however, I would like to know how in astrology they are able to figure out whom your soul mate is by your birth chart and how they have discovered that information. That is what I am asking.

    Do they have facts to back up this discovery? Or is this just done on a guess.

  • Nice! Like flying between the clouds!

  • Beg your pardon?

  • LoveDetox,

    it is my discovery, arising out of my understanding of astrology and the horoscope. For years I have searched for living examples of my theory, it is rare to find a couple which fulfills these conditions, but the ones I have found, proved my theory for me.

    The point where you are most open for the other, is the point of your setting sign, the descendant, the cusp of your seventh house. So the sun of your soulmate should be at best on this point, but he should be as much open for him, as you should be for him. So your sun should be at best at the point of your descendant, the cusp of his seventh house. Those connections are blessed by being open for each other as much as possible.

    But there is no end to the ways in which man tries to deceive himself. There is no limit. So it is obvious, how many couples lack this openness to each other astrologically.

  • lovedetox

    lunar nodes show someone's purpose in the particular life time

    south node to show the quality you already have, you carry this quality from your past life

    north node to show the quality you need to learn, events in life will prompt you to learn these qualities

    rising sign shows how you appear to others, your outer skin

    but where your sun lies, that's who you really are inside

    you may not feel it, because something else may be dominant in your chart

    and if your north node is opposite your sun, then you acually have to learn the quality opposite to your center and in that case it will be even more important to understand yourself

    that's why it's common to find attraction between sun-asc and sun-north node

    because asc is the door other people will go through to get to your center (sun)

    your north node is in Libra, it makes sense if you are attracted to a sun in Libra or Libra dominant

    because this person posses the quality you need to learn and accomplish

    you know who he really is inside (the sun) even if he himself doesn't know it

    your south node in Aries shows you carry the quality opposite to this person's sun

    you can say it's opposite attract, although not quite but you can say so

    your rising is Leo, you may find yourself attracted to a sun in Leo, or a Leo dominant

    because this person possess the quality you are showing

    if you are the door, he is the item you will find when you open the door

    you will feel familiarity, as if you know him, he may also feel the same

    attraction is NOT compatibility

    just because you are attracted to someone doesn't mean you are compatible

    for that you have to see the whole chart, yours and his

    a Dominant sign or planet can be found in his birth charts

    this is why people don't feel they are their Sun when they read horoscopes

    I've seen this many times doing reading here and real life

    I know a sun in Scorpio but Sagitarius is dominant in her chart

    the only time she fits Scorpio description is when she is upset, and she ALWAYS says she is a Sag, it's very hard to convince her otherwise because Scorpio is not dominant in her chart, so is Pluto, its ruler (Pluto doesn't take s hit, so when she is upset, that's when he comes out LOL)

    Now in my case it's the other way around

    Sun in Leo with Pluto dominant, and Scorpio dominant , nobody knows I am a Leo LOL

    unless I told them my birthday and my ID shows it

    I share my birthday with someone else, who is a sun in Leo with Sun dominant

    and it's just unbelievable how different we are

    we are good friends (well I keep my distance in a way) he is very open, a smiley happy go lucky person, he likes spending his time in games and sports, visiting friends I can't think of a full week he doesn't go out socializing at all. I do go out LOL but to work, grocery, minding my own business , not socializing

    I do enjoy basking in the warmth of the sun, how can I not? Leo is my center and the sun rules Leo. I am happier when the sun is out, BUT I am more interested in reading or meditating under the sun, while he will be SHARING the joy and laughter inviting people and visiting them

    Astrology is experiential. only if you understand yourself, you will understand everything else.

    there are a lot of good books but only the right books will enlighten you

    I've learned astrology since childhood, but only after I understand myself and my own chart, I can see other people's

    what you are asking is karmic astrology, a lot to do with the nodes

    if you want I can make your chart, and read it but I will need mm/dd/yy birth time and location

    I don't go by online chart, I find that they are not always accurate

    I'll be busy tomorrow and Friday I can only do it Saturday

    so if you want sooner, you can go to Men of Zodiac

    you will find ScarsandStars and Highpriestess there

    I learned a lot from there, ScarsandStars used to teach astrology and Highpriestess is an astrology enthusiast she has done many charts here also

    take care and have a good weekend !

  • Dearest leoscorpio,

    I have to agree with you re online charts as this one has my Ascendant as Aquarius and I always thought it was Sagittarius which feels right to me !

    Could you work out for me please and explain which Signs would be good for me ?

    DOB 16/05/1958 Born in Scotland (Dunfermline) at 11.25pm ! ❤

    Love Light and Angel Blessings to you and yours x

  • Tried to do a heart but didn't work so here goes again >3 ❤ ❤

  • Aw it doesn't work on here Sorry ! x

  • indigo

    I will do yours on friday night or saturday if you don't mind

    and love detox' too if she is still here

    have a good weekend !

  • Thank you Leoscorpion :^D

    I would highly appreciate all you can teach me about myself.

    DOB; March 23, 1978; TOB; 2:35PM; POB; Grand Rapids, MI

    Much Appreciated to you,


    PS. Thank you very much as well Hans, I will take that information into consideration.

  • Ooops..Country of Birth; USA

    Thanks Again!


  • Leoscorpion, is there any way I can trouble you for a birth chart as well? I found what you wrote for LoveDetox about soulmates fascinating and am a novice student of astrology, mostly from online sources. I would love to get an accurate chart and reading from someone that knows what they are doing as it seems you do.

    I was born on November 22, 1968 @ 9:28 PM in Philadelphia, PA USA

    Thanks in advance for your time and insight!!

  • astronelly

    I don't mind. if you ladies don't mind waiting friday night and weekend

    I'll do my best interpret everything, sometimes I skip things I don't see important but the important stuffs that will help you evolve in this life I will be clear about it

    take care ladies have to go work

  • Thanks, that is great. I truly appreciate it. Have a great day!

  • so sorry ladies, I just got back sunday night from travel

    I'll do all readings today

    thanks for waiting

  • Lovedetox

    You are Aries at heart. Fire is dominant element in your chart. Your mind is active, you switch from one subject to another. You enjoy participating in discussion and debates, but this placement can decrease your patience and perseverance in finding solutions and dealing with details. You exude youthful and exciting charm, you openly express your affection and dislikes. With Venus and Mercury adding to your communication and expression, it can be hard for enemies and friends to ignore or forget you.

    The moon is dominant in your chart. It represents past lessons you need to accept in order to grow in this life time. In Virgo, it shows the need to accept yourself as who you are. Without accepting yourself as who you are, you tend to be perfectionist and self critical. If you are full of critics to yourself, you will be full of critics to others. Perfectionist attitude only pays off if you can see beauty in flaws. There is danger in spending too much time and effort for someone or something, that you forget about yourself. With this placement dominant in your chart, it’s very important to understand this and apply it in your life. Otherwise you may risk your own health and well being. Mars in Cancer directs your energy into nurturing activity, hopefully this includes nurturing yourself. You do pay attention to home life, may be you’re a good cook or a gardener. But with the nurturing tendency, comes restlessness. This is why accepting yourself as who you are, will help you accept people and things the way they are. You will calm this restlessness and moodiness down quite a notch this way. The moon is a subtle influence, you will need to turn inward to really ‘see’ her influence. You may not feel you are hard to yourself or to anyone, or being restless, but if you turn inward and analyze yourself, you will find her influence within. Hint: during full moon and new moon, notice your mood and activity.

    YOU determine your own destiny, you set your own values and you act according to these values. Who you are, is determined by what you DO, not by material value or other people’s judgement. If you make mistakes, fix them and move on. Don’t let these mistakes in the past cloud your judgement and make you feel unworthy. Indeed moon in Virgo can place too much importance of perfection, while all you can do is do your best and don’t give up. If you apply this to yourself, your relationship with others will be easier and less stressful. People will be more interested to get close to you and if they are already close, they will feel comfortable to move closer. One of these people, could be just the right person for you : )

    It’s a good idea to learn about healing, because Virgo rules health and service. In your case, not necessarily being a healer, but dealing with communications regarding health is more like it. Maybe publishing health articles or hospital administration, something that combines communication and health.

    The moon’s gift of intuition s a blessing in this placement. Make the choice to nurture and develop it, being intellectually active you may not pay attention to the goddess gift. But she can save you from deceits and ill-willed actions from others. Take the time to stop and listen when she speaks. Youthful energy sometimes doesn’t know when to stop. But it is necessary to stop and think at a crossroad, or you will take the wrong turn and regret it. With North node in Libra (your destination) and South (your root) in Aries at the house of communication and higher education, it is even more important to nurture and listen to intuition. Consider intuition as a filter of communication that flows to and from you. With this placement, you can’t help but being flooded with communication, after all you enjoy communicating. Intuition – some would call it inner knowing – will help you filter the information so that you can choose which one is worth considering and which one bears no importance to your relationship. Pluto in Libra will bring you relationships that transform you. Be prepared to learn the lessons of each relationship that God of the Underworld brings you. Betrayals that break your heart and affections that rejuvenate you. Pluto is a heavy hitter. But each punch is meant to bring you to a deeper realization of yourself, your strength and weakness. A yoga teacher shares this wise phrase : it is in relationship with others, that individuals grow. Romantic and not romantic, every relationship brings us closer to ourselves. Consider this whenever you long for someone, whenever your heart breaks, and whenever you rejoice in the company of others.

    You are destined to experience fateful romantic encounters. These encounters most likely happen in a large social circle. Friends of friends, organization activity that you involve in and for the cause you believe in. Being active and youthful, it won’t be much problem for you to join organizations. Respect grows when two like-minded people meet, and love can grow from mutual friendship. Just take it easy with yourself, go easy on others, and join organizations you truly believe in, you will find what you’re looking for there. Old Man Saturn sits in your house of Self is a good sign to take it slow and easy. He can drive sun in Aries crazy with limitation and caution, but in terms of relationship, you will find his influence a good thing. Saturn is about longevity, that’s why he’s called Old Man. If you understand his message, everything you undertake will last for a long time including relationship. Neptune in house of Romance is another indication to slow down and take it easy. The god of illusion brings beauty into your soul, but comes with it a warning to be realistic because what you believe is true may not be true. With Neptune here illusion of romance abounds. You might have experienced betrayals in the past, being used and drained by other people. If you ever decide to be a poet or a painter (your midheaven in Taurus, shows a good potential in artistic field) then Neptune is a great ally to have. Other than that, stick with realistic Saturn and intuitive Moon. Don’t ever think of ‘saving’ anyone, without ‘saving’ yourself first. It will take time, because Virgo-moon guilt will somehow delude you, but keep at it and you will come up with a healthy balance of giving and taking.

    From what I can see, a good choice for you is a sun in Pisces, or Pisces is dominant in his chart. Another option will be sun in Capricorn, or Capricorn dominant in his chart. Just my guess, doesn’t mean you have to look for these ones only. The moon holds the secret to your heart. If you learn to listen to her, your inner knowing will tell you what you need to know when you are at a crossroad.

    I hope this helps.

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