Full Moon in Aries

  • Full Moon in Aries

    The Aries full moon on 23rd September is urging you to think about yourself and the balance of your relationships. You might be overcome with a sudden desire to be independent or do something for yourself. There could be an overwhelming need to look at how you express yourself in relationships. With Sun in Libra you want to play fair but you also want to be in charge of your destiny. Do something for you and make a habit of it!

    Full Moon in Aries is a bit full on as it can also create tension and irritability. If someone disagrees with your choice instead of being calm you could explode. Aries/Libra have a lot to teach each other. Both signs could benefit from the others unique wisdom. Libra could learn to stop sitting on the fence and take action and Aries could benefit from a bit of logical thinking before spontaneous response.

    The good news is that if you tune into this courageous full Moon you should be able to forge a new path, start a new project, speak your unadulterated truth. Full Moons usually have an effect on our emotions and this one could be dramatic. The diva within is unstoppable especially if you have Aries in your chart. With Mars and Venus in sensual Scorpio there could also be some spontaneous passion or an illicit flirtation. Temptation is hard to resist but Libra asks you to think twice before you do something irreversible.

    This Full Moon is one day after the Autumn Equinox and is known as the Harvest Moon as it’s the brightest Moon of the year and in past times farmers were able to use this Moon as a blessing to bring in crops as it was so bright. Look out for a reddish glow. Celebrate the abundance in your life.Traditionally this is a time to share our abundance with people less fortunate which hands the Universe the powerful message that you have faith in your own future and care about the whole.

  • HOWL HOWL!!!!

  • 🙂 I will be howling away with you Bimoon!

    I am wondering if either of you--or anyone else coming to this room can shed some light on what Maria DeSimone's blog says about this one--specifically HOW CAN YOU TELL if you have this going on in your chart???

    I HAVE my chart--but this below is not clear to me! HELP???

    "..most compelling about this Full Moon is that it’s at a critical degree in Astrology called the Aries Point. Technically..the Aries Point can encompass the first two degrees of any cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) and also the last two degrees of any mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). This Full Moon is at 0 degrees Aries: PURE Aries Point. But it’s also conjunct Jupiter-Uranus at 28 degrees Pisces, lending additional Aries Point energy....

    If you have a planet or point at the Aries Point in your chart, this symbolizes what you’re meant to be “known for.” Whether you are or are not is up to you. The ball (or in this case the planet) is in your court (or in this case your chart)...Because the Full Moon will occur at the Aries Point, I expect we will have an opportunity for significant movement in our emotional awareness about a specific personal matter."

  • Specifically--I have the following that I THINK I understand the "Aries Point" to be at:

    Cancer Sun at 2:17 degrees in the 11th house

    House positions

    5th House Sagitarrius at 29:18’56

    11th House Gemini 29:18’56

    But what does that MEAN??? It feels like this is important--and I'm in a great time of transition in my life with things about to happen any minute!

    Thank you for anyone who can assist me to understand this!!


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  • wow.

    I have aries sun and libra moon.

    love it!!

  • thanks for the GENTLE bump watergirl--I hope I get an answer too--things are rolling fast & furious here....I've always done WELL when it gets down to that last leg---but Maria's blog really resonated like this is something important I need to know!

    I'm especially appreciating GENTLE input about now:-)


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