Possible read with Hanswolfgang?

  • Angela168,

    but about my emotions? no.

    Must I continue sacrificing myself for the sake of the children and his own well-being? No.

    it's ok if I become the sacrificial lamb to keep the peace? yes, certainly.

    How do I break it off without putting his health in jeopardy and his ego badly bruised? By breaking off all which has nothing to do with your intended being.

    Is this a twisted trend of thinking that's created my own ****? No.

    Please enlighten me further: you are haunted by memory and rigidity very much.

    In silence it is heard and known; in silence it is

    felt and lived; in silence you become it, it becomes

    you. Not through action will you reach but through

    inaction and silence.

  • Ok then so I need to go inwards more and listen to the silence of my heart as I contemplate on the best course of action to take in my life. I know it's hard for me to keep still and silent that's why I'm always in perpetual motion because the chaos within is so deafening and too much for me to bear. I will try to observe silence until I have gained balance and emotional equilibrium. In a way, you're right when you implied that I tend to take drastic action in resolving issues, even if it may not be the right course of action to take in a given situation. It could be that letting nature takes its course and trusting more in the universe perfect timing could be the key to all of my inner turmoil but am so stubborn and set in my way of thinking and doing that I couldn't seem to adjust when I'm being led to go the other way. Thanks for the realization that it's me who is causing all the troubles I'm experiencing now. I've always thought that I am the victim and I need to abide by other people's standards to be happy and accepted. Therefore, I need to be reduced to nothing so I can be the somebody that I wish to become...a difficult process indeed but a must for seeking the higher truth of my being and discover the elusive silence I yearn within. Much gratitude for your wisdom and ability to make people go deeper within their truest origin. You have set the wheel in motion, when it stops I hope to land where I needed to be...more power to you!

  • Angela168,

    thank you for you kind and wise words.

    First: you have lived in a chaos for hundreds of lives. It is nothing new. It is very old. Secondly, the dynamic methods of meditation which have catharsis as their foundation allow all the chaos within you to be thrown out. That’s the beauty of these techniques. You cannot sit silently, but you can do the dynamic or the chaotic meditations very easily. Once the chaos is thrown out a silence starts happening to you; then you can sit silently. If rightly done, continuously done, then the cathartic techniques of meditation will simply dissolve all your chaos into the outside world. You will not need to pass through a mad stage. That’s the beauty of these techniques. The madness is being thrown out already. It is in-built in the technique.

  • Hanswolfgang, Right on target is what you are,, and of course I will heed your warning , The truth is the truth and I can feel it and see it. Sometimes you sound harsh Hanswolfgang and it is not what we want to hear but like I said I GET IT AND YOU ARE CORRECT IN WHAT YOU HAVE SAID SO .... THANK YOU ........Leonida

  • Well said Hans! I really need to seek actively how to integrate meditation techniques in my routine. I'm a nervous wreck within which many people don't easily detect because of my innate ability to conceal my true emotional make-up. It's much easier for me to be misunderstood than being found out, but I am now in a transformative stage in my life and I want to usher in growth and change in my life to really turn around my life for the highest good and not just change for the sake of boredom and hopelessness. It's a very daunting process I'm embarking now, but fears no longer hold me captive and I set myself free as my soul emerges from its deprivation. Die if I must, but surely this inevitable death will lead me to live again fully...by the way, I got a new job you said earlier and looking forward to the relocation. Do you see my renewed connection with an old flame go the distance and lead me to peace, abundance and everlasting love we both seek? His DOB is May 19,1960 at 4AM. With or wtihout him in my life, I am now poised to seek the true love I desperately need. If he is not the one yet, do you see my soulmate coming into my life soon? Thanks again Hans for the guidance and strength I've found within to face all the challenges that come my way. It's been a roller-coaster ride these past years and I'm looking forward to a more settled and peaceful year come 2011. Truly, I've survived and meant to live life to the fullest...no matter what comes up!

  • Leonida,

    thank you for your feedback.

    Unless you come to know prana within yourself, you will not be able to know what godliness is. And if you cannot know it within yourself, you cannot know it without, because within you it is so close.

  • Angela168,

    Do you see my renewed connection with an old flame go the distance and lead me to peace, abundance and everlasting love we both seek? No.

    His DOB is May 19,1960 at 4AM: he has everything needed to be an authority in any area he chooses. He has a direct line to knowledge accumulated from many past lives. Rarely does he live his life by any doctrine or philosophy other than his own. The well that feeds his mind is inexhaustible and from a high source. He lives by his own truth. He can be found in all types of professions, usually in positions of responsibility, always respected in whatever capacity he is engaged. He has many opportunities for marriage. Relationships and partnerships are important to him. However, he also needs a certain amount of personal freedom and this is more important than a marriage. He seems to do his best work with a partner, and is destined to be in partnership. He is most psychic - so much so that his intuitive approach to life is second nature.

    If he is not the one yet, do you see my soulmate coming into my life soon? No.

    I have read: Mulla Nasruddin and three of his

    friends went into silence. Hearing too much from me

    about silence -- that silence is the golden bridge, the

    rainbow bridge to God -- they retired into a cave for a

    seven-day experiment in silence.

    But after one hour they all came back.

    I said, "What happened?"

    They said, "Everything failed! We four sat in silence

    with closed eyes. After ten, twelve, minutes, one of us

    said, 'I wonder whether I have left the electricity on

    or not.' And the second one said, 'Have you forgotten

    that we have taken the vow of silence for seven days?'

    And the third one said, 'You fool! You have also

    spoken!' And then Nasruddin said, 'Thank God! I am the

    only one who has not spoken yet!'"

  • Hello Hans, I am the OP and I am just intensely curious as to my love life because it has been extremely frustrating and vacant. dob 11/01/62....thoughts?

  • HI Hans,

    Thanks, but a little scary.....Im 44 years old and my Gemini man is 50, we dont need or want anymore "kids Running around" maybe grandkids?

  • sweetpcdenise,

    dob 11/01/62: this tells me that you will be dealing with some very creative and youthful energies. You are mentally very creative and as such bestow a certain amount of success. This would apply especially if youinvolved in mental or communications-related occupations. You are always romantic, creative, persuasive, and youthful, but also can be irresponsible, crafty or downright dishonest.

    thoughts? get in harmony with your world.

    There is no need to withdraw because all is Tao! To

    withdraw from the world means to withdraw from God's

    manifestation. It is an unholy act to withdraw, to

    renounce. The Taoism believes in rejoicing, not in

    renouncing, and that's my approach too.

  • dentaldiva,

    maybe grandkids? no, so you better watch out. but it can also mean being still too childish, too superficial, friendly and nice and polite, but not really loving, more addicted to society than open to each other.

    The moment you stop inquiring into the mysteries of

    existence, existence itself opens up all its doors,

    invites you. And to enter the mysteries of existence as

    a guest is dignified. To attack nature, to force nature

    is barbarous.

  • Thanks again Hans for the insights! I guess I just have to move on in my life by turning inwards more and listen to the silence of my heart. Only by getting centered and one with my true origin will I find the happiness and peace that has eluded me in this lifetime. You're right when you say that finding a successful and lasting love relationship is a major life challenge for me. I hope it's never too late to find true love and meaning in my personal relationship, despite the relentless effort to find it. I think I now have to stop looking for love, and let true love finds me instead! Be silent ,still but focused...will achieve more positive results than a ton of scattered activity. This gift of silence is timely and valuable, though not what I really want but what I need to make further strides in my quest for personal freedom. The journey goes on and what further lessons I will learn along the way is worth the trip for I will never pass this way again! What an exhilarating experience, but I AM NOW STRONGER to cope with all the challenges, more self-assured that true happiness, prosperity and peace is just within my reach...no doubt about it! I am now the master of my own destiny!

    Hans, your wisdom and patience to deal with a lot of non-sense and superficialities in life is truly enviable! I hope I can be as simple-minded and uncomplicated as you are but you've traversed a more disciplined life path which enabled you to focus only on what is essential and truly life-giving. Your simplicity can be daunting, coz beneath that is a profound mind able to distinguish truth from fantasy and allow others to internalize these truths within their own level of understanding and resistance. You're such a great teacher and healer of sorts, nice to have known you and learned so much on how to break even the strongest opposition by your patient endurance. You're a role model to me and will surely keep in touch again....after a self-imposed silence of the mind and the heart!

    Much gratitude and brightest blessings to you...

  • Hello hanswolfgang, Your last post to me was very short but meaningful, I do feel prana inside of me I do meditate, I have a question in regards to that answer, Is it that I do not see it in others and therefore find myself frustrated and not centered. I do not see myself attached to organized religion, although I come from a family of very devoted Catholics, I pulled away many yrs ago as I did not feel anything there, How can I add to my spiritual feelings, and Know when I have met someone of simillar awareness. ........ Leonida

  • Angela168,

    thank you again for your kind and profound words.

    You have the capacity and you are immensely valuable.

    So drop that idea of unworthiness, because those are

    the ideas that society has been teaching everybody:

    "You are unworthy, you cannot do anything in your life.

    You have to prove yourself."

  • Leonida,

    Is it that I do not see it in others and therefore find myself frustrated and not centered: No.

    How can I add to my spiritual feelings, and Know when I have met someone of simillar awareness: you are feeling squeezed out by others, because your energy is not centered inside of yourself, it is running out.

    Be simply a human being.

    Your own being is covered with thoughts, emotions,

    feelings, and they are all mind-products. Just put them

    aside, and then whatever you do is good -- not that you

    follow certain scriptures, not that you follow certain

    commandments, not that you follow certain spiritual

    leaders. You are in your own right the guide of your

    life. And that is the dignity of man, to be the guide

    of her own life. That makes man a lion, transforms her

    from a sheep which is always looking for somebody else

    to defend it.

    If you understand this well, then many

    things will become easy to understand. The other side

    of everything is always there. Whenever you choose one

    side of a thing, keep it in mind, you have also chosen

    its other side. When you say to someone with love, "Now

    I have met you and would not like to be separated from

    you ever," then understand correctly that separation is

    already present in your meeting and it is going to

    happen. In fact, even at the time of meeting, lovers

    say, "I am very much afraid of losing you." They are

    aware of the existence of the other side, otherwise

    right now when it is time to meet, where is the

    question of separation? When we are meeting, we are

    just meeting. But no, at the very time of meeting,

    separation is also present like a shadow. When you make

    someone a friend, understand that one more potential

    enemy is born. It is certain that unless you make

    someone a friend, he cannot be turned into an enemy. So

    far no way has been found to turn someone directly into

    an enemy. To become an enemy one has to go through the

    process of being a friend. Even to become an enemy, the

    route passes via being a friend. Yoga says, know that

    the enemy is standing behind like a shadow.

    Being alert means you have to stop being a robot.

    Change your routines, move more consciously; let every

    act become an object of awareness. Then even these few

    years that are left are enough -- more than enough. If

    you put your total energy into transformation, the

    destruction of the earth will not be your destruction.

    If you can die consciously, you have found the key to a

    higher life, to an eternal life, to a divine life.

  • Morning Hans,

    Thanks for that and yes I do have one grandchild already. I see Angela is having some of the same issues as I. Ready to move on with her life, tired of being sad and mad all the time in her current stuation. Roomates with husband and no love and passion anymore, more like best friends. MY Gemini is married as is I and we do have a connection. He has brought up the subject of divorce to his wife and I have not, in my situation but I think im more ready then he. So you see us having a relationship in the future? I come to realize that life is too short to deal with unhappiness and anger. I make my happiness and I cant let others around me dictate and thats whay is happenning because I feel trapped. Trapped by vows, obligation, responsibilities and Im tired of being the only one who cares. Please help e find the path and figure out my our feeelings for one another.

  • Morning Hans, so its been a month and our relationship is going strong. Actually stronger then what both os us anticipated. He is a wonderful man stuck unhappily in the same situation as I. The winter months are upon us and we will see if our relationship can withstand the distance. I care for this man deeply and only hope we may have a future

  • Hello Hans! Nice to be back again in the Forum, been silent though emotionally and mentally occupied because of important decisions tha t needed to be made the soonest possible time in my current journey. Sometime last month when I lost my other part-time job which cast a damper on my spirit of sorts and my lovelife painted a not so rosy picture as well, you told me I haven't found my true soulmate yet because my heart is closed to truly loving...not yet! Though I felt I've moved from fear of loving to that of truly trusting and opening myself again to love. Another man born June 3 suddenly became instrumental in my healing process trying to let go of my past hurts and trauma from my marriage meltdown. He came from my distant past as a townmate and just re-connected thru Facebook late last year, but has slowly but surely worked his way earning my confidence. What's his role and what is he teaching me in my current struggle? I feel so attuned with him and really supportive of my journey to let go of my resentments and bitterness, a good friend only since I put some boundaries on our promising internet friendship so as not to muddle the issue. If we crossed the friendship line later on, do we have a future together or it will just fizzle out as the novelty wears off? I must admit he is a great help now while I'm in the process of healing a broken heart, though I'm very careful of using him for my own selfish interest. What gives then in our platonic relationship and can I truly trust him to just be a friend in deed? I can't give much info about him but seemed to have a troubled past himself and willing to open up with me as per his admission. Very much married though and working overseas, so isolated from his family and loved ones. Thanks for whatever insights you're going to tell me, so as to avoid further complications in my already complicated existence. Be blessed!

  • Dear Hans

    Great to read your posts and to be in your presence,as always.

    Lots of Love

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