Are we compatiible??

  • I'm a Gemini ... here is my chart.

    Moon in Taurus

    Venus in Aries

    Mars in Pisces

    Virgo Rising

    His Chart : Virgo

    Moon in Leo

    Venus in Libra

    Mars in Virgo

    I don't know his rising thus i don't know the time he was born.

    Can anyone help me?

    much appreciated.

  • What are the actual birthdates here?

  • mine is may 23,1990

    his is august 29,1989

  • Hi, Do you like to collect certain things. I would guess that both of you are very active people. You are more of the communicator I think. Just glancing over looks like you are compatible. Watch out for jealousy-both. I think a good relationship.

  • yes i do collect certain items. & i have been more the communicator every time i talk to him he tends to shy away more. i surely will watch out for the jealousy. thanks so much!

  • Business and marriage partnerships are workable here. As a couple, you two will let nothing stand in your way. You are determined to succeed at any cost. Determination is the key here. Also emphasized is intelligence, generally of a more practical than pedantic kind. In fact the practical ability you have together here far exceeds that of each of you by yourselves. Planning is a prominent activity and the relationship's shared visions and dreams are generally of a worldly, goal-oriented nature. By paying attention to detail and taking one step at a time, you two can ultimately achieve whatever aim you choose.

    A love affair is seldom successful here, even if you two share a physical attraction. Your charm for other people, TheGemVirgo, makes your friend feel insecure, and he is likely to withdraw, disappointed and hurt. You may feel guilty for inflicting pain but this won't usually keep you from involvements elsewhere. Lacking a strong focus, a love affair here can drift and fall apart.

    Marriage is more recommended, especially if there is a shared participation as volunteers in social activities to unite you. Especially favoured are endeavours in which there is a great deal to lose and perhaps even more to gain, thus forcing the pair of you to be aspiring and watchful. The stress here can become enormous however - perhaps too much for a nervous couple like you two to handle. It is usually self-induced though, so re-adjusting conditions and work habits intelligently may alleviate - but rarely solve - the problem. You both have to learn to relax more and don't get so bottled up inside. Worry is poison so turn off your brains for a while and just chill. Avoid and forget hurtful behaviour.

  • thank you so much TheCaptain! i will surely have to work on it. my brain is constantly thinking and times it is very hard for me to turn it off and relax shrugs again thank you ever so much for your help!

  • You're welcome! 🙂

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