I Need some insight

  • Any help would be greatly appreciated, At the moment I am confused about my love life. I feel like the guy I currently am In love with I should let go of but at the same time I don't want to, I keep getting signs telling me that i should just let it go, our friends feel like the relationship is one- sided. I know that he loves me but he doesn't like to express his emotions, it's hard to talk to him about anything that has to do with feelings, his answer is always "I'm mysterious you wouldn't understand me" I sometimes feel like he's my soul mate that we don't have to express because it's a deep understanding that we both already know. I just want to know if my efforts is going unnoticed and if i should just leave him alone and move on.

  • I forgot to add that I am a Pisces and he is an Aries I don't know if that information is helpful. My birthday is 2/28/91 and his is 4/19/89

  • The way you feel now is never going to change with this man. This is it--you will not see a change or get anything different. He is who he is--rigid as stone and well guarded. There is no vulnerability--without vulnerability there can be no love. Forget attraction and compulsion---choose withe a sense of protection of your own vulnerability. You give your power away when you let him convince you it is ok to withold the action of love so he can be in control--remember LOVE IS A VERB! You are not happy for a reason--it feels not at all like being loved. Be kind to yourself. You deserve love. You are loved! There is an issue with loving yourself. It's the law of attraction. Choose love.Real love---wide open like a child!

  • Thank you Blmoon for responding I think I heard that a million times that it wouldn't change. But for some reason I feel like I can't let go of him, Like I want to understand him. I wonder if I would meet the one for me, or if the one for me is already around me but I don't see it because I am to focused on this Aries that I have known for a good amount of time in my life.

  • Yes, this relationship works best as a friendship - you share the same tastes in art, music, beauty and refinement. A certain objective awareness and detachment on your partner's part precludes the formation of a deeper attachment. In many respects you are psychological opposites, though you do enjoy spending time together and sharing joint interests. Your emotions are much more subtle and deep, Fiercetika, than your direct friend. He quickly tires of putting his energy into being understanding of and catering to your feelings. And you may come to find him too controlling, judgmental and mercenary. Love and marriage are usually ill-fated here. Friendships however can click very well because your friend can use you as his sounding board to let off necessary steam about his work and personal life which he can't do if you are part of it.. You are definitely not love soulmates.

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